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Chapter 11: No Time Like The Present

"Sam…" A voice gently called out to me as they nudged me lightly. "Sam, c'mon." I simply squeezed my eyes shut tighter as I flopped around to face away from the perpetrator trying to separate me from my sleep. "Sam, it's time to wake up! We'll be late for school if you don't get ready!" The voice finally called impatiently.

I sat up on my bed slowly, not wanting to comply, but knew if I didn't, I would be in more trouble than I wanted. "Yes, mom…I'm up… I'm up…" I started to paw at the hem of my over sized shirt, slowly pulling it up to toss it over my head, but a pair of hands frantically pulled mine down, taking the shirt back down with it. "What on earth is wrong with you, ma? I'm just stripping down now to get to the shower quicker…" I mumbled, still groggy.

"Hold on, Sam. I'm not your mom, so doing that would be very… um… indecent."

It finally registered. The voice I was hearing wasn't my mom's. It clearly couldn't be as the present began flooding back into my mind. I hadn't lived with my mom in five months. Hell, she was in afreaking coma. I rubbed my tired eyes, remembering the trouble I had sleeping last night and looked up to the cause. A young man my age, looking at me with an expression mixed with both embarrassment and confusion. My roommate for the past one-hundred-twenty-eight days , Rock Howard. I flipped my hair back and sighed heavily. That was it. I had to admit it. I was losing my damn marbles. "Oh… Can I go kill myself now?"

"Absolutely not. Now c'mon and get ready. There's a light breakfast waiting for you and lunch is already packed for later." Rock grabbed under my arm and helped me up before reaching for his bag and exiting the room.

"Okay…" I answered, still staring at the spot he just exited from. I let out a puff, a strand of hair floating up and landing in place as I hopped up from the bed in order to shower and get dressed.

I had to admit, I was sort of excited about starting school in a different place, even if it was only for one month. I had envisioned that public school may have been better than private school. I didn't have to wear a uniform, didn't have to worry about superfluous expenses and best of all… I didn't have to worry about the boat loads of homework that's usually handed out.

After tossing on a normal blue t shirt, jean shorts and a pair of sneakers, I waltzed out into the living room in the best mood I could possibly be in for being sleep deprived. I eyed Terry, laid out on the sofa, reading the news paper at this un-Godly hour while casually sipping orange juice. It was a wonder how he did it after knocking back numerous shots of vodka and other alcoholic beverages late at night. Shaking my head from my thoughts, I shot him a grin and wave. "G'mornin', Pops!"

Terry's eyes moved away from the article he was skimming through as he looked up at me and smiled. "Good morning, Sam. Ready for your first day?"

"Yeah! I'm sure it won't be that bad!" I pumped a fist up, showing I was ready to deal with normal school life.

"Good luck with that." Terry snickered as he looked back to his newspaper. "I recommend befriending at least one girl, unless they all hate you on the spot."

"…Huh?" I was flabbergasted. I lightly rubbed the back of my head, my hair lightly tickling in between my shoulder blades. "What do you mean by that?"

"Rock should know." Terry was now laughing much more obnoxiously as he flipped onto the next page.

I then looked to the slightly older blond, waiting expectantly for an answer, but he just merely shot a glare at Terry. "Hah, very funny. They seem peaceful among each other, I don't think they'll start any trouble with Sam."

"Uh huh… sure." Terry sarcastically responded as he sat up. "You think that. Anyway! You two are running late, stop dilly-dallying and get a move on, okay?"

"Right. We'll see you later." Rock waved off as he started leading the way to the door.

"Bye. Hope you both have a good day." Terry still wore a smile as I looked back at him. I felt a pang in my heart. Probably from guilt.

But at that moment, I felt envious of Rock, being able to grow up with someone who was able to dedicate his attention to him. Someone who was able to meet eye to eye with him and not push him away just because they were busy. That he was able to have a loving father figure, even if he wasn't his actual father.

But I figured Rock must have deserved at least that much, with a biological father like his…

We rode to the High school on Rock's motorcycle to ensure we made it on time. It felt strange when he parked though. It felt like there were eyes on us.

The same feeling remained as we walked into the building, going up two flights of stairs and down a number of corridors. First thing we did was stop by a set of lockers. Rock fiddled with the combination and popped it open, sticking his book bag in it, along with our lunch. He then grabbed my bag and pulled out my binder and pencil case, passing it to me. He looked at the bag with a hitched eyebrow. "Even with the heaviest thing removed, this thing is still pretty heavy for a bookbag…"

"I packed some extra note books and other stationary just in case." I scratched the side of my face lightly. "Classes have always demanded a bunch of extra things."

"Here, you'll only need your binder, a pencil and a pen. Possibly a calculator for math class." Rock then stuffed my bag inside and closed the locker and rolled the number dials for the combination so it wouldn't stay on the answer. "It's the last month of school on our last school year… what on earth could we possibly need?"

"Oh, heh, right…"

"Anyway, since you'll be sticking around me all the time, except when in the changing rooms for gym, you can use the same locker. There should be enough space if you don't pack a thousand and one books." He wore a light grin as I lightly jabbed his side with my elbow. "So, back on track, the combination is…" He leaned towards my ear and lowly whispered the numbers. His breath lightly tickled my skin and I could feel my face heat up.

Then I remembered. I totally had the hots for him. I curse my sudden bashfulness.

I nodded frantically as he continued leading the way to the classroom. He pushed open the door and walked in first. I could hear excited murmurs quickly festering, voices carrying over the late bell. I discreetly peaked my head in to see the girls in the classroom chattering amongst each other about Rock. I could see him talking to the teacher for a while until finally, he nodded towards me, probably signalling me to come in. Hesitantly, I trotted up to the teacher, who seemed like a woman probably around Terry's age. "I'm your teacher, Ms. Jones. You're Ms. Walker, correct?" She questioned, smiling at me to make me feel comfortable. I nodded. "Rock's father told me all about your case, and we spoke to the rest of your teachers. We'll make sure you stay close with your friend, okay? You can try to make other friends though, don't forget!"


"So here, Rock will let you know how to fill in it in the correct format." She held out an index card, so I assumed it was for emergency contact information. "There's two empty desks for you towards the back. Sorry, Howard, but you lost your window seat to the corner some time in April." The teacher remarked almost sarcastically, as if she were used to Rock vanishing often.

Rock gave a little sigh before beginning to shuffle towards our seats. He sat at a chair with one guy to his left and one girl in front of him, where as my seat had one girl in front and another to the side. "So, for the card, it's name, home phone, email address, address and emergency contact."

"Right." I pulled out a pen and quickly began scribbling it. I got up to return it to the teacher. She took it into her hands and began reviewing it. Shrugging, I returned back to my seat.

Which was now surrounded.

Surrounded by a bunch of chicks.

"So, we heard about your arrival from a teacher! We were waiting like, so anxiously!" A blonde started talking to me quickly. Apparently, they were here for me. I quirked an eyebrow, clearly confused.

"Yeah! Ms. Jones was telling us about you coming!" A brunette cheerfully interjected.

"O-oh… well… why were you waiting anxiously?" I asked, rather straight-forwardly.

The blonde looked towards Rock, then back at me as she started to talk at a hush. "So, you're like, Rockie-Pie's cousin or something, right? We were wondering how he was out of school!"

Then it hit me. Almost harder than the distaste that hit me with the lame nickname Rock was just dubbed with. All these girls that were awaiting my return to the table like Rock. And they thought I was family, willing to share the dirt about him. "Cousin?"

"Yeah! You both have the same eyes, right?" A different girl asked as she pointed a finger towards my strangely colored irises.

It took everything to resist the urge of laughing. "No, no, I'm not his cousin."

"Then are you his sister?" Another girl asked.

"He doesn't have any siblings, stupid!" Another girl corrected her.

"Maybe she's his niece then!" Yet another girl suggested.

"Didn't that chick just say he doesn't have any siblings?" I asked, looking at the girl who suggested the impossible with a dull stare.

"Ms. Walker!" Ms. Jones called out angrily, grabbing everyone's attention now. "I know you're new here and going through some rough times, but it's too early to be playing elementary pranks!"

I blinked, confused by the teacher's sudden outburst. "Elementary prank?"

"You know! I asked you to get assistance from Rock in order to fill out your emergency contact, not copy his contact information and give it to me!"

"But Ms. Jones…" I sighed as I stood to my feet, looking my teacher straight in the eye in order to show I was being fully honest about the next statement. "That is my contact information."

She narrowed her eyes and slightly tilted her head, as if trying to comprehend what I just said. "How is that even possible? You even listed the same guardian as him!"

"That's because we live together." Rock answered simply.

Ms. Jones expression blanked for a moment, then her face quickly colored. "LIVING TOGETHER? But you two aren't even related! That's incredibly indecent! I'm aware of your father's passing… but what's your mother's phone number so I can discuss this with her!"

As if on cue with the teacher's statement, all the girls surrounding me stared in disbelief. They all gave a glare before returning to their seats. Looks like I shouldn't have doubted Terry's wisdom. I sighed as I leaned forward, resting an elbow on the table and laying my cheek against my palm. "My mother is in a coma."

"Ms. Walker, if you're playing a prank here so I don't speak to any authority, you better-"

"She's telling the truth." Rock cut in. "If you don't believe her, why don't you call our guardian? Didn't he explain the rough time she's having? Give her some space."

Ms. Jones opened her mouth, as if she were going to speak once more, then closed it as the bell chimed. Homeroom was now over. "I'm going to give you both the benefit of the doubt. So for now, just go to your class."

Rock picked up his binder and began leading the way. As I walked through the desks to keep up with him, I could feel the girls staring at me.

It was worse than private school. It was my first few minutes into school, and I was already hated by the female population.

The day seemed to go by quick, but not quick enough. As I prepared to go down the stairs to the gymnasium from the girl's locker room, I was stopped by five girls. The one who seemed to the be leader of this pack seemed to do all of the talking while the posse just nodded brainlessly. "Who the hell do you think you are, new bitch?! Thinking you can just monopolize Rockie like that! He was everyone's before you got here! You think you can just tramp around and-"

"Whoa, whoa! Um… not to actually be a bitch or anything but…" I placed a hand on a hip and waved my free arm around to show emphasis to my words. "One, Rock isn't anyone's property, so I'm not monopolizing him, and two… if you ladies think you have a chance to swoon him calling him things like Rockie… Rockie-Pie and Rockie-Wockie, you all have another thing coming. I nearly gagged while even just uttering those stupid names… imagine what he thinks of it, being a guy and all. Not cute. At all."

"How dare you insult the names us girls decided amongst each other! You… you bitch!"

The girl tried taking a swing at my face, but I cleanly dodged it, the girl hitting her hand against a locker. "Listen, I said I wasn't trying to be one or anything! Just giving you a piece of advice!" I grinned as the girl held onto her hand, biting back the sting.

"How dare you hurt her!" Two more girls tried attacking me, swinging fists at me. I dodged them effortlessly, able to predict their sloppy fighting style, or lack there of. Eventually when they came close enough, I ducked down from simultaneous punches, the girls both hitting each other in the jaw.

They held on tightly to where they hit each other as the last girl cracked her knuckles, getting ready for a fight. "I didn't want to do this, but now you'll have to deal with me. I'm extremely skilled at street fighting."

"Y'don't say?" I quipped as I started bouncing on the tips of my toes, ready to take off when needed.

"You'll see where that attitude gets you!" The girl began swinging punches and kicks as I backed away from them, keeping light on my feet, until I saw the wall. "I got you now!" She lurched forward, aiming to grab a chunk of my hair, but I jumped up with a boost from my aero kinesis, grabbed onto her shoulders and flipped over, pushing her forehead-first into the wall.

The girl fell flat on her ass as she reeled, trying to regain her senses. I merely let out a laugh as I waved them off. "See ya! Make sure you see the nurse!"

After the incident where the three girls tried to jump me, they left me alone. I thought they figured I was too much to handle, until today… a week later exactly…

I stood in the wash room wearing nothing but a towel and my sneakers, glaring into my locker, where my clothes should have been.

But of course, it was empty.

Anger bubbled in my stomach as I tried to think about who would take it. Where they could possibly have put it. I peered into the trash, somewhat thankfully not seeing any clothes. I sighed as I walked over to a bench, putting my head into my hands, clearly stressed out.

"You're Samantha Walker, right?"

I jerked my head to the source of the voice. There stood a girl with headband, pulling back sort of a poofy fro, glasses resting against the bridge of her nose, mocha colored skin and dressed in slacks and a button down shirt. "My name is Esther, I'm from your class."

"Oh, hey." I waved limply, sort of wearing a half smile.

"If you're wondering where your clothes are, that blonde bimbo from our class took it. She has it in her back pack. I saw her put it in there." Esther answered as she looked around nervously. "I… I can try to get it back for you."

"No need." I said as I hopped back up. "No need for you to get caught in this mess. It's me against them." I started to walk towards the door, readying to knock that girl's head off her shoulders.

"But over a boy?" Esther called out, not quite understanding the situation.

I stopped to think. They did think I was going to get my clutches on him and take him off the market, if you know what I mean. I didn't believe I'd have such luck, but I had to fight, even if it wasn't for that reason exactly anyway. "Honestly, he's the only one I have to give me the strength I need."

I didn't wait for a response.

I was already full out running like a bat out of hell. I held my towel down to make sure it didn't flap unnecessarily as I scaled the stairs to the third floor, taking down the hall ways and burst into the classroom, standing there with a viscous expression, looking around the classroom. Everyone's eyes were on me. Some guys were staring with reddened face, some made howls. But the girls laughed. All except for one, who approached me with faux-pity.

"You poor thing!" The blonde approached me, holding out a hand to touch my shoulder. "I was just telling Rock how they might have been bothering you and that's probably why you took so long-" as her fingers just barely touched my skin, I slapped her hand away. She looked at me with false hurt. "What? What's wrong? I'm just trying to help…"

"If you really want to help, give me my clothes. I can see my shirt sticking out of your bag." I pointed out, the red tank top thankfully visible from the slightly opened zipper. She looked at me indignantly while I just put a hand to her face. "Whoa, whoa, whoa… No. Do NOT even. I thought the people from private school were bad, but really, they were just snobby, immature kids who had never grown up. But all of you public school girls… you're all insane! CRAZY! Do you see what psychotic things you're doing to a girl you don't even know just because she spends more time with the guy you like?!" I can tell Rock was mortified that someone actually voiced that his fan club were girls that actually liked him. "A week ago, five of you tried jumping me! Now you steal my clothes so I'm either forced to stay down there awkwardly or strut around with only a towel on?! C'mon! Grow. The. Fuck. Up. That's all I'm going to say."

"How dare you speak about us like that?!" The blonde was now yelling. "You don't even understand us! We've known Rock for a few school years and have liked him since then! And then here you are, out of nowhere…"

"Do you even know his hobbies?" I stopped her.


"You know? His hobbies? His likes? Favorite food? What he dislikes?"

"N-no… I never ask those things…"

"So you like someone you don't even know."

The girl's eyes widened as I reached into her bag unceremoniously and pulled out my clothes, making my way out of the classroom to the bathroom.

Esther was there, waiting. "I'm glad you got your stuff back, although you went a little overboard. I heard everything, and girl…"

"I think I went easy on her." I answered back as I slipped into a stall to put my clothes on. "I could have always gotten physical and made it a thousand times worse."

"You fight" Esther asked, sounding a little intimidated.

"Yeah. My parents owned a martial arts institution, so I grew up with it. Aside from that, I'm preparing to go toe to toe with the guy who killed my dad, so Rock and I practice two to three times daily."

"You practice with him?!" Esther's voice was filled with disbelief. "But he's a guy! And a strong one at that! And to fight some murderer?!"

I laughed, a little louder than I thought I would. "Well, I am going fight another man. I can't get any stronger or any more skilled fighting people who aren't as good."

"… Hm. This is a little random, but… I have a bit of a question, if you don't mind me asking." Esther had a smile on her face when I walked out of the stall.

"No, I don't mind, go ahead and shoot."

Esther seemed a little nervous to ask, but finally managed to go out with it. "You really like Rock, don't you?"

I choked, possibly on air, as I tried to process the fact that she really did just ask that question, and so straight-forwardly. I had always stopped Terry before he said it, so it caught me off guard, like one of Terry's bomb knuckles to the gut. "I… Well… You see… I-I…"

"Nail on the head." Esther said while nodding approvingly to herself. "Have you ever told him?"

Now I jumped back, practically becoming plastered to the wall. I never imagined even doing something so ballsy. "N-no! I couldn't!"

She then frowned as she walked forward, looking me straight in the eye. "Well, why not?"

"B-because! All of this fighting and deaths and comas and… and… all this crazy stuff… what… what if…" My true fear then finally came to life. "What if he rejects me, then pushes me away?"

"You never know until you try." Esther shrugged, not seeming to take my fear seriously. "He seems like a nice guy anyway, I doubt he'll just push you away."

"B-but he's so awkward and shy!"

"Girl, tell him. There's no better time like the present. You just told all the other girls how to start on a fresh slate and try to win him over. You never know what they could manage in a month." Esther then pat me on the shoulder. "You're a fighter, I'm sure you can manage a few words."

I looked down and sighed, defeated. "I… I have an idea… but I know I'm going to regret this."

"Go for it, tiger." Esther smiled at me, giving me a playful punch on the shoulder.

"C-can I borrow a pen and paper?" I asked her hesitantly. "I want to write a note."

She then looked at me as if I were nuts. "A note? Oh, c'mon! What is this, elementary school?!"

"Please?!" I begged. "I would die if I said anything, trust me!"


She handed me a paper and pen and I began scribbling down words mindlessly, trying not to focus so much on it so I wouldn't crumble it and throw it away. I finished and slipped it into my back pocket. I then gave her a small bow. "Thank you for the shove. I wouldn't be walking into suicide right now if it wasn't for you." I gave her the cheekiest smile I could manage over all my embarrassment.

She laughed heartily and held out a hand. "Friends?"

"Hell yeah."

The rest of the day passed painfully slowly as I waited, and Rock and I were now walking home. I kept looking at him from the corner of my eye, trying to muster the courage for my big move. After a while of fidgeting around, garnering several quirked eyebrows from Rock, I finally decided… it was now or never.

"R-Rock… could you hang on a moment?"

The blond stopped in his tracks, looking back at me, honestly confused. "Sure. What's up?"

"I… I have something I want to give you. C'mere a sec." I waved him over with a hand.

He complied, walking over to me. "What is it?"

I quickly dug in my back pocket and pulled out the note, grabbing one of his hands and placing it in his palms, then pulling his fingers close to make a fist. "H-here!" And the moment I would probably regret was now upon me. As quick as I could, I tip toed and planted a quick, light peck on his lips before running like the wind.

My heart was beating so fast, I thought I was going to die. I started rushing off towards where we lived through an alternate route, not looking back. I noticed someone coming into my view, so I started to slow down, so I wouldn't run into them, but I couldn't believe who it was.

"Mademoiselle Walker…" Ash Crimson of all people begun. "I've been looking for you."

"And I was just leaving. Bye."

I tried to rush off, but the cinereous haired young man stopped me by blocking my way. "Please, just hear me out."

Originally, I didn't want to, but I complied. I don't know why. "Just make it quick."

"I have a way to prove my innocence. Here." Ash held out a white envelope sealed with a red wax "R". "It's an invitation to the next King of Fighters tournament. Everything will be answered there."

"Is that all?" I questioned, a hand now on my hip.

"Yes. All the information is in the letter. For now, I must depart. Adieu." And with that, Ash disappeared with his green flames.

I looked at the spot where he was just standing, until a voice brought me back from my reverie. "You… you're friends with that guy?!"

I quickly turned around, spotting Kyo a few steps away. "N-no! He killed my father! How could I be friends with him!"

"I just saw you conversing with him!" Kyo angrily answered. "Is that how he found me and Yuki?!"

"No-" I stopped and thought. I remembered when we were friends, and I sent him a picture Shingo snapped for me in front of his house. I covered my mouth with my hands. "No… No! That… that couldn't have been my fault! No!"

"It is… isn't it?" Kyo asked, looking at me with a solemn expression. I couldn't answer. He just merely put his head down and walked away.

It was safe to say I felt like crap.

I walked back home, defeated. I removed my shoes and waved at Terry. "Hey pops…"

"Hey… what's wrong? Was it a bad day? And where's Rock?" Terry questioned all at once, looking concerned.

"Nothing really, just lost a friend… School was okay and Rock and I separated at some point. I'm sure he'll be here soon…" I dropped my bag on the floor and trudged towards my bed, flopping down on it. I let out a heavy sigh, feeling guilty about Yuki's attack. The only minor consolation was that she was recovering.

Not too long after starting my pity party, the door opened, and I could hear Rock greeting Terry and asking my whereabouts. Moments later, Rock was in the room, rubbing the back of his head gingerly. "Sam… I wanted to ask you… do you think I'm terrible at math and needed a consolation?"

"…What?" I sat up now, looking at Rock as if he just spewed something crazy. Well, actually, he really did do just that.

"I-I mean… you give me this note, then kiss me and run off… when I looked inside…" He then handed me the paper, and just what he was speaking of, it was calculus notes. "There's all this math work."

"Oh, geeze!" I crumbled the paper and tossed it somewhere in the room. "You see, what happened is… I basically told Esther that I really like you, but I didn't want you to push me away if you completely rejected me, but she really thought I should tell you… so I figured I should just write it on a note and hand it to you, but it seemed that Esther really wanted me to say it with my mouth, so she probably switched the note! She really wants me to embarrass myself by admitting it, but I wouldn't want to-"

"You just did."

"Wait…what?" I was now confused, after my quick speaking was cut off. "What did I just…"

"You just said you told Esther that you…you…" Rock hesitated, clearing his throat. "You… like… me…"

I blinked, staring at him while trying to process his words. Then it hit me. I really did just say it. That damned one person pity party had thrown me off, and I just openly admitted everything, even what I feared from saying it. "Oh…" I slowly slinked towards the window, staring out of it. "I think I should really go die now…" I was half joking, but with how embarrassed I was, I could have been half way serious.

"Nonono…" Rock grabbed my wrist and pulled me back towards the middle of the room, holding on to my shoulders. "W-well… you see…" He sucked in a deep breath before starting to speak again. "I'm sure that I really like you too… but… I'm not used to all this… I haven't really spent so much time with a girl, so I'm not even sure what I'm doing… hell, I feel like I'm saying too much."

"It's the same on my part, really… which is why I didn't want to tell you… I did have one boyfriend at twelve. But all we did was wrestle and eventually, I scared him away…" I let out a forlorn sigh. "So this is really…" Then it finally sunk in. The extent of what he said. "W-wait! Y-you feel the same way?!"

"Are you really going to make me repeat it?" Rock asked, a look of mild distress on his face.

"N-no! That's fine! I just… I… don't know what to say… or how to react… Or anything really. I kind of just want to drop to the floor right now." I admitted shyly.

"Don't… don't do that. That will probably make things much more awkward."

I then fiddled with my fingers. "I know there's a lot going on right now… training… people in comas… apparently the King of Fighters tournament… and it could become a distraction… but does this mean… we… you know… us?" I couldn't even get out the right words. I couldn't even believe what was happening.

"I guess so…" Rock placed a gloved arm behind his neck, looking away nervously.

"…I swear, if you or Terry scream psych, or I wake up right now…"

Rock laughed lightly. "It's not a dream or a prank. Promise."

I let out a light laugh myself before inching in for another peck, this time lasting for more than .0025 seconds. I then nervously reached for a hug, embarrassed to look at Rock in the eyes suddenly. "U-um… can I… we… wait a little bit before telling Terry?"


"I just need a little time to prepare myself mentally before getting teased to high heaven by him."

"No need." Terry's voice echoed from the living room.

I slowly turned to the door way to see him sitting at the table, waving. I quickly pulled away from the hug I started. "H-how long…"

"The whole time. Best seat in the house too!" Terry had a large grin plastered on his face.

I let out a groan. "That window is looking pretty tempting right now…

"Absolutely not." Both Rock and Terry answered simultaneously.

At the moment, I forgot about the invitation sitting in my book bag. But I had time to deal with that the day after. My mood was picked up again, despite feeling all sorts of awkward. But it was the kind of awkward I could indulge in. An awkward, blooming relationship.

I have to say, I must have felt like the luckiest girl alive.

End Chapter 11: No Time Like The Present

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