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"The muggle born girl-"Alicia began.

"Mudblood." Brogan corrected.

"Get on with it." Bellatrix snapped.

"The girl says they are in an astral plane. They are sort of connecting."

Bellatrix nodded.

"Yes, yes, yes, but when will he wake?" Alicia didn't get time to answer Bellatrix question because Voldemort woke up in a jump start.

"My Lord." Bellatrix and the other two bowed.

Voldermort let out a scream of rage.

The beetle crawled up and down the glass furiously, Hermione flicked it to knock it back down.

"She's going to get her self hurt if she doesn't back off. I thought she was done reporting." Hermione said with frustration.

"Well some people never give up." Lucius said bitterly.

Mab's eyes flickered open and she cleared her throat.

"I'll just leave you alone." Hermione bowed herself out and Lucius stared down at her.

"How are you?"

Mab sat up trying to look as dignified as possible.

"Im fine." She threw the cover off and slid of the bed trying to stand up Lucius gripped her arm to offer her support.

"What happened, Miss Grainger said that your with the Dark Lord."

"Yes." She replied simply pulling from his grip.

"Now what is our plan for battle?"

It was so obvious she was still weak, in away Lucius felt admiration for her that she was so determined to struggle on. Her pride was similar to that of Narcissa's. Narcissa. Draco. Not so long ago he had been drowning his sorrows over them now he had hardly spared them a second thought.

"Excuse me." Lucius abruptly left before his grieving tears would fall again.

Mab watched as he left her brow furrowing then stared down at the glass with the little bug. She through the glass off and it smashed on the floor and picked the green beetle up for a second considering squashing it. Instead she opened the window and set it down out side. There was a scream and she turned round and headed in it's direction. Rita Skeeter had just reformed behind her before vanishing.

Luna and Ginny who had just been joined by Hermione also heard the scream they instantly ran to see the source of it.

Voldemort had vanished leaving Bellatrix, Alicia and Brogan alone again.

"You heard his orders." Bellatrix barked and then like bullets one by one they disappeared.

Well Brogan and Bellatrix, but once again a pair of eyes lingered they were fixed upon a green beetle which was sitting on the window ledge. Alicia reappeared again and narrowed her eyes at the beetle and then squashed it before vanishing completely.

Brogan and Bellatrix came out of the vanishing cabinet in Hogwarts Bellatrix almost skipping as she laughed manically. Alicia soon appeared behind him and followed.

They then entered the room which Molly and Arthur were in.

"Well hello." Bellatrix greeted in her best baby voice with a swish of her wand the kettle in Molly's hand exploded and then it was anyone's best guest at who was attacking who. Ron, Neville and Harry soon joined Molly and Arthur, a blinding flood off lights set all around the room. Wizz's and bang's came from everywhere.

Mab didn't have to walk far to see who had screamed, and soon Ginny, Hermione and Luna had joined her. They all stared down at Lucius lying motionless on the floor. None really sure what to do. The faint noise could be heard from where they were.

Bellatrix let out one final cackle before vanishing, her cronies following.

"Where did they go?" Ron gasped for air.

The deatheaters never gave up that easily no matter how few, everyone was waiting expectantly for them to return but they did not. They were gone.

"My Lord." Bellatrix greeted in a smug tone.

"Did you acquire the ingredient?" he hissed.

"Yes my Lord." Bellatrix nodded excitedly.

Mab slowly walked over to Lucius and kneeled down beside him. The three girls stood still for a moment, it was Luna who eventually followed her and knelt at the opposite side of Lucius.

"Is he all right?" she asked curiously.

Molly, Arthur, Neville, Ron and Harry looked shaken more shaken than they would be if it had been a normal attack which it wasn't. Had they not wanted to kill them then they must have wanted something else.

Bellatrix held a small green silk bag in her hand, Voldemort's long fingers out stretched and wrapped around it.

"He's alive, just unconscious." Mab said placing a hand on his head.

Luna nodded.

"We best get him back to the hospital wing."

Both women got back on they're feet and Luna swished her wand causing Lucius body to float in front of them as they walked along. Soon he was laying in the bed where Mab had been mere moments before.

"What happened to him?" Ginny asked in a tone not even attempting to raise worry, but if anything suspicion.

No one answered, so Ginny glared directly at Mab who had not yet noticed this but soon did.

She burst out laughing and placed a hand on her chest.

"You think I did this?" she raised an eye brow.

This only irritated Ginny more.

"That's exactly what I think." She said coldly.

Luna seemed unable to see any of this at all Hermione on the other hand gently nudged Ginny to be quiet. She didn't know what Mab was capable of.

"Oh do you. Well it's nothing I did if anything I should be the one doubting you, your family. Lucius and his other friend the one who looked like Morgan. They said you were a betrayer of the old ways, a disgrace to the magickal world I believe." Mab said smirking.

Mab did not actually know what Bellatrix and Lucius had meant was that the Weasley's accepted muggles. She thought that they were rejecting they're magick like Merlin had. Ginny instantly enraged ripped out her wand and pounced at Mab the wand dug into her neck.

"Say that again!"

Mab chuckled.

"Ginny stop it." Hermione said quietly.

"Actions speak louder than words dear." Mab narrowed her eyes and Ginny flew halfway across the floor.

Hermione gasped in horror, Mab smirked taking a step forward.

"That wont keep them on side." Lucius winced pressing a hand to his fore head.

Mab looked at him smiling.

Luna gave Mab a disapproving look folding her arms.

"That wasn't very nice." She then went to help Ginny who was glaring furiously at Mab.

In all her life Mab had to admit she had never met anything similar to Luna Lovedgood.