Lucius sat in Malfoy Manor alone except the company of a hang over and many empty bottles of Fire Whiskey and one remaining full glass. His face was tear stained and compared to the usual tidy and well kept Mr Malfoy he was disheveled and mad looking. Just one week ago he had went to war with enemies, acquaintances, friends and family, unfortunately his side had lost. Not that it bothered him; well not as much as losing his only son, Draco and his wife, Narcissa.

If he could take it all back, all those wasted years of serving the dark lord he would. Draco had went missing because of Voldemort Narcissa looked for him but he was already dead and she lost her life in the process. Now he sat alone with no family and no one, good or evil, to serve. He even missed that demented sister in law of his.

Bellatrix Lestrange, what he wouldn't give to here one of her manic cackles right now. He felt isolated everyone he had ever loved or had been on his side was either dead or untraceable then again maybe he just didn't have the energy to look properly. Besides that it wasn't like the ministry had started up an "Ex-Deatheater Support Group".

Nonetheless he was grateful to have been spared Azkaban which was only due to the fact they thought it too good for him. They would rather see him rot alone and have to retreat to a muggle life style and suffer. Eventually Lucius drifted off to sleep but woke up in the middle of the night due to a loud smashing noise. He got up to find him self in pure darkness.

"Great." He thought he had been expecting the attack of some scorned witch or wizard for a while. His hand groped the floor for his wand only to remember it had been snapped by the ministry; he gave a hiss of pain as he cut his hand with glass. The intruder was much closer than he had thought and fear flickered through him.
"Who is there?" his voice grunted. After a silent pause anger surged. "Show yourself you coward!"
A familiar female voice whispered. "Lumos."
The room became full of a bright light and Lucius had to squint his eyes.

When he opened his eyes there was no mistaking the beautiful woman in front of him.
"Narcissa?" He whispered his heart beating as loud as a drum.
The blonde rolled her eyes. "Considering she's dead the chances look slim, don't they?"