Okay, well basically there aren't enough Jericho/Kole stories out there, so I figured I'd do my bit. I know this particular scene has been done many times, but I figured it was a good way to start a little series? It made sense when I started. Anyway enjoy!

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Cyborg stood, leaning against the door frame in the front room, watching his friends enjoy themselves.

The whole group of titans that had fought the brotherhood had now collected in the Tower's main room to celebrate their win, and Cyborg judged that by some of their 'states' many would need to stay the night.

A smug smirk crossed his face, he told Robin it wouldn't be hard keeping them entertained.

"Hey Cyborg" Kole's small voice brought him out of his mental gloating. He looked down beside him to see the top of her pink hair. As if sensing him looking at her, she tilted her head up and smiled. "Nice party."

He grinned and resisted the urge to gloat about his party-creating abilities.

His grin gradually fell into a frown as he realised something was missing.

"Kole?" Her head snapped up from the spot she had been staring at. Cyborg felt his eyes narrow. "Where's Gnarrk?"

The young girl's eyes widened as she looked behind her. She spun in a small circle, looking for her missing friend.

Perfect, he'd run off again. She knew she should have held his arm or something after that last attempt he made to hide when the music had been turned on. She'd found him eventually under one of the kitchen counters.

She signed and turned to leave to go and find her friend when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up confused, as Cyborg patted her back.

"I got it. The tower's censors will pick him up."

She felt herself smile as he walked away and feeling the worry for her friend decrease turned back to the room of excited Titans.

That's when she noticed him. He was sat far in the corner and was looking seriously at a page in front of him.

He seemed to be alone. She frowned and began her walk over to the curly haired boy.

Jericho had never been the social kind of person.

Even before he lost his voice he was pretty sure he was a quiet child. Which was why he was happier simply watching the others dance and chat to each other rather than take part himself.

Besides not many people understood sign language and most then didn't have the patience to try and figure out what he was trying to say to them.

Still, he was quite content to sit here and read the book in front of him; listening to other people having fun.


He jumped, startled by the sound of an unexpected voice.

He looked up at the source. A pair of cobalt blue eyes met his own, and the young girl they belonged to smiled at him.

He smiled quickly, suddenly realising he was staring. He heard her laugh and felt his current smile grow into a bashful one.

"Is it alright to sit here?" She pointed to the space next to him, and he moved up both giving her room t sit and confirming her request. He watched her as she smiled again and sat down next to him.

"I'm Kole by the way." He opened his mouth, before closing it again. She frowned at him as he gave her a weird look trying to figure out a way to explain his lack of speech.

"Are you okay? Do you want me to leave?" She was looking at him with a worried expression as she pointed over her shoulder back to the crowd of people.

His eyes widened, and he waved his hands quickly and silently mouthed the word no. Realising the amount of energy he put in to keeping her there caused him to blush, and he suddenly felt very grateful of the low party lights.

He calmed down noticing the smile forming on her face and felt himself smile slightly as well.

He eventually pointed to his throat, and attempted to form silent words in an attempt to explain his situation to her. She seemed to catch on quickly and her face seemed to become paler in the limited light.

"You can't…talk?" Her face remained with the expression he couldn't make out. He nodded, the slight smile he wore fading. This was usually the point people would realise, make up a hasty excuse and make their getaway, avoidable an awkward conversation. He looked back at the table in front of him solemnly.

Her small laugh made him look back up in surprise. She caught his confused expression and smiled at him.

"Oh, that's alright. I thought you were just ignoring me." She grinned at him, obviously happy to be proved wrong. He felt a grin spreading across his own face.

"Well, I don't really know anything like sign language-" Her expression became thoughtful. "-but I'm pretty good at guessing."

He looked at her in disbelief.

She wanted to stay and try to guess what he was saying?

"So, what's your name?" He went thoughtful for a moment before getting an idea.

He put his hands in from of him forming a small 'J'.

He continued to do the same for the next six letters as Kole said the letters out loud attempting to form words each time he added a new letter, making them both laugh.

"Jeri…Jericho! Your name is Jericho!" She was pointing at him and smiling proudly as he laughed silently and nodded.

She grinned "I told you I was good at guessing."

He raised an eyebrow at her while smiling and she smiled back at him.

He wasn't sure how long they sat together after that. He stopped keeping track, loosing interest in everything but the strange pink-haired girl in front of him. They continued their guessing game, involving everything from Jericho forming shapes and letters with his hands to eventually finding a pen and writing small words on the back of his hand, something Kole had found very funny, which had only given him more reason to keep up his attempts to keep their odd conversation going as long as possible.

Eventually though, Cyborg had come over interrupting Jericho's attempts to answer Kole's question about what his favourite animal was. Cyborg had given the pair a funny look; apparently he wasn't used to seeing Jericho doing animal impressions while Kole's eyes watered with suppressed laughter.

After his initial shock was over he had told Kole with some annoyance, that he'd found someone called Gnarrk, but he was hiding under one of the workbenches in the garage and Kole was probably the only one that would be able to convince him to get out.

Kole had reluctantly gotten up and followed Cyborg, but not before telling Jericho she hadn't finished all her questions yet and making him promise to answer them again tomorrow.

He'd watched her leave and waved when she turned around before she went through the sliding doors that led out of the room, before smiling awkwardly to himself and reaching for his book, which had at some point been knocked across the table.

He found himself unable to concentrate on the words though, to busy going over the time he'd just spent with Kole.

She really was strange, but then again so was he so maybe that meant something.

He turned his attention back to his book again attempting to push down the excited emotion that he was suddenly feeling. He shook his head to try and clear it.

Building up hopes did no good, hopes usually ended up getting dashed.

Although he couldn't stop the feeling that maybe he was willing to take the risk this time.

A/N: Well there you go. The ending was a little odd I know, but it's quite late but I wanted to write this before it went out my head again. :)