You can't bake in space. Oh sure, on some highfalutin Alliance liner you could get freshly baked breads and pastries at any hour. Money buys a lot. But on a small skiff of a Firefly, nobody puts in an oven.

Until Kaylee wanted to bake Christmas cookies, that is.

Wash, sniffing the air as he went, stepped out of the hallway to join Mal on the walkway above the cargo bay. "You smell that?" he asked.

"If it's cookies baking, you're imaging it," Mal replied.

"I smell it to," Jayne shouted up from the cargo bay floor. "It's making me hungry."

"Where's it coming from?" Wash asked as he moved about, continuing to sniff the air.

"Can't be coming from anywhere," Mal tried again. "We're all just delusional. Must have been knocked on our heads one too many times."

"I think it's coming from over this way," Wash said as he ignored Mal's comments.

Jayne bounded up the stairs to follow Wash. Mal trailed behind, explaining why they couldn't be smelling cookies, getting more and more frustrated as the other two ignored him. "There ain't no cookies," he was saying, a tad more forcefully than necessary, when they walked into the engine room.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Kaylee, with a smear of flour on her cheek, asked cheerfully.

"We smell cookies," Jayne told her.

"Well, sure you do," she offered. "I'm baking Christmas cookies."

Wash's face broke out into a huge grin.

"Serenity don't have no oven," Mal told her.

"I rigged one up. Picked it up on Persephone and I've got a heat dump connected to the engine that..."

"Wait," Mal stopped her.

"Capn's got something against cookies," Jayne said before quickly adding, "But I like 'em right enough if you're looking to share. Hell, you can give me his share."

Kaylee's face fell.

"I don't care about that whole rigmarole," Mal explained seriously. "How you got the equipment set up and all. I've only got one question." Wash swore in Cantonese while Jayne started muttering about Mal having a fight on his hands if he didn't get himself some cookies.

"How long before the cookies are done?" Mal asked.

Kaylee beamed up at him.