S: Kole misses her own world.

P: Kole/Jericho.

Warnings: None.

A/N: I try to stay away, I have so much coursework, but these two are just too cute to ignore. The weather here is currently what most people would class as terrible; black clouds, strong winds, heavy rain e.t.c. I however am odd, and happen to love this weather ^^ and so it happened to inspire this little bundle of words. ~Enjoy.


As Kole sat huddled under the two large oak trees in the middle of Jump City Park, a small nagging feeling that she should have listened to Robin's weather warnings grew profoundly in her chest.

The Boy Wonder had warned her of the dangers of coming out today, but her determination to learn more about this land so far above her own, had pushed her to ignore such cautions, only briefly pausing to consider them as she ran to the Titan's garage. She had, after much pleading and puppy dog looks, convinced Cyborg to take her into town and only realising after he gone again she hadn't heard him name the time and place of where he would pick her up afterwards.

As the rain had become heavier, and the booming of the thunder increased, the young woman had considered using the communicator currently sat in her pocket to call and request help. But, she considered, that would mean admitting she was unprepared and less able than everyone else.

She doubted Titans such as Kid Flash or Herald had trouble finding their way around.

Then again, she pondered, Flash seemed to know everywhere he went, or was at least able to figure it out quickly, and Herald was able to blow a tune on that trumpet of his and he'd be back in a warm and comfy common room of Titan Tower.

Realising this had only made her feel worse about her current situation.

A loud crack of thunder surprised her from her thoughts, causing her to jump quite animatedly. She pulled her knees closer to her and backed up closer to the tree behind her. Of course, by now, no amounts of plant life could keep her dry. But it was late, almost six in the evening and any small buildings within the Park were closed. To run to town now, would only work to make her completely drenched. She was better off staying and remaining at least partly protected here.

As another large rain drop broke through the leaves above her, soaking part of her sleeve and causing her to shiver, she almost wished they would find her completely lost, just so she could get back. She'd deal with the repercussions later.

But they didn't.

Besides most Titans had returned to where they came from now, and those who hadn't were out on missions most of the time.

No one was there to notice she wasn't.

A strong gust of wind that sent her hair flying in all directions caused her to shudder and pull herself even more towards the plant behind her. Any closer, she thought, and I'll be in the tree.

Her almost sheltered life had dramatically unprepared her for this sort of weather. Of course she had seen these sort of elements underground, just not to these extremes. She had seen what she had considered rain; though in reality, it was simply a form of heavy condensation caused by the constantly rising heat hitting the ice above her. Winds were not common, though did occur when enough air gathered in one place. Never were her versions anything like this though.

The thought of her home caused an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of her stomach. She missed it greatly; the strange plant life, the dangerous yet intriguing creatures that were considered extinct in this world. However, as each day passed the longing to go back decreased more and more. She had far more company here, though she would never abandon Gnarrk, and was making more friends each day. Friends she was most unwilling to leave now.

She was almost completely lost in her thoughts of home, when the sound of pounding footsteps, only slightly louder than the pounding of the rain, caused her to snap her head up, looking to her left.

She looked up just in time to see a blur of blond and grey skid to a perfect halt in front of her. There was a slight splash of water as the person in front of her shook the water from themselves.

Kole blinked up of him a couple of times, before her voice returned to her.

"Jericho, what are you-" The words had barely been uttered before he pulled his arm from behind him, thrusting a pile of material at her. It took her a moment to recognise it as her coat, one of the things Robin had given them as part of supplies, the same one she had left sitting in front of the television earlier that morning.

"Oh." She knew she should have probably said something more, but she couldn't seem to think of anything. She took the coat from his hands and proceeded to put it on while tactfully trying to avoid the rain still consuming the world around her.

Once done, the buttons firmly done and the zip secured, she smiled up at the grinning boy in front of her. "Thank you."

If anything, his grin grew wider and he knelt in front of her, apparently not feeling or choosing to ignore the rain pouring down on less than a centimetre behind him. It was only then Kole fully noticed his appearance.

His usual top of purple and white was now completely hidden by the large grey coat he wore, the material ending just below his hips. The blond hair, usually curly around his head now laid mostly plastered to the sides of his face by water that was now dripping from the tips of his hair onto the shoulders of his coat. He blinked drops out of his eyes as he smiled at her.

She realised after finishing her study of him that she had in fact been sitting there staring at him the whole time, the realization causing her to tilt her head down awkwardly and her cheeks to flush a pale pink colour.

If the girl had looked up she would have noticed Jericho's own cheeks turn the colour hers felt.

After a moment of only slightly awkward silence, Kole cleared her throat and looked at him again, deciding a conversation was needed.

She blinked a couple of times, before settling on one of the many questions she had.

"So," She crossed her arms over her chest and huddled the coat closer to her, "How did you find me?"

The thought of Jericho of all people, finding her in such a state made her uncomfortable, almost over shadowing the warmth now filling her chest.

Ahead of her as usual, he fumbled through his pocket obviously looking for something. Eventually after several moments of frowning, he smiled again and held his hand out. In his palm laid the small communicator device.

Kole frowned slightly. The communicators were brand new, given out by Cyborg days after the battle against the Brotherhood, in order to replace the ones that had been compromised. Robin had been hesitant at first; afraid that if it had happened once it could happen again. But Cyborg had been adamant. He would not allow his creations to be hacked again. After a dispute that lasted several hours, they had developed the newer versions, and they were not supposed to be able to track each other in such a way.

"It can't do that." Kole new the statement sounded dumb. Obviously it could, or Jericho wouldn't be here. That or he had lied about using the communicator, but Kole could find no reason why he would and so she ended back at her original question. "How did you do that?"

The boy dipped his head almost sheepishly before looking at her again. He got up and at first Kole feared he was leaving, but he simply shifted, moving into the rain and moving back again as he moved to sit next to her. The rain forced him closer to her than he originally intended but he didn't move back. Kole could feel the warmth coming from him as he huddled next to her. She had the feeling that should anyone come across them now, they would appear far too happy in such close proximity to each other.

There was a small click as Jericho flipped over the communicator and popped a piece of the plastic off the back. He held it closer to her so she could see into the compartment he had exposed. She wasn't very aware of what exactly she was looking for until Jericho pointed out a small gap within the larger one. Kole frowned for a moment before she recognised it as the same kind of space she had seen on Beast Boy's game controller, the one he used to plug it into the TV.

"You hacked your own communicator?" Kole was pretty sure the shock was clear in her voice, almost enough to cover the laughter, almost but not quite.

The silent boy simply shrugged and scratched the back of his neck nervously. To play it as though it was the most common thing in the world he could have done, was a very noble gesture indeed. Kole knew from all her time spent sitting on the counter in the garage, talking to Cyborg as he worked, that to now hack a communicator was no easy feat.

Kole's smile grew larger at the thought. She had no idea how Jericho had gotten past Cyborg's coding, and she supposed it was possible he had had help from the robotic Titan, but it didn't matter either way. If he didn't tell, neither would she.

"That was very clever of you Jericho, but you shouldn't have come." She bit her lip as she spoke the last part, watching as his face fell slightly. She suddenly felt the need to bring the smile back.

"'Cause you're all wet! It's my fault if you get sick now." She pouted slightly, finding the thought of Jericho coming to any sort of harm an unpleasant one. "And it's not very fair you got soaked just to bring me a coat."

He seemed to catch that she had not meant it in the 'I want you to leave' way and the grin returned. He narrowed his eyes at her slightly, the smirk remaining on his face. Then, slightly faster than she was used to him moving, he jumped to his feet. He didn't seem particularly bothered that he was now in direct line for the rain as he grabbed her arm and started pulling her with him.

She caught on a second too late what he was doing and as the rain hit her face, she was forced to shut her eyes against it until she adjusted.

After a few seconds of rapid blinking, she opened her eyes to see Jericho less than two feet away silently laughing at her. She narrowed her eyes and he grinned looking up at the sky briefly until the weather forced his eyes down again. The few seconds she had left the shelter of the trees for He jumped back before she could reach far enough to slap his arm. He seemed to have no trouble at all on the slippery ground, unlike Kole who skidded about as she attempted to keep her balance. The attempt was a failure and she saw Jericho reach to help her.

His noble attempt seemed to backfire as he reached out to her and grabbed her hand. The gesture pulled her arm upwards, causing the opposite effect intended and knocking her completely over. Kole could hear the almost comical 'splat' as she hit the ground.

Jericho came to stand in front of her, now bent slightly from still holding her hand, and looking at her with a mixture of concern and suppressed laughter. She smiled innocently at him as she tugged on his arm. The mixture of his off balance pose and the distraction of her falling caused him to wobble slightly. She tugged on his hand again and didn't bother to hide the grin as she watched him fall. Kole waited as he landed with another splat next to her. Different emotions seemed to travel across his face all at once as he looked at her and for a second they kept up their pretence of being angry at each other, until Kole felt the fit of giggles set in.

Jericho poked her in the ribs only causing her to laugh harder as she attempted to get up again. She had just made it upright before something tackled her to the ground. The two landed with another splash and she ended up laying on her side in the mud facing Jericho, who was in a similar position, grinning at her.

They found themselves loosing track of time as they continued with their game across the park. Cyborg had found them later, soaking wet and covered in mud, standing at the edge of the road waiting for him to respond to Jericho's communicator call. At first the mechanical man had been reluctant to allow them in his precious car and had mentioned to Kole something about the vehicle being 'highly sensitive and easily offended'. Cyborg had gone so far as to apologize to it before allowing them in.

Kole hadn't paid much attention to him or his car, far too lost in her thoughts of her day. Both she and Jericho sat quietly in the back on the way home, both comfortable in the silence.

Entering the tower had been a completely different matter. They had had to walk past the common room in order to reach their own rooms earning them funny looks from anyone entering or leaving. Cyborg followed them the entire way there and when Kole finally did reach the room she shared while staying here she barely had time to say goodbye before Cyborg had dragged Jericho away. Kole had laughed at the older Titan. Cyborg tended to see her as a little sister and this was apparently his big brother mode.

She cringed slightly at the thought of Jericho getting blamed for all this.


Kole had eaten dinner at a different time to Jericho and therefore hadn't seen him again that night. Soon after she'd finished, Gnarrk had dragged her away again to show her the fighting moves another Titan had apparently tried to teach him while she'd been out. She had gone back to her room afterwards, completely worn out and ready for bed.

She had laid on the bed, curtains slightly open and watching as the rain continued to run down her window. Gnarrk was opposite her on the other side of the room snoring loudly, the sound making her giggle slightly. Hanging just past the foot of his bed, was the mud covered coat, waiting to go in the laundry.

Smiling, she leant over her pillow reaching for her communicator on the small table beside her bed and flipped it open.

How Jericho had managed to manipulate it she had no idea. She doubted she could have called the others if they weren't already programmed into it.

The small device in her hand beeped loudly as the screen activated making her jump.

An image of Jericho suddenly flashed up as she attempted to stop the light from it waking Gnarrk.

She watched as he wrote something on the notepad sitting beside him, his image almost completely invisible through the strange lighting. After a couple of seconds the screen became consumed with the image of a piece of paper. She squinted at it trying to read it, until a light suddenly popped on behind it highlighting the words.

'You should have called earlier, you know.'

The smile on the young woman's face grew as she read. "I know."

Her voice was only just a whisper, careful that sudden noises could get her caught. The paper disappeared as Jericho wrote on the back of it.

'I'll come with you next time.'

The paper disappeared again as he scribbled something on it and flipped it over. 'If you want.'

Kole barely had time to smile before Jericho's image disappeared and Cyborg's replaced it. Kole blinked and smiled sheepishly.

"Hey, Cyborg. Bit late to be calling isn't it?" She finished the sentence with a slightly nervous laugh.

The robotic man glared at her suspiciously. "It is. Goodnight Kole."

The communicator beeped, went blank and closed leaving Kole in the dark once again. It wouldn't turn on no matter what she pressed. She couldnt help giggling to herself as she placed it back on the table and lay back down, closing her eyes.


Kole fell asleep that night dreaming of being trapped under the waterfall like structure near her home. The water had poured and the more she tried to escape the closer it had come. It hadn't mattered how loud she shouted, or how many times she pleaded, no one had come.

She had been just about ready to give up when the blond figure in purple and black had turned up to rescue her.

She was pretty sure the grin was still on her face when she woke up the next morning with a confused looking Gnarrk staring down at her.



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