Chapter 5

Attempt and Recovery

That one single word had been all that had taken to reform their alliances. Sonya was many things but one thing she was not was impractical. She knew that this would be what would bring everyone together, the only thing that she didn't understand was how a mere human was able to marry beings that would out live him forever.

'I can't go on,' thought Tenshi as he came to. He looked around and noticed that no one was watching him except the young girl. What was her name again oh yeah that's right, Sonya or something like that. She was very pretty but he knew that this world was not for him he had failed his family and there was only one thing left to do.

As he started to get up a firm but gentle hand stopped him.

"Easy Tenshi-dono, we can't have you going and getting yourself hurt. You are going through depression, according to my kaa-san (1). And as such she says you should wait for her here, I'll go let the guards know that you have woken up," Sonya said, releasing a breath she hadn't known she took. She had almost taken several steps when Tenshi's voice rang out to her.

"Please miss, I need help to the bathroom, if you'd just help me to the door I'll be able to take care of myself," he said with a grin plastered on his face.

Nodding her head Sonya quickly made a move to go towards him, he reached up and with little difficulty managed to move him towards the bathroom.

"Thank you miss, I can take it from here," Tenshi said as he moved to go inside.

"Sonya," she whispered, to him.

"Hm?" he questioned looking back.

"My name, it is Sonya," she replied.

Thought seemed to dawn upon him and he bowed slightly.

"Very well, thank for the help Sonya-sama, I take my quick leave." And with that he shut the door.

Sighing to herself Sonya slid down the side of the wall and waited for him to exit. It could take a while.

The moment that Tenshi entered the bathroom, his eyes darted from one side to the other. He needed something that would work but what, then he looked up at the mirror and a smile came upon his face. Finally he would have his freedom.

Sonya was about to knock on the door when a sound of breaking glass resulted in catching her immediate attention.

"Tenshi-dono, are you okay in there?" she asked from outside. To hear an excited,

"Yes I'm not quite done yet so please just wait a little while." And being as naïve as Sonya was she stayed outside the bathroom door, waiting for him to come out.

A couple of minutes later and Sonya was starting to get a little bit worried. That was when it happened. Iron, she smelled iron in the air, but with several other qualities.

"Tenshi-dono, open the door I need you to open the door now," Sonya urgently spoke. There was no response. Frantically Sonya went to open the door; however she was unable to move the handle

'What the, I don't remember hearing him lock the door' she thought to herself.

"Tenshi-dono, this isn't funny open up now," still there was no reply.

"Guards quickly summon my mother, Lord Tenshi is in possible danger," she yelled toward them. A quick nod was all she received as one of them took off down the hall.

"Please be alright Tenshi, you have no idea what is in store for you." She whispered to herself.

"Otome, what is this that I hear…" however she stopped herself, "that smell, daughter quickly tell me where is Tenshi," her mother said panicking.

"He is in the bathroom, he won't answer and…" then it clicked in her mind what that iron smell was.

"Guards quickly remove my daughter, she has yet to eat and the sight before her will be problematic." Roze barked. Sonya quickly went with them before that smell over took her senses.

Once they were out of the room and the team Roze had sent for where there she quickly turned towards the door.


A quick kick to the door, and there was nothing to stop her now. However the sight before her was very disturbing. Lying in a pool of his own blood was Tenshi and he was still trying to move the piece of glass further into his stomach but was unsuccessful. With the grace and majesty of a vampire, Roze quickly was upon him.

That was when the medical part took over; for now she'd heal him then she'd worry about why he had done it. But for now he needed to be saved.

Sonya was confused, not a little bit but a lot of confused. After all why would someone attempt to kill themselves? If what she smelt was any indication as to how far he was gone. Then he was serious, come to think of it she really shouldn't have left him alone, even in the bathroom.

A nurse quickly came running around the corner of the hall that Sonya was currently walking in.

"Princess, your hahaoya requests your immediate presence. She says that it is important and that it couldn't wait." The nurse breathlessly relayed to her.

Sonya nodded her head and was soon following the nurse, down the hallway back to where she knew Tenshi and her mother would be.

"Tell me nurse-san, did my mother give you any reason for my immediate presence," Sonya questioned trying to figure out why her mother would want her so quickly back in the room with the prince.

"No, hime, but she did say that it had something to do with the whole trying to kill himself. After that she refused to depart any more information, except to you." The nurse quickly replied.

Sonya's breathing hitched, her mother wanted her and it pertained to the Prince. Unknowingly her pace began to quicken and she was soon leaving a stunned nurse behind trying to figure out what was going on.

The moment that Sonya walked through the familiar doors of the Prince's room she was greeted with several looks. Disappointment, anger, hatred, sorrow, but what amazed her was that none of these were directed at her. There were now guards lining the entire room, and several of her father's personal guards stood at the door.

The moment she passed through the doors however, it finally dawned on her the reason they would be here.


She gazed over at the bed where he was out cold there were several bowls of blood with runes on them that were transfusing the blood with him. Her mother sat in a chair next to the bed monitoring him. However upon noticing that her daughter had arrived, Roza sat up and motioned for Sonya to join her.

"Look at him otome," she croaked as Tenshi quietly drew yet another breathe.

"See how much pain he is in? To think that the humans believe that taking one's life is the only way to regain their honor. It appears that they know not of how we teach our young," her mother spoke softly.

Agreeably Sonya looked at the white face of Tenshi, but it didn't make sense.

"Kaasan if he was to attempt to take his life why didn't do so before we arrived at his home," Sonya questioned.

Roza's fangs glinted in the light as she turned and smiled at her daughter,

"That my otome is because he was in too much stress to worry about something so pity as honor. He must have just realized that his entire family was now dead and it over took him with grief." She stated.

"That is where you come in otome," Roza rose from the chair and started pacing back and forth, before stopping in front of Sonya.

"It is up to you daughter, you are the only one right now that will be able to bring him out of this stupor, true there are others that probably could. But I will not have them near the kimi (2)," she huffed.

"Or your future teishu (3),"her mother whispered. A blush quickly rose up upon Sonya's cheeks.

"Kaasan…" she attempted to complain.

"Oh hush; it is an honor to have one as noble as him. Even as a suitor, now I will leave him in your hands Sonya, give him a reason to live, teach him that there is more out there for him and then we shall break him into his role as he was meant to be," and with a sharp turn on her heels most of the guards except the two outside the door, left with her mother.

Sighing Sonya sat down next to Tenshi and waited for him to wake up. And hopefully she would be able to bring him out of his shell after all of this. After all, she did love him the moment she met him when he was a baby.

It had been several hours since; Sonya's mother had left her and Tenshi in the same room. And now Sonya was starting to get worried, he must have been asleep for more than 12 hours now. Worried she was about to wake him when suddenly movement on the bed caught her attention. His eyes flickered open.

At first she wanted to berate him with so many demands and questions, but now looking at his face etched with sorrow, she knew he may not handle it the best. Slowly and what felt deliberately he looked over at Sonya. Just as she was about to ask him a question, he slowly spoke.

"I guessed I messed up," it was a Statement. Sonya nodded at which Tenshi breathed.

"Damn I'll just have to try…," however that was the first and last mistake that he would ever make.


The force struck true and hard straight across, Tenshi's face, the guards looked in for a moment. And after accessing the situation, quickly left. Sonya was a known pacifist, this was true. But she also took after her mother. She was very passionate with the things she loved, and if that meant beating some sense into someone, then so be it.

Tenshi too stunned to say anything just glared at the girl across from him.

"What the hell was that for," he practically shouted.

Sonya looked at him as if he'd grown a third head.

"What do you mean what was that for, here I am bringing you back from your home to a new home, and you attempt to go and off yourself?" she said hysterically.

"That is none of your business, thank you very much and I'll…"


"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN IT'S NOT MY BUISNESS!!!?" Sonya shrieked at him.

Meanwhile somewhere else

A scream was heard echoing all around the grounds.


Flinching Natsuhi turned towards his waifu(4).

"Are you sure that it was the wisest thing, giving him over to her tactics," he asked her who also shared with him a quick blanch.

"Honestly do I think it's the wisest thing to do? No, I do not, but I also think that she will be able to succeed and keep him sane." Replied Roza. As she continued to sip her tea with her husband.

"Which reminds me Koishii, have you by any chance informed the other lords yet about the arrival our guest." Roza asked him. Nodding he sat his cup back down on the table.

"Yes I have at least of the Vampire Nation, as I wish for him to be around his family before we subjugate him to the other's to which they have already full-heartedly agreed with," he replied.

Nodding they went back to sipping there tea.

Meanwhile back with our esteemed couple to be.

Tenshi was cowering in the corner of the bed room as the now remembered; Sonya went around the room in a rage tearing things apart. Looking towards the guards for help, Tenshi could have sworn that he saw the guard give him a slight warning before suddenly Tenshi was being dragged out of the room by Sonya.

To say that Sonya was pissed was an understatement. How dare he say that to her, of all the things he could have said he chose the few things in life that she knew she actually had a say in. And then he went and said those words.

She quickly reached down and in the corner and grabbed Tenshi by the collar. To hell with formality, if she was whipped for this later on then so be it. But one way or another this boy, no chigo. Was going to regret saying those words.

Her otome gave her a mission and she'd be damned if she couldn't complete it. As they soon arrived at the sparring field a quick glance around soon told her of how others thought her treatment of Tenshi was a little much. But to hell with them, she quickly threw him into the middle of the court and undid her Kimono.

Tenshi's first reaction was to look away, but after a while looked over to see that Sonya was now strolling over to a rack with shinai(5) and bokken(6). She quickly tossed a shinai over to Tenshi who looked at it crossed.

"Arm yourself," Sonya growled at him, Tenshi looked at her like she was stupid.

"No I will not fight you," he bravely spoke but was soon to regret his words. As strike after strike rained down upon him, and she wasn't pulling her blows either or so he thought.

Finally after a while Tenshi finally stood up and picked up his weapon to say that the sight was pitiful was an understatement. And Sonya was going to make a point out of this. Continuously after each strike she would taunt him and then attack again.

Finally after what seemed like forever Tenshi, fell to the ground panting. Sonya smirked so far her strategy was working.

"What's the matter Tenshi-chan, I thought you wanted to restore your family's honor." She taunted him knowing what would happen.

As the final word struck home, a glint overcame his eyes, and Sonya gasped. It was a look seasoned veterans had when the inevitable was asked of them. He then charged at her with renewed vigor. And was soon taking the offense, it was a mere minutes before, Tenshi stood above, Sonya with his Shinai pointed at her throat.

Smiling Sonya pointed this out to Tenshi who then in return smiled back. Then helped her to her feet, still smiling though Sonya still had a job to finish,

"So tell me Tenshi-dono what are your plans, for the future," she asked genuinely curious.

"Oh that is simple I have a clan that needs to be killed in the distant future. But until then I'm at a loss as to what is expected of me." He stated, Sonya smiled at the truth in his words but none the less allowed herself to show him back to the room.

"Please Tenshi-dono, shall we take this conversation back to your room, where no one will be as privy to the discussion at hand." She suggested at which Tenshi nodded. And with that they headed back towards his room.

Natsuhi worked his way through the chambers of the Vampire Council and soon found his place higher up on the stands. Before all around him Vampire Nations were assembled for an Emergency meeting. Hushed voices are what met Natsuhi as he worked his way of the stairs. True this was a group of Vampires, but each was different specie of the Vampire Nation.

A clearing of the throat and everyone's attention soon fell upon Natsuhi. Clearing his throat he quickly sent up a silent prayer.

"As a few of you might know, less than a week ago Ching Wan and his family were assassinated in cold blood," a cold wind whipped through the entire chamber. Making Natsuhi chose his next few words carefully. There also was a growing whisper.

"However there was one that did survive," at this a great cry was heard throughout the strong hold until the Carpathian Leader Te'lk stood.

"Silence! He has yet to finish." And with a gesture encouraged Natsuhi to continue.

"Right, now as many of you may or may not remember…" and so Natsuhi went on to explain in detail the bargain between them and the rest of the underworld Nation in which he explained in great detail.

"Enough, already Natsuhi we all know about the deal. What about this survivor that you so talk about?" one of the elders quickly asked. To which many heads nodded in agreement.

Natsuhi grinned as several words left his mouth.

"Tenshi, the only Son of Ching Wan. Is alive and well,"

The rest of the meeting had been boring, and unimportant in Natsuhi's eyes. Questions were thrown around, and documents were quickly brought up. It was then that every Nation realized the impact of this. It meant that after a long time the Vampire Nation itself would finally be united under one leadership without being biased to a certain race. This in itself made the representatives very giddy.

Natsuhi though had expressed though that as the Kimi was in his current care that any and all arrangements would have to be made after the turning in which everyone agreed on. Going home no doubt to start writing up some forms and selecting the future brides to be.

However several things now relied on Natsuhi and he knew it. While he knew no one in the vampire nation or its allies would attack him there were less noble species that would jump at the chance to kill him. And as Tenshi was human that would make his assassination. A lot less difficult to his new enemies, as humans had so many weaknesses that they were laughable.

Sighing he knew the talk he was about to have with his wife was going to be difficult but it had to be done. And the sooner the better at least for Tenshi's sake, he prayed.

"YOU WANT HER TO WHAT!!!" Shouted a more than enraged Roze, as she threw herself at her now cowering husband.

"It will only be temporary my love," he pleaded with her as she tackled him to the ground.

Gaining herself composure Roze had quickly gotten off of him, only to stare at him.

"He is only 12, though Natsuhi-kun why do we have to do this, especially Sonya," she questioned him.

"Saiai I know but it is the only way that he can be changed as is in the contract. And the sooner she does it the better," Natsuhi countered.

"Yes, but still to be changed at such a tender age, you know how newborns are, and not to mention if he'll ever talk to us again afterwards." She argued.

However Natsuhi finally grew a spine and stared straight ahead.

"I know how much this bother's you love, but this is no longer a request but a command from your leader. I shall inform her myself." He stated, and by seeing the look on his wife's face he knew what he just did was really terrible. Because as the currently leader no one was allowed to defy him.

Meanwhile back in Tenshi's room.

"Look Tenshi-dono…" Sonya started.

"Tenshi, please Sonya," he pleaded which made Sonya blush entirely.

"Fine, but remember where we are when we are around company." She tried to recover but failing to do so.

"Hai, I will do that, in the meantime why don't you tell me more about yourself. I grow tired of all these talks. For Kami's sake I'm a guy and you are the only girl I've seen for a while." He stated, making Sonya blush at the innuendo.

And so they spent the best part of the next 2 hours talking about like and dislikes. And soon Tenshi found himself sleepy. Not meaning to be rude though he asked Sonya if it was okay for him to go to sleep. Nodding her head they both drifted off to sleep.

Sonya was soundly sleeping when suddenly the door opened immediately putting her on alert. However she relaxed a bit when she realized that her father was walking into the room. However, she quickly forgot about him and quickly sensed something that was next to her. Her first reaction was to jump away, however upon further inspection she found it to be Tenshi's lap.

Blood rushed to her head as she thought of the implications this could have and turned her head to the source of a soft chuckling. Her father in all his mirth stood over her moving her off of Tenshi's lap.

The moment that she was free of the bed she looked towards her father. And where he was indicating they should talk. Walking to the bathroom, Sonya quickly realized that there were several thoughts running through her head and most of them involved herself and Tenshi, making her blush even more. To the amusement of her father who closed the door behind them. However his face quickly became one of the cold leaders that ran their home.

"Sire what is the matter, is everything alright," she asked hopping that it was. Her father sighed and she knew this was going to be a long conversation.

"I'm afraid it is not chigo, you see the council is pushing for the immediate protection of Tenshi-dono, and is demanding that we begin with the initial faze," Natsuhi stated.

"Okay, Sire I think I understand but how and why would this affect me?" she asked timidly.

"Sonya-chan, do you remember the treaty that I told you about and showed you those few days ago," he asked. In which Sonya had to cock her head to the side.

"Yes, but I fail to see what this has to do…"

"And what pray tell did it state was the initial phase?" he asked her.

"Well it is stated that the Vampire Nation would be the first Species to turn the Emperor or in this case; Tenshi."

"And how exactly were they to turn Tenshi-dono, again," he asked still urging her on.

"Through a process called Thee via of Penitus perfectus (Latin for: The way of Entirely Completing)," she replied.

"And how was this process completed," he asked knowing that she would soon catch herself on it.

"It is the process that through Sex, and biting along with several runes and a whole bloody ceremony the newly turned would act unlike a turned vampire or creature but like a born one." She replied

"Very good chigo, and what exactly did it state about the wife's and Tenshi," he asked, seeing her confusion.

"Hmm…well nothing much except that the only ones able to perform this ceremony where…" she gasped as realization dawned upon her. And for the first time in her life, Sonya looked like she was cross between leaping for joy, and or sticking her tail between her legs and hiding in a deep dark cave.

"Ah my youngling, I see you have finally realized the whole point of this conversation." He said dreading her reaction. However what he did expect was what happened next.

"How long do I have before, we do this then," she said with excitement in her eyes. Oh damn what the hell had Natsuhi done to that poor boy. Quickly shaking his head, he looked over at her.

"It is preferred by our elders that it is done as soon as possible as he is weak and defenseless against most of our enemies and as such would pose a problem…However, your Oto and Oya wish to let you know whenever you want and to hell with the old bats." He said getting a chuckle out of his daughter.

"Do not worry sir, he'll probably be ready to be changed by the end of this week," she said counting about 2 days.

"Very well Sonya that is all," and just as he came Natsuhi left. Dreading what he had gotten poor Tenshi into now.

The moment that Sonya returned to the room, the first thing she thought of was the process. And…Damn it! She really needed to stop thinking perverted thoughts while she was around Tenshi. Or so at least until the end of this week. However that was all depending on his answer. But one thing was for sure she was looking forward to the process at which point he would be hers.

Her thoughts were interrupted as she had made it to the bed. And Tenshi was moaning in his sleep, at first it sounded like he was in pain but then the noises he made begged to differ. Banishing those thoughts from her head the moment she went down to wake him she froze in her tracks.

"Sonya, I love you please let us make love to each other," he said with his eyes closed. Causing a great blush to overcome her face. So she wasn't the only one having impure thoughts about the other. Enough thinking she quickly went to work on waking Tenshi up.

"Tenshi, Tenshi, it's time to wake up. I have something to tell you," She explained while she shook him gently, earning her a yawn before he got up.

"What's the matter Sonya I was having a wonderful dream, and then you go and wake me up." He stated playfully missing the red tint now adorning Sonya's face.

"Be that as it may, I'm sure I'll be able to help with some of those fantasies come the end of this week if not sooner," she said watching with glee as he had the decency to actually look bashful.

"Bloody Vampire hearing and not minding their, own…" he started only to be interrupted by Sonya.

"Actually that is somewhat of the reason as to why I have woken you up." She paused trying to say it in the gentlest way she could.

Before she just went and was herself.

"We are going to have a ceremony… turn you into a vampire …make you a king… have sex… and then…wait for your future brides. Though probably not all in that order," she said with great pose, which befell a girl in this sort of situation.

"Wait we are going to what… then What…WHat…WHAt…Say WHAT." And with the grace fit for an Emperor he fainted.

Aurther's Dictionary

1) kaa-san or hahah-san short for hahaoya means mother

2) kimi means prince

3) teishu means husband

4) waifu means wife

5) Shinai is a solid wood sword used for scenearios or realistic pratice

6) Bokken is a bamboo sword used for sparing without the risk of permenant damage

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