Name: Candy_Rko

Pairings: Cody/John Codena! Maybe Cody/John/Randy

Rating: NC-17, eventually

Disclaimers: everything belongs to the great and awesome Vince McMahon

Summary: John takes his chance on Cody, regardless of the danger

Title: Dirty Little Thing

Chapter 1/?

The first time that it happened, he wrote it off to his imagination.

The second time, he thought maybe there was actually something to it.

The third time, well, there was absolutely no doubt in his mind.

That tight little ass was presented to him the entire night. And there wasn't much left to the imagination in those spankies. That sculpted body that was still slender, nothing like his own or some of their coworkers. Those corded thighs, that tanned skin… He hadn't paid that much attention to the younger man before this all began.

He sighed, finishing a set of squats. He couldn't deny that his groin tightened each and every time he was in the ring with Cody. But fuck, Rhodes was just a kid compared to him. A wet behind the ears brat that was playing a dangerous game. John figured the only reason that Cody was even interested was because he wanted to send a message to Orton. And if there was one thing that John Cena was sure of it was Randy Orton's possessive protection of his boys. This might have been Cody's rebellious phase and what a better way then to attempt to seduce Orton's biggest rival.

"Need a spotter?"

"What are you doin' here?" he asked, gaze darting from the hot body in front of him to the several doors that led into the weight room, half expecting Randy Orton to emerge with a sledgehammer in hand.

"Working out, why?" Cody asked, arms crossed in front of his bare chest, the sweatpants he was wearing were low on his hips, revealing the deep V that led into his-John snapped himself from staring at that succulent physique. "You know, my eyes are up here."

And what beautiful eyes they were. Baby blues that rivaled Orton's. Orton could have sex with his eyes; Cody hadn't mastered that talent yet but he would. John knew that. "What do you want, Cody?" he finally queried, subconsciously licking his lips.

"I thought that was obvious," Cody all but purred.

"Look," John snapped, his patience wearing thin, "Stop this shit right now! I'm not into little twinks that think fucking around with a man to piss off Daddy is entertainment. I'll pound your face into the floor, Runnels."

John felt sorry for Cody; he actually looked to be a mixture of scared and embarrassed. "I…I'm sorry. I mean, I…" Cody chewed on his bottom lip, all pretense of seductive mastery fading and his eyes focused on the floor. "'s not what you think."

"Kid…" John frowned, "I'm flattered. I really am. But I'm not about to get involved with you."

"Why? Because I'm a kid?" Cody spat, shaking his head, "I'm twenty four. And I can guarantee you that I'm all man. I'm man enough for you!" he said petulantly, bottom lip trembling and John was just waiting on the crocodile tears to form.

"…Cody…" John gazed at that gorgeous face, loathing that he was actually beginning to feel guilty for his harsh words. Yeah, he would have been a liar if he'd said he hadn't woken up at night, covered in sweat, cock rock hard, because of dreams that revolved around the younger man. And truly, Cody wasn't a bad guy. He was sweet and a little spoiled.

"I just really like you," Cody said softly, "Yeah, Randy probably won't like it but-"

John shoved Cody against the wall, feeling the younger man tremble beneath him, "You've been provoking me for weeks. I'm done with this dance. You want me, you better not act like some fuckin' woman. I don't like head games."

"No game," Cody breathed.

"Fine. We'll go on a date."

"A date? That's it?" Cody's face fell and John had to suppress his chuckle.

"To start. I don't get into anything that isn't serious," John raised his hand, stroking Cody's cheek, smiling wanly when the younger man nuzzled his palm, gazing demurely through his lashes. "Does Dibiase or Orton know?"

"Fuck no!" Cody laughed hollowly, "You think they'd let this happen? Uh, no. Randy would probably eat you and Teddy wouldn't let me out of his sight. It's not some stupid plot to make Randy mad and it's not a joke. It's not because I just want to you know, have sex with you," Cody's cheeks colored pink and John had to wonder if Cody had ever even been with another man, "This is all me, John."

"…You don't know what you're getting yourself into." Hell, maybe John didn't know. He didn't normally date men that young. They were usually too fickle, too shallow, too self absorbed.

"I do."

"…You better get back. I don't want a witch hunt," John said, releasing his hold on Cody. Cody nodded, pivoting on one heel, about to leave. John grabbed one of Cody's hands, "After Raw?"


"Tonight. After Raw. You wanna grab something to eat?"

"Like a date?" Cody grinned.

"Yeah. A date."

John didn't miss how Cody's eyes brightened and that smile of his, well, it would definitely make the rest of the night bearable. "Okay. Uh, you wouldn't mind, if uh, we meet? I don't want them to have to know about us. Yet."

"Not a problem. Good luck tonight, by the way," John grinned, "You're gonna need it against Kofi and Evan."

"Haha, I'm glad you have faith in me," Cody stuck his tongue out at John. "Ass."

"You love my ass."

"More then you think," Cody winked. "I'll see you later tonight."

John brushed his lips against Cody's, "Kick some ass out there."


John watched Cody leave, ass perfectly molded in his sweats and he was pretty sure that Cody put a little extra into his steps. Not that John minded. "What have I gotten myself into?" he muttered.


"You're serious."

John nodded solemnly, disregarding the jaw dropped expression crossing his friend's face. "More then you think, Shawn," he sighed, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. "I don't know what to do, man. I like the kid."

"He's pretty, John but uh…what the fuck is Poppa Randy gonna say when he finds out about this?" Shawn asked, pausing in zipping his jeans, face full of concern. "I know that you two don't hate each other but he's got a soft spot for Runnels. He ain't gonna stand for it."

"Trust me, I know." John pulled his sweatshirt over his head, attempting to ignore the nervousness that was overwhelming him. It was a date. Not even a date because it couldn't really be classified as one when it was two men, in public, at IHOP. It wasn't like he was with a woman and could whisper sweet nothings into Cody's ear or hold his hand; that would guarantee the loss of his fans. "I've always thought Randy and Cody had something goin' on."

Shawn shrugged, putting on his leather jacket. "I don't know, dude. There've been rumors." John's face fell. Well, that little bit of information sucked. "Ah, John…" Shawn placed his hand on John's shoulder, "I wouldn't read into it. Shit always gets around that isn't true."

"Yeah but if that's the fucking case then I do have to worry. I'm not scared of Orton but if I catch him on the wrong day, at the wrong time, especially when he isn't taking his meds…" John trailed off, not particularly wanting that scenario to play out. "What am I gettin' myself into, Shawn?"

"Maybe you'll finally get over Dave," Shawn said quietly, the two men leaving the locker room-they were two of the last to leave.

Dave Batista. Dave was the first man that John had even been remotely interested in and had actually committed himself to. The relationship had only lasted for a few months but fuck, it had been passionate. Dave was an animal in the bed, clearly living up to his name. Of course, John had invested his entire being into Dave and had been dumped on his ass once the bigger man found another, younger man to toy with. "Shawn, don't go there."

"I'm just sayin'. Babe, you've been fucking miserable for six months. Everyone's noticed."

"That bad, huh?" John attempted to smile but failed. "I don't half ass relationships."

"I know," Shawn slung a companionable arm across his friend's broad shoulders. "Have fun with him. Okay?"

"Yeah but he still hasn't called. What if he doesn't-"

Legacy's theme song blared out in the darkness of the night as the two men walked towards their rental cars. John shot Shawn a glare, hearing his smothered chuckle. Cody. 12:09. Hey, waiting at IHOP. C u soon.

"You got it bad for that kid."

"Have you even looked at his ass?" John laughed, butterflies fluttering his stomach.

"I'm old enough to be his dad. Go, enjoy yourself. Forget about Batista."

"Yeah. Thanks man. For listening."

"I'm always here, John."

Sometimes, John had to wonder, if he was going to fall for man, why couldn't it have been Shawn Michaels? They were close friends, probably even closer then Paul and Shawn. But Shawn was one hundred percent devoted to his wife and John had only ever been attracted to a handful of men. Dave Batista had been one of the only men to be so open in his attraction towards John; John had seen enough appreciated looks but not once did anyone act on it. And John had been flattered. Dave was hot. And John had fallen hard. Three months into it and he was tossed to the side with Dave citing it had only been for entertainment and sex. John had been crushed.

And here he was, actually taking the initiative, fucking the consequences, and dating a man that he respected and desired. The only obstacles were a six foot five man with an anger problem, a best friend that was protective, and John himself. But John wanted to be selfish for once. And Cody was seriously perfect for him. He was such a nerd but he was endearing and beautiful and-

John bit his lip. Great, I find out in one day that Cody likes me and I'm already starting to fall. What the fuck is wrong with me? He glanced around the nearly deserted IHOP, spying Cody in a corner, most likely in the smoking section, wanting to be secluded from anyone else. He had on a Spiderman hoodie and the glasses were adorable, making his blue eyes pop.

"Hey, come here often sailor?" John asked, sliding into the booth, grinning his famous smile at Cody.

"Depends, are you buying?"

"You're my date."

Cody laughed, blue eyes dancing. "You know, Mike asked me to go out with him to hit the local bars. I'm missing out on a night of beer and cheap sex to hang with you at IHOP. You should feel grateful."

"Oh, I am. What'd Ted and Orton say?"

Cody shrugged, taking a sip of hot chocolate, whip cream dotting the tip of his nose. "They weren't too happy with me. We beat the shit out of Evan and Kofi and Randy had an awesome match against Triple H. I guess they wanted to celebrate."

"Well, at least you know we're going to be alone. No chance of anyone finding us." John leaned forward, swiping his thumb across Cody's nose, touch lingering longer then necessary. "Whip cream."

"Oh," Cody breathed, face red.

"Hey. About time you showed up. I was beginning to think the poor guy had been stood up. He's only been waiting for half an hour," the waitress, Kit, scolded John and he had to wonder; did she have any idea who the two of them were? Maybe she was one of the rare women that wasn't a ring rat. "Hope you don't mind but your cute friend already ordered for you," she said, putting a massive glass of orange juice in front of him. "Your food should be out soon."

"Makin' friends are we?" John rolled his eyes.

"What can I say? I'm irresistible." Cody shot him a shit eating grin.

"Yeah, that's definitely true. Codes, I know you don't want to talk about this shit but I'm not the kinda man to jump into something and not know the outcome. Are you wantin' this or is this some sort of-"

"I've told you already, I like you. If this was about sex, I could get that from Randy," Cody frowned.

That confirmed his suspicions. "You and Randy?"

Cody shook his head profusely. "No, nothing like that. I mean, he's definitely offered but I turned him down. I wasn't ready for it and I know what Randy's like. He can be crazy psychotic about who he dates. And I'm not some prissy little sub."

"No, you're definitely not," John said, elated to hear that Cody had never been taken by Orton. "I respect you too much to ever think about you that way."

"You respect me?" Cody echoed.

"Fuck yeah, Codes. You're a talented wrestler. You might not be ready for the world belt but you definitely deserve a shot at the United States belt."

"I think you're the first person that's ever said that to me. Yeah, they say the tag team belts should be mine and Teddy's but I've never had anyone tell me I have what it takes to be more then that."

"I'll tell you all the damn time," John winked cheerfully at him, smile curling his lips, perfect dimples forming.

"I like the sound of that."

Flirting with Cody was natural, a second nature that John realized he was beginning to enjoy immensely. Cody was gorgeous and fuck it, John wanted to take Cody back to his hotel room and run his hands up and down that beautiful body. To suck that cock of his, to taste Cody in such an intimate way. To have Cody writhing underneath him… John shivered in anticipation, cock hardening in his jeans. Thank god he was wearing a loose sweatshirt, it would partially hide the tent.

"Breakfast is served," Kit returned, placing their plates in front of them. John was grateful for the interruption. John glanced at his food; a t-bone steak cooked medium and six eggs, over medium. Cody really did know him. "Enjoy."

"Thanks," John said, smiling at the girl. "You roomin' with Ted?"

Cody shot him a look that clearly stated, duh. "I always do. Why?" he asked, shaking salt and pepper onto his scrambled eggs.

"Stay with me. I have a room to myself."

"You mean it? I…look, John, I'm not a wham bam thank you ma'am kinda guy. I don't wanna just have sex with you."

"I know. Just to sleep. I'd like to have my arms around you."

"As tempting as that sounds," Cody blushed, "I don't know what I'd tell Teddy. And he can see through me better then anyone else."

John ignored the jealously. Cody and Ted were close. And John hated it. "That's fine. But you know, you could say you met someone and went back to their place."

"Oh, ha ha, John. Randy and Teddy know I'm not into sex with strangers. Even if they have candy."

John laughed. "Fine, fine. Be that way. I'll remember that one. But you know, Codes, you started this. You've paraded that hot ass around me for weeks. Don't think there isn't punishment for that kinda teasing."
"Maybe I could make an exception to the rule." Cody's tongue ran along the cherry from his pancakes obscenely before popping it into his mouth.

"Cody," John threatened, shifting uncomfortably on his seat, picturing that tongue on his cock.

"What?" Cody blinked innocently.

"You're coming back with me whether you like it or not. Even if I have to tie you up."

"Ooh, kinky. Cody likes."

John growled low in his throat, wanting to take the younger man right then and there. Drag him to the bathroom and slam him against the wall and- FUCK! The second he got back to his hotel… Cody was in for it. And he was going to make damn sure that Cody enjoyed it. That he'd keep coming back for more.

So, that was my first shot at wrestling slash. I hope it was alright : -) I just love the thought of John and Cody together. It's so…sinful