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Mana shot from her fingertips, wrapping pink tendrils around both Aggregor and his new "assistant": Morningstar. Gwen's eyes were dark from the effort of detaining them both at once; it only took a moment for a beam of black to tear into her mana, shattering it and relinquishing her hold on both villains. "Kevin, get Ben out of here!"

The Osmosian had his hands tied up in a bomb, yellow, red, and green wires laying across his palm and strung along his fingers like lights on a Christmas tree. His dark eyes found her through the haze of smoke and through the battling bodies that were soon to fall. "Why? He's the best chance we got! We'll get slaughtered if we don't have 'im!"

With a roundhouse kick to Aggregor's chest after dodging his superpowered staff, Gwen turned her head, red mane flipping over one shoulder. "But if they get the Ultimatrix's power, the whole universe is-" She was cut off by a punch that clipped her shoulder. With a quick pivot, her hand was at a minion's throat and pushing it harshly into the ground, force behind the swift motion.

"On it." He bit his lower lip, let one of his fingers grow sharp like a knife and took his risk. Kevin sliced open the yellow wire, which was supposed to be carrying the electrons from the fuel cell to the discharge system. It stopped it. Although he was still trying to figure out why Aggregor and Morningstar would need a bomb...

Then, on his feet, he let the battle cries fill his ears, listening to where Gwen was and then to the other source. Ben, of course. Kevin began to pick his way through the throngs minions, chopping mechanical heads off and watching electrified weapons clatter to the ground while jumping over the fallen body.

When he felt a hand slam against the symbol on his chest and a rough hand grab his wrist, Ben was immediately protesting. "Kevin, wha- Dude, you just made me miss a great hit! I could've knocked most of them down in one! Like bowling for minions!" But when he saw Kevin slicing through the crowd and noticed the way he was being dragged along, he was quick to try and jerk away. "I've got people to fight! Universe at stake, remember?"

"Which is why we're protectin' it." Kevin was glad that the Rustbucket III had a broom closet. He pulled open the door in one awkward motion and gave his younger comrade a good shove. "Now stay in there. We know what we're doin', Tennyson. Just don't leave." With his piece said, he slammed the door, welded the handle and the locking mechanism to the wall, and jumped headfirst back into the battle, his sword-shaped hand instantly sinking into an electronic minion's head.

Behind the door, Ben's face twisted into a scowl, his eyes narrowing to glare at the only thing that held him away from the fight of his life: a simple door. No way would he miss out on something as big as a fight against Morningstar /and/ Aggregor because of a dumb door.

Tennyson grabbed at the handle and pulled on it a little bit. It didn't budge, the metal on the other side of the door barring it shut. Kevin's "lock" held strong.

"Kevin! Let me out of here!" His fist pounded on the heavy steel, the loud banging sound reverberating off the metal walls and ringing in his ears like church bells. "Kevin!" Ben tried the knob again, which wasn't turning or even moving. He tugged on it again. Nothing.

He bashed his fist against it one more time. "I'm serious! You'll be in a world of hurt with Humungousaur if you don't let me out of here!" The sound echoed again like a certain silicon alien's scream. "Come on, Kevin!"

He listened carefully to hear them on the other side of the door. Maybe even a minion would let him out if he was loud enough... Of course, they were robots and robots were basically useless for anything except swinging their arms and flailing their legs in the enemy's general direction.

And on the other side of the door, it was eerily silent.

"Gwen! You out there?"

There was no response from the redheaded Anodite.



"Minion dudes?"



No one answered.

With a heavy sigh and an irritated groan, Ben pressed the button on his Ultimatrix and the faceplate shot up, a glow of an alien form appearing in the darkness of his prison. He dialed up Fourarms after doing a quick search through his playlist. Then his hand slammed down on the faceplate and his muscles contorted and pulled while new arms sprouted below the existing ones, not painfully but awkwardly, and then a Tetramand was standing there, tall and furious.

One fist connected with the metal door, a sizable dent left behind where the punch had landed. "Guys! I'm coming out of the closet!" And he punched it again, the door flying off into the main area where Kevin was already cracking up.

Around the Osmosian and his Anodite lay a few hundred minion bodies and enough of the ship's carnage to build a small transport craft. One of Fourarms's black brows rose questioningly. "What happened?" he spat out, unable to fathom how his comrades had managed taking down two of their greatest foes without his help.

Gwen only watched with annoyed jade eyes as her boyfriend collapsed to the floor with his laughing fit. "We opened up the hatch after locking you in the airtight compartment. I made a mana bubble, problem solved."

Kevin managed to splutter out, "Dude, you said you were coming out of the closet!" And then went back to his hysterical giggling.

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