AN: Dear Readers. I know that this isn't what you want to hear and I'd rather not be tying this but I'm afraid that I have some bad news. A long while ago I put these stories under hiatus. I did this because I thought I'd be able to write more later when I got some files back (I had a large computer meltdown which caused me tolose everything I had on my stories) but sadly it's notgoing tohappen and I just can't get back towhere I was. I also wentbackover my earlier workand tobe honest I'm not very happy with how I was writing. It'snot thebest and I admit taht so if Idoever start these stories again then it will be a brand new start, including the chapters I've posted here. I realise you guys probably hateme at this point, especially those of you who have waited the longest and were followingme before this whole file loss/writer's block happened and for that I am truly sorry but I just can't continue these stories anymore.

I will not be deleting these stories yeta although I might in the future. What I will do is offer the chance to adopt these stories to anyne who is interested and who is hopefully a better writer than me. If anyone is interested please PM and we can discuss it. If you do want to adopt I only ask that I'm allowed to help, maybe by betaing (my spelling and grammar have improved since I last updated thankfully) and I'd like to let you know how I originally wanted these stories to go. That way you caneither put your own spin on it or keep some of the original ideas going.

Again I'm really sorry about this guys. I do want to continue these fics but it's just not going to happen and I'd rather try and give them to someone who will love them and be able to do them justice.

Magician Girl Mirani.

PS: If anyone does take up one of my stories I'll update that fic withthe new author(s) information so you can look it up and keep reading.