Merry Christmas everybody! Here is a little Christmas story from me, hope you like it ^_^

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All day Nowaki had dragged Hiroki around forcing him to do a lot of stupid Christmas things. It didn't matter how much Hiroki protested saying that they were Japanese for God sake! They didn't even celebrate Christmas! Nowaki would just look so sad that Hiroki was forced to give in. In the evening Hiroki didn't even bothered to put up a fight when Nowaki wanted to sit out on the balcony and look at the snow that was falling. They took a couple of blankets and sat down on a small bench, leaving the door open so they could hear the Christmas music from the stereo.

Soft music drifted out and Hiroki could feel the perfect tunes filling him, making him feel almost drunk with emotions (although his fair share of eggnog probably played a part in that to). Sometimes music would do that to him; just blow away all his problems and usually strict demeanor, filling him with a sense of peace.

Hiroki closed his eyes and gave a happy sigh as the song came to an end. He leaned closer to Nowaki and for once didn't care how incredibly stupid and romantic it all was. Nowaki put his arm around him and squeezed tight.

The air was cold and Hiroki could see his breath coming out in white puffs. But Nowaki was so warm beside him that it didn't matter. The younger man turned around slightly, softly cupping Hiroki's cheek with his free hand and turned Hiroki's head towards him. He gently stroked Hiroki's cheek and caressed the older man's lower lip with his thumb. Hiroki swore he could feel his heart melting at the loving caress and he gave a slight shiver. Then Nowaki tenderly kissed him with full lips and Hiroki's heart pounded like mad from happiness.

The kiss was long and loving, filled with devotion and promises. When they finally broke apart, they sat close together, foreheads touching, breaths mingling, forgetting the world around them. Nowaki leaned in and placed a quick little kiss on Hiroki's lips.

"Merry Christmas Hiro-san." Nowaki smiled one of his perfect smiles.

Hiroki wondered how moments this utterly perfect could even exist. He would never say it out loud; but he was grateful that Nowaki had made him do all that romantic Christmas crap, it had been fun. And he would absolutely never ever say that sitting here on the balcony in the cold, listening to music, looking at the snow and sharing sweet kisses made him feel extremely happy. So, since he would never ever say anything that sappy and stupid he just leaned his head down on Nowaki's shoulder and took the younger man's hand, intertwining their fingers.

"Yeah… Merry Christmas Nowaki." He whispered just loud enough for Nowaki to hear, who pulled him even closer in response.

The End.