Title: Dirty Little Thing

Author: Candy_rko

Pairings: John/Cody

Summary: John takes a chance on Cody despite the danger

Words: 2100

Disclaimers: All belongs to the WWE and Vince McMahon

Author's Notes: So, completely forgot I'd even wrote this. O_O Well, the first chapter was written a while ago and I'll try to follow the current story line as best as I can. Thank you. ^____^

Chapter 2/?

Cody Runnels hadn't been on many dates with other men; actually, there was only one, a huge mistake in OVW that had left him feeling horribly insecure about himself and his bisexuality. And he didn't necessarily count the dozen of times that Randy had propositioned him in the past two years or the less then innocent manhandling of him by the bigger man. Or Mike's perverted, innuendo laced comments. But sitting next to John Cena, in his rental car, Cody felt like he was on cloud nine. That this was perhaps the closest to heaven he'd ever been. He'd been crushing hard on John for years, even before he came to the WWE.

It was hard not to like John. He was a genuinely compassionate person that also happened to be extremely easy on the eyes. Of course, Randy wasn't too fond of John. Their rivalry-though not as massive as their on screen one-was also reflected in real life. Cody had long since suspected that most of it, if not all, had to do with Cody himself. Cody, during one night of drunken stupidity, had told Randy his secret. Randy had gotten angry and thrown enough insults that Cody didn't speak to Randy for a week until the older man finally apologized.

Cody found Randy attractive. He was walking sex. He was intelligent. He was suave. He was charming. But he was also possessive, belligerent, and resentful. He'd seen it first hand when Randy was dating Evan. Evan couldn't even speak to his friends without Randy becoming insanely jealous even though Evan had reassured Randy repeatedly that he wasn't interested in anyone but Randy. Eventually, it had led into the end of their relationship. Randy had been unbearable for months, taking his frustrations out on Cody and Ted and all of his opponents in the ring. But that hadn't compared to Randy's rage upon learning of Cody's feelings for John Cena.

Cody had known since he debuted on RAW that Randy was interested. Hell, the man practically raped him with eyes. And since forming Legacy, they were constantly around each other. Fuck, they even had their own private room. And he'd seen Randy Orton naked enough to know that hell yes, he'd let that man fuck him. His cock was huge and his body was to die for. But he wanted something more then a one night stand, more then being considered nothing but Orton's bitch. Rejection hadn't been easy for Randy.

"You ok? You're in another world," John patted his thigh, concern on his handsome face.

"Just thinking and no, I'm not telling you. I think it's a little early to get into past relationships and personal information. Don't you know you don't do that on a first date?"

"Fair enough," John grinned at him, those perfect dimples on clear display. God, those dimples had been one of the first reasons he'd found himself attracted to the older man and after getting to know him-it had been useless to resist the lure of John Cena. "Why? You got some skeletons in the closet that might make me think twice about you?" John's tone was teasing but Cody was hesitant to outright lie.

"…Kind of."

"O-kay," John drew out, cocking a brow, "That kinda worries me. What's up, Cody?"

"…it's Randy." John pursed his lips. "I guess I should tell you. He's wanted me for a while and he's not gonna be too happy that you've got me. He…fuck, I don't know what he might do but it isn't gonna be good, you know?"

"You're sayin' I need to worry about the repercussion?"

"Somethin' like that. It's kinda hinky." The look John shot him told him that yes, John found him to be a nerd and that no, he didn't mind. "And you're gonna have to worry about Teddy."

"God, does he want you too?"

"I don't think so," Cody scowled, "But after being man handled by Batista and Hunter and listening to Mike explain in perfect detail about exactly what he wants to do with my body? Um, I'm pretty sure the entire world wants a piece of me."

"Whoa, big ego."

"That's not all that's big on me," Cody winked saucily, laughing at John's blush. "That was priceless."

"I never expected you to be such a pervert. I like it. But seriously, I've seen it and I don't like it. Now, I'm not a jealous boyfriend but I won't be able to keep my mouth shut if someone touches you in a way that's more then friendly. You know?"

"As long as you're not like Randy, then I don't mind." Cody could vividly recall the times that Randy had gone after men and women with a vengeance for just looking at him wrong. It had been one of the main reasons that Cody refused to get involved with Randy. That and Randy was a renowned locker room slut. Cody had lost count of the number of times that he'd walked in on Randy fucking a ring bunny or one of the other wrestlers. After seeing Randy driving into Chris Jericho…well, he hadn't been able to look at the other man the same.

"You dated many other men, Cody?" John's casual tone broke the silence.


John chuckled, glancing at him, "That's what I thought."

"Are you the poster boy for gay sex?" he fired back, huffing.

"Nah, man. I've slept with two men so, I'm kinda lacking too. But I can guarantee that you'll enjoy me. I've dreamt about you, Cody. Some fuckin' hot wet dreams." John licked his lips, shutting the ignition off. "But I'll keep my hands to myself."

Cody pouted, following John into the Hilton that the roster was staying at, "And you call me a tease. I wanna know about these dreams of yours."

John shook his head, arm sliding around Cody and Cody found that he really didn't give a fuck if anyone saw them. "Maybe later. I'm exhausted Codes. I meant what I said about just sleeping. No sex."

"Fine, be a prude. I've known you for two years, John. It's not like I'm sleeping with a stranger."

"Call me old fashioned but I don't have sex on the first date."

"Nah, you're just old."

"Bite me, assclown."


The two dissolved into a fit of laughter, it ending abruptly when they reached John's room, Dave Batista standing next to the door, huge arms crossed in front of his chest. Cody had the sudden urge to just run. Because the nasty glare Batista was giving him was enough for the hair on the back of Cody's neck to stand on end. He was pleasantly surprised when John stepped in front of him. Cody would have normally resisted the chivalrous action (he was no damsel) but yeah, having John Cena separating him from the Animal was a relief.

"What are you doin' here?" John asked, tight lipped and eyes narrowed.

"Thought I'd come see how you're doing. You weren't yourself tonight. You're acting like this whole… story is hitting close to home." Brown eyes flickered towards Cody. "Pardon me for thinking you'd be alone. Since when did you have to fuck Orton's leftover's to get some action?"

Uh, Cody knew there was a reason he didn't like Batista. Cody glanced at John's face, not liking the pain flashing across it. "Nothing to say, John?" Batista clicked his tongue. "Pity. I used to love hearing you. When you were underneath me, moaning my name like a whore. Good times."

"Hey! I don't know what your fuckin' problem is but you have three seconds to leave before I shove my foot up your ass!" Cody snapped, knowing that he probably didn't look very intimidating (God knew Batista outweighed him by like eighty pounds of muscle!) but he wasn't going to let anyone speak to John like that. And Cody didn't like how John's entire will to fight was drained from him. He'd never seen the man so beaten.

Batista laughed. "You think you can beat me? For him? He's not worth you getting your ass handed to you."

"He is," Cody said softly, "And I don't care if I end up a bloody mess on the floor, I'll take you down."

Batista raised his hands in mock defense. "Fine, fine. I'll go. I wouldn't want to face the wrath of the mighty Cody Rhodes." Batista's derisive laughter filled the hall as he walked towards the elevator.

John sighed, "He's right. I whored myself to him. For nothing."

"Come on, don't make me beat you up too," Cody teased, clipping John's ear, "He's trying to use head games on you. Don't let it work."

"You don't care that I used to let that man fuck me?" John was incredulous.

Cody shrugged, grabbing the key card from John's fingers, "Nope. Hey, I've had the Miz feel up on me. I've had Randy's hands down my pants. And JoMo took my cherry. So, Dude, I don't care."

John chuckled, "You know how to make me smile, Cody. I knew there was a reason I liked you."

"You mean, for other than my ass?" Cody gasped.

"Haha, even those it's very grope able."

"Grope away, then." Cody smirked, pretending not to enjoy John's hands cupping his ass or that really, it wouldn't have been that difficult to grind himself against John. He hadn't had sex in months; sex with another man in almost a year.

And honestly, Cody didn't care about John's past with Batista. Because John didn't bat an eye when Cody named John Morrison as one who deflowered him.

Deflowered? Cody snickered. Who came up with that dumb shit?

Cody wasn't positive if he'd be able to keep his hands to himself but he knew that John was a man of his word. There'd be no Codena action tonight.


"Are you sure?"

"Saw it with my own eyes. Your boy's fucking John Cena."

Randy was seeing red, the grip on his phone damn near breaking it. He tossed it on the floor. "Randy? You alright?" He ignored the hand on his bicep, the other man shrugging before he burrowed himself back into his cocoon of blankets. "Fine, fine, whatever. I don't care."

"Shut up, Ted."

"Man, you were talking to like your most hated enemy. I know there's something up when you're willingly chattin' to Dave Batista," Ted chuckled, voice partially muffled by the covers and pillows he'd surrounded himself with.

"Did…did you know about Cody and Cena?"

Ted shot up like a fire was lit underneath his ass, blue eyes wide, "What?! No way. Cody wouldn't… No… Really?"

"Apparently Batista just had a run in with them. Going into Cena's room. I'm pissed, Teddy," Randy glanced at Ted, wondering what was going through Ted's mind. "Because, Cody's supposed to be mine."

"Randy, we both know that Cody's not interested in you. Sorry, buddy, but it's time for you to move on."

"To you?" Randy scoffed.

"Whoever." If that was the case, why were Ted's eyes sad? "Look, just let them be, ok? I'm sure Dave's gonna cause enough drama without us getting involved too. I haven't seen Cody happy in a long time. And if John breaks his heart then we'll break his face. Simple."

Randy smirked, turning around to straddle Ted's lap, "Why don't you distract me? My heart's just been broken." Randy pouted, knowing without a doubt that Ted Dibiase couldn't resist that face. No one could.

"You're a nympho."

"You like it. Admit it."

"More than I should," Ted murmured, their lips meeting.

Randy's conscious reared its head. He hadn't always felt guilty about using Ted as his substitute for Cody. But lately, it had gotten worse and worse. That he didn't want to do this to Ted, to string him along, with no hope for a relationship. But maybe this is what Randy needed. Something, anything, to make him forget about Cody.


I know, I know, should have had a mean Randy but I can't do it. I'm too much of a Randy slut. But Dave, ah, I can make Dave the baddie. Gropetista. LMFAO.