Title: Christmas hope
Author: bendleshnitz1
Character: Ron Weasley, slight mention of Ron/Hermione
Rating: G
Prompt: Christmas
Word Count: 113
A/N: It's short. I know. I'm sorry but it's for a community and the drabble should be 100 words so I stretched it even to 113. HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

Christmas hope

Unlike his brothers, Ron's favourite day of the year wasn't his birthday; it was Christmas.

With just four years old, he demanded his mummy to teach him how to bake tree-shaped cookies for Boxing Day's breakfast.

At five, he insisted his daddy to taught him how to write his Christmas letter on his own.

By next Christmas, after a lot of begging, Percy explained to him how to read the calendar and start the count-down by himself.

Eleven years later, lying in Shell Cottage's guest room bed, he was playing with his deluminator when Hermione's voice called him. The hope he felt at the moment reminded him why he loved Christmas so much.