Spike shifted his Santa hat, settling it at a rakish angle, before laying the scroll out onto the table. After dipping his quill pen into the ink, he carefully wrote out the first name: Angel.

"Naughty," he said to himself as he wrote a large X next to the name. "Definitely naughty. Only coal in your stocking this year."

Below, he wrote the next name: Lindsey.

He looked up and his eyes, gazing out the window saw, not snow covered trees, but instead the present he wanted most that year. "Nice, very nice," he leered. "Nice kissable lips. Face like a dream. Torso I could lick forever. Tight butt and an ass that can take it like..."

He quickly drew a check mark next to Lindsey's name. "Lube. Lots and lots of lube for you. After all, nice boys get to keep Santa happy until, oh let's say March before anyone sees us again."