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Summary: There are only two people left on Earth and they will go to hell and back to destroy each other. Naruto, AKA, DOKUHARI (Poison Needle), found himself in the battle of his life against Madara Uchiha. As he feels the life force drain away, he thinks he sees the form of the Shinigami. The next thing he knows, the Master of the Senbon is back in his 6 year old body.

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Art of the Senbon

Going Retro

Wastelands devoid of life surround the two foes, both panting hard after the grueling battle. Debris and rubble litter the ground and the smell of ash is heavy in the air. Small fires burn away the last remnants of the small buildings and what lay beneath their stony depths. Heavy smoke wafted heavenwards, the cloud of dark dust partially veiling the light of the sun. Blood pooled around the ground, the crimson liquid mixing in with the wet ground. A light rain begins to fall on the two, drenching them from head to toe.

The man with red eyes begins to talk first, "This is where it ends Naruto-kun. You're by far the most strongest opponent I have ever fought and I commend you for that, but this ends now." He shoots off Naruto barely gets his katana up to block Madara's.

Naruto grits his teeth and manages to use his tired muscles to push Madara's sword off and send him flying back a couple of feet. Ignoring the pain spiking in his legs, he runs towards the other figure and swings at the black tresses of hair. Madara's kodachi meets his and they fly in opposite directions before sprinting forward again and meeting in a flash of metal. They disappear in a blue and clangs reverberate around the wasteland.

With a flash of silver, the two combatants meet in the middle, their swords buried to the hilt in each other's stomach. Their eyes shine with the blood red color of their Eternal Mangekyou Sharingans

Flashback Begin

"It's over Sasuke, your path of destruction has ended," Naruto said. He watched as Sasuke coughed up a torrent of blood.

It dribbled out of his mouth and he let out a painful moan, "IT CAN'T BE OVER. I'M SASUKE UCHIHA! I REFUSE TO DIE." Naruto looked at his former teammate with pity. Senbon needles stuck out of his skin, the poison paralyzing and limiting his movements and cognitive functions.

"I'm sorry Sasuke, but this ends now," Naruto said before sinking his blade further into Sasuke's stomach. He gave it a twist and blood squirted from his mouth as he screamed from the pain.

Sasuke started laughing and Naruto wondered what could he laugh at when he's at Death's door, "So, the dobe has killed me huh. Who would have thought? Take my eyes Naruto and kill Madara. I learned that he was the one who orchestrated the murder of my family. Take my eyes and kill him please. This is my last request as a former teammate… and former friend."

"It will be done," Naruto said as he bent down. Sasuke's breath hitched as he felt the painful tug at the back and front of his skull. He screamed forcibly as his eyes were removed from his skull and that was the last sound he made before he went onto the land of the dead.

Naruto sealed the eyes in a storage scroll and used his hands moved Sasuke's eyelid to cover the now open orifices that use to be Sasuke's eyehole. "Goodbye Sasuke, my bestfriend, my brother. May your soul find eternal rest." He turned and left, leaving Sasuke's body to the open elements.

Flashback End

The first thing Naruto does is find somebody to transplant the eye.

Flashback Begin (Again… sigh)

Naruto walked into the small village and noticed the almost empty streets. The streets had trash scattered all over the ground and the side walk was blazoned with chewed gum. The stores were small and whatever people milled around stuck to the shadows of the buildings. His blue eyes swept over the barren city and noticed the rather tall building with a green cross with red outlines. The Kanji for hospital sat to the right of the cross.

He found his destination and began to walk toward the white building. It was rather beat up, the wood of the door chipped and marred while the windows had grime all over it. He sighed once before stepping inside and he almost ran back out in disgust.

The lobby was dirty, the tiles a murky white. The chairs were eaten away by moths and the dim yellow light allowed him to see along the walls. The walls were cracked and chipped in places. He heard a moan come from the end of the hall and he immediately took the senbon that he was chewing from his mouth. He reached behind him and grabbed another four and put them in between his right hand. He stalked down the corridor and he turned to the left to find a group of bandits ganging up on a man with glasses and a white coat.

"Please, just take my money! I have nothing for you," the doctor pleaded with his captors. A bandit hit him with a right hook and spat in his face.

"Come on Doc, give us some drugs. This can end soon if you can give us some morphine," the leader of the gang said. Naruto quivered in rage at the temerity of these people.

He flicked his right hand and let the senbon needles fly into their necks, efficiently knocking them out. The doctor looked up in surprise and found a tall man with blond hair. Red streaks mingled with his blond tresses and they fell down to the back of his neck in a small ponytail. He had on a black turtle neck with a dark blue, unbuttoned trench coat. He had on dark blue ANBU pants that cut off at his knees. Dark green dragon hide shin guards protected his legs and he had on simple black dragon hide combat boots. His hands had fingerless gloves with steel plates pressed into the fabric above his fingers. His muscles were wiry and lean, not bulky, but much like a swimmers' own body. A Konoha Hitai-ate rested on his forehead, but a largely noticeable gash went straight through the middle of the leaf, marking him a Nuke-nin. His blue eyes were distinctive as well as the three defining whisker like marks on each cheek.

A kunai pouch was strapped to both his thighs while another pouch full of senbon needles was sitting on his hip, right above his right butt cheek. His katana was strapped to his back, the blue scabbard shining in the dim light. Dragons and mythical creatures decorated the scabbard while the blade itself was made of a light blue metal. It sparkled several different shades in the light and when exposed to the sun, it gleamed like a beacon on a stormy night.

He bent down and looked at the doctor who shied away. Naruto sighed before offering a hand, "Are you the doctor?"

The doctor sheepishly nodded, allowing Naruto to continue, "Come on, I need you for an important surgery. I'll pay you half now and half later."

The doctor's eye lit up and stood up, "Follow me." Naruto chuckled for a moment and handed the money over to the man.

'Oh, how money can change a situation,' Naruto thought before following the doctor down the corridor.

When inside, he noticed the stark contrast of the room to the contrast of the rest of the hotel. The room was clean and the walls were immaculate and unmarred. The sink was set in the corner, the light steel of the faucet giving off a dull light. The bed was soft as he laid down on it.

Naruto took a deep breath before turning his head to the doctor, "I need you to implant these," Naruto said while he reached out for a scroll in his trench coat.

He removed it and unsealed the eyes, and handed them over. With a nod, he began and Naruto endured the pain, no pain killer being able to help him as the Kyuubi's chakra dissolved them as soon as they were inserted into his system.

Within an hour, the doctor was finished and gave Naruto a mirror. His eyes were now a pale green, a side-effect from the implanting of the foreign eyes. The genes intermixed and mutated, causing his eye color to change to green. After hours of studying the Sharingan, Naruto had learned everything about it, inside and out. He knew what effects it had and how the Mangekyou version of it was detrimental to your eyesight. With a flare of chakra, he awakened his eyes into their three tomoe state. Another flare of chakra and they swirled for a moment before forming a 4-point red shuriken shap with a black background. His black pupil sat in the middle and he was about to deactivate it when pain began to erupt in his eyes.

He immediately closed them and fell back onto the bed while the doctor checked out the rest of his person. A few minutes later, the pain subsided and he finally opened his eyes and looked in the mirror again. His eyes had turn into a dark green and specks of gold flickered throughout his iris. He flared chakra and noticed that instead of the traditional red background and black tomoes, they were switched with red tomoes and black background. Sending another spike of chakra, Naruto noticed that instead of the just the four point star, he now had another 4 point star overlapping his red one, creating 8 points that attached around his eye. A small red circle sat in the middle of his eye and he didn't know what happened.


He closed his eyes and forced himself into a state of mind where no thoughts clouded him and he felt himself enter his mindscape. He opened his eyes to the familiar blood red walls, but inside the cage was a rather cozy home surrounded by grass and wild flowers. It wasn't overly big like that of a mansion, but it had two stories and had a lot of room. He looked around noticed the small pond and rabbits running around. He smiled and shook his head at Kyuubi.

"Kyuu-chan?" he called, waiting for the redhead to walk out of the red house. The door soon opened and the sight took his breath away.

A woman with blood red hair walked out of the house with no shoes on, leaving her feet out for the world to see. Her toenails were painted blood red and they wriggled as they walked through the green grass. His eyes traversed her body and he looked at her sleek and smooth legs that crawled up her body and hid themselves away under a mini-skirt. Her skirt itself was a red orange color and it went up to her curvy waist. Her black shirt had a red nine-tailed fox on it and it fit her hourglass figure perfectly. It accentuated her bust, a nice size, but not overly big. Her arms swung at her sides as she walked, the nails painted black and red as she sauntered over to him. He can clearly see the muscles and it added to her feminine appearance. He traversed from her torso to her slender and pale neck, the skin light and soft that makes you just want to kiss it. He studied her face and noticed the red, luscious lips that curved upwards in a smile. Her nose was thin and her eyes were black with blood red slits covering her pupil. Her face was angelic and her smile made him weak at the knees. She finally stopped in front of him and when she saw the look on his face, she tried to stifle a laugh, but failed.

Her melodious voice broke him from his thoughts and he looked down at the shorter woman, "What?"

"Oh nothing Naru-kun. I'm pretty sure you're here because of your sharingan?" Naruto nodded before Kyuubi took his hand led him towards her home inside the cage. He blushed and Kyuubi could feel the heat below his skin and smiled, her toothy fangs hanging over her lower teeth.

When they finally stop inside her house, Naruto was thoroughly flushed as he took a seat on the red couch. "What do you want to know Naru-kun?" She said as she took a seat opposite him.

"What happened to my eyes. I know I had my Mangekyou because Sasuke had it, but why did it change from the 4-point to 8-point?" He questioned and Kyuubi stared into his blood red eyes and seemed to get lost in them.

"Kyuu-chan?" He asked and that broke her away from her momentary lapse of control.

She bit her lower lip in embarrassment before she reigned her senses back to her. Clearing her throat, she began, "Naruto, your original Mangekyou took form in the 4-point star. Now, when you implanted them within yourself, did you notice how your eyes changed from blue to green?"

He nodded and she continued, "That was due to the nature of my chakra and it was enough to change certain genes inside your DNA. Your DNA essentially mutated and has integrated the Sharingan Kekkei Genkai into your bloodline."

His breath hitched for a moment and he quietly said, "That means I now have the Sharingan bloodline?"

Kyuubi nodded, "Yes, you now have the Sharingan bloodline and when you have a child, he will have the Kekkei Genkai. Now, onto why your eyes changed shape from 4points to 8 points. That Naruto is also due to my chakra, but now you don't have to suffer from the side effects of using the Mangekyou Sharingan such as blindness. You will still feel fatigued after usage, but to a lesser extent. The bad thing is, it will take more chakra to use than normal, but the benefits rather outweigh the price."

Naruto took this all in and he became lost in thought, but Kyuubi broke him out of it, "Naruto, do you know the story of Madara?" Naruto nodded.

"When Madara had become blind from over usage of his Mangekyou Sharingan, he implanted his younger brother's eyes into his body and he ended up with the fifth stage of the Sharingan. The Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan," she finished.

Naruto's eyes widened when the information finally sunk in, "You're saying I have the same kind of eyes as Madara?"

Kyuubi nodded, "Well, there are subtle differences, but yes you do in a nut shell."

"What do you mean subtle difference?" Naruto asked curiously.

"There are different effects for each owner of the eye. For Madara, he is able to open up a vortex and travel through it," Kyuubi told Naruto.

"Does that mean I have the same ability or will I have something else entirely?" Naruto asked.

"You will have all the effects of the Mangekyou Sharingan, but the ability of your Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan it unknown until you unlock it. That is all I know and all I can tell you is that you will unlock it through usage and experience. I suggest you take a break from hunting Akatsuki and train yourself to use your Sharingan Naruto-kun," Kyuubi said.

Naruto just sat there as his eyes glazed over at the influx of information. He essentially had the same eyes as the leader of Akatsuki and he had an unknown ability that came along with his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. He also had the fact that the Sharingan was a part of his blood line and he sighed loudly into his hands.

Kyuubi saw that Naruto was stressed and stood up. She walked over and sat down next to him, her arm wrapping around and rubbing his back soothingly. His muscles relaxed under her touch and he looked to his left and smiled. Kyuubi's face flushed when she saw his smile and she felt the heat rise up to her face. Luckily Naruto didn't noticed and she thanked Kami for it.

Another 15 minutes pass by with Kyuubi holding Naruto. She noticed the droopiness in his eyes and said, "It's time to get back to the real world Naru-kun."

Naruto nodded and with a quick move, he planted a kiss on Kyuubi's cheek and disappeared from the mindscape. Her face flushed and her pale skin became red as she touched the spot where his lips touched her skin. The feeling lingered for a moment and she grinned happily as she walked into the bedroom and presently fell asleep, thinking what she could do to him in bed.

Real World

Naruto's now green eyes fluttered open and took in the white room around him. Memories rushed back and he remembered what had happened. He saw the doctor lying in a cot in the corner, apparently asleep. He sat up and walked over to the still unmoving doctor and put down the money next to his motionless form. He stalked out of the building and found a hotel for the night. It was dingy and dirty, but the room itself wasn't bad and he knew he could lay low here for a while when he practiced using his Sharingan.

Fastforward: 1 Year

Naruto stood panting in the clearing as his eyes flashed red and black. A tree laid in a heap on the ground, it's bark black and burnt. He concentrated, sending the flow of thoughts and images to his mind. His body began to change and once where Naruto stood now sat a blood red phoenix. It's feathers were red with thin, black streaks and it had the same eyes as Naruto. It opened its wings and took off, it's wings opening up to 3 meters.

It soared and dipped, it's wings opened and flapping in the air. It opened it's beak and belched out a black fire that soared straight towards a gigantic boulder. When it came in contact, the boulder smoldered and part of it melted and fell to the floor. The phoenix let out a squawk of approval and descended to the ground and transformed back into it's human form.

Naruto shook his body to get used to the feeling again and then he felt the presence of Kyuubi's thoughts, "Good job Naru-kun. You have your phoenix form perfected." Naruto blushed at the praise and Kyuubi mentally smiled.

Kyuubi studied Naruto's mind for a bit before she tripped over Naruto's second ability, "Naru-kun, your second ability is something I've never seen before and is rather interesting," Kyuubi mused out loud.

"What is it?" Naruto asked while he cocked an eyebrow in his physical form.

"The speed your chakra circulates around your body has increased," Kyuubi said.

Naruto looked confused and asked, "Okay… what does that do?"

Kyuubi nodded in his mindscape, "Well, my theory is that with the increased speed your chakra circulates, it allows you to pump chakra out very quickly. It can speed up the process of channeling and changing your chakra to the right element and such. Increased jutsu speed with no handseals is a very useful skill and I think your third ability gives you mastery over Wind, Water, and Lightning."

"I already knew those were my affinities though," Naruto said.

"No Naru-kun. Affinities and Masteries are different. With an affinity, it allows you to use the jutsu involving that type of elemental chakra easier. That is why you are able to use no handseal and non verbal wind, water, and lightning jutsu. Now, mastery is different. Master allows your free control over the element so you can manipulate it how you want," Kyuubi explained while Naruto gasped.

"So, master means I have control over the element right?" Naruto questioned.

"That is exactly it, but it will take months with Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique) to actually master each element. It may even take years. Now, that is over, I want you to create 50 clones to work on your Shunpo no Jutsu (Flash Step) while you enter your mindscape and study mastery with me," Kyuubi said while her mind went like: 'Enter your mindscape so I can actually see and feel you.'

Kyuubi smiled gleefully for a second before she noticed that Naruto was now in his mindscape and was looking at her with a confused expression. Kyuubi blushed and grabbed his hand which in turned caused him to blush before she rushed him off towards her house in his head.

Fastforward: 4 Years (Naruto Age: 30)

"Naru-kun? Are you ready for this?" Kyuubi asked, concern for the man she secretly loved lacing her voice.

"It's now or never Kyuu-chan," he spoke sadly, looking at the form of the woman he secretly loved.

Kyuubi mentally nodded before the connection closed and he now looked at the form of Uchiha Madara, his Akatsuki cloak flowing in the wind. His mask is gone, leaving an aged face with the red of his Sharingan spinning wildly.

Present Time

"Goodbye Madara," Naruto says as the blood fills his mouth and spills onto the ground. He twists the sword in Madara's stomach and he can hear the choking noise as Madara left the world of the living.

"Goodbye to you Kyuubi Jinchuriki," Madara says before his Sharingan deactivates and his black eyes dulls

Naruto retracted his sword from Madara's body and it falls in a heap while he uses his sword as a crutch to stand up. His strength soon leaves him and he falls onto the blood stained ground, right next to Madara. Madara's sword is still lodged in his stomach and he doesn't have the strength to move his arms. He closes his eyes and descends into his mindscape to see the woman he loves for the last time.


"Kyuu-chan?" He tentatively calls out. He walks inside the house and walks down the corridor towards her room. He hears sniffling inside and when he opens the door, he finds the crying form of Kyuubi laying on her bed. Her immaculate red hair is disheveled and tears streaks down her face. Her eyes are puffy and her eyelids droop in exhaustion. He can feel his strength leaving him and he forces himself to take step after step. He finally makes it over to her bed and falls onto it in a heap, startling her.

"Naruto-kun," she mumbles. She can feel her strength leaving and she finds it hard to form words.

"Kyuubi-chan… I have something to say to you before I… go," Naruto says in between coughs. His green eyes begin to dull more every second and she cries out and holds his hand tightly.

"Me too… Naru-kun," Kyuubi whispers. Her energy is almost all gone and she has mere minutes left before she dies.

Naruto takes a deep breath, "Kyuu-chan… ever since I've seen you all those years ago, I've been attracted to you," Kyuubi blushes despite everything happening, "I was attracted to you physically, but as time went on and I learned more about you, I felt that emotional tug in my heart. Whenever I talked to you, my heart raced and my blood raced. You were one of the few people who saw me for who I am and you have always been there for me. What I'm trying to say is… I love you."

Tears glisten in her eyes and she can feel her life draining away, the last of her energy being absorbed, "Naruto-kun… I… Love… you… too…"

He is forcibly rejected from his mindscape and he opens his eyes to stare at the black and gold eyes of the Shinigami himself. He blinks again and they are gone. He looks around and notices the walls around him. He also notices the soft bed under him and he wonders where he can be. He was sure he was dead when Madara stabbed him with his sword.

"I wonder if this is death," Naruto says before closely examining the room. His eyes bug out when he notices his old apartment, the one he owned when he was younger. Everything is the same, the dirty and messy room, the old ramen cups lying around everywhere.

He looks down and immediately notices how small he is and then he jumps off the bed, rushing into the bathroom. He looks into the mirror and what he sees shocks him.

He is 6 years old again.

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