Chasm of Circles

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Chapter 1: Chasm

Sesshomaru was extremely tired of this. The fighting and the insults, the constant façade he had to put up whenever he was fighting his younger brother. He didn't want to do this, He really didn't. But the boy kept coming at him, probably not even realizing that Sesshomaru wasn't fighting back, only blocking the hanyou's attacks.

"Come on you jack ass! At least have the decency to fight me!" Ok, maybe he did notice. Inuyasha was seething with rage, he was beyond rational thought. He swung his Tetsusaiga at his older sibling again, only to have the Daiyoukai dodge his attack.

"As I told you already little brother I have not come to fight." Sesshomaru finally managed to get behind the hanyou without him noticing, and grabbed hold of his little brothers sword wielding wrist.

"Dammitt then what the hell did you come here for?!?!" Inuyasha wrenched his arm away from his brother and lowered his sword, but with the full intention of being alert and on the ready.

Sesshomaru sighed, his patience that he had been trying to keep wearing extremely thin, "If you would have listened to me before you started blindly swinging your sword, you would know by now."

Inuyasha decided the Daiyoukai wasn't going to try a surprise attack, especially seeming as that wasn't Sesshomaru's style, and sheathed his sword, "Alright then spit it out, I don't have all god damn day."

Sesshomaru took a step towards his younger brother, "Inuyasha, I am done with this charade I've been putting on for the last three years."

Inuyasha quirked an eyebrow, "What in the seven hells are you talking about?"

"These last three years of our fighting has all been an act. At least for me."

Inuyasha scoffed, "An act? You call trying to kill me and kicking my ass for the past three years an act?"

"Please Inuyasha, don't you think if I truly wanted to kill you I could have? I wasn't trying to do anything. I admit my attacks may have caused you harm, but they were merely for show." Sesshomaru really didn't want to have to explain all this, wasn't it enough that he was trying to make things better between him and his brother? Sesshomaru really did want to fix things, he no longer wanted to hate the hanyou that stood before him, no. He wanted nothing more than to hold him close and tell him that he loved everything about the obnoxious, arrogant, and brash inu-hanyou. He knew he could never be able to undo the years and years of damage he put his baby brother through, but he at least wanted a chance.

Sure, for the first hundred years of Inuyasha's life, Sesshomaru had despised him and treated him like he was lower than dirt. But when Sesshomaru had seen Inuyasha pinned to the Goshinboku tree, he felt something for the hanyou he had never felt, or anyone for that matter. And that was guilt and remorse. Once a month for the next fifty years Sesshomaru had visited his brother, silently hoping one day he would come back to find his brother set free from the god forsaken tree, so that he could apologize to him. For along with the fifty years of guilt, came the aching and longing to be with his younger sibling. Sesshomaru knew it was partly his inu instincts telling him that he needed to be with another of his kind, inu yokai were very family oriented and needed to be with their families in order to feel safe and comfortable. Sesshomaru had, up until he saw his brother in his fifty years slumber, ignored this instinct. But it had started to flood him completely, and he was beginning to feel extremely exhausted all the time. The longing the Daiyoukai felt for the hanyou became more unbearable, and an unknown feeling began to slowly eat away at his heart. It wasn't until his little brother had been freed from the tree, and that annoying little miko bitch had started hanging around him, that Sesshomaru realized he loved his brother. He loved his brother with all of his heart, and he always had. The pain and sorrow from his father's death had caused him to lock away his feelings for the younger hanyou. The first time he came face to face with his brother after he was free, Sesshomaru had the full intentions of going to his brother with an open heart, but Inuyasha had still expected Sesshomaru to hate him and be the asshole he had been all his life. So, Sesshomaru was then put in the situation of keeping up the cold hearted bastard act he had been doing for the past three years.

"Dammitt you prissy ass little bastard what the fuck are you talking about? You've always hated me and you always, ALWAYS will!!!" Inuyasha went to grab his Tetsusaiga again, but Sesshomaru managed to grab the hanyou's arm again before he could swing.

"Inuyasha LISTEN to me!!!" Inuyasha stared at his brother, scowling. Sesshomaru didn't know what to say, all thought processes had stopped as he caught his brother's murderous gaze. Sesshomaru couldn't believe how beautiful the hanyou's eyes were, and he seemed to be lost in them. So, he did the next best thing he could think of. He pulled his brother forward, and locked the younger male into a kiss. Although the Daiyoukai knew this wouldn't end well for him, he enjoyed the few moments he was granted as Inuyasha slowly began to comprehend what was going on. Once he did, he pushed his elder away and stepped back a few good feet.

"What…what the fucking hell was that?!?!" Inuyasha said, in a rather quiet voice despite his words.

"Inuyasha please let me explain…"

"NO! No Sesshomaru! Who the hell do you think you are? How could you do this to me?!?!"

Sesshomaru reached out for his brother, in attempts to calm him and explain everything. But Inuyasha smacked his hand away and growled angrily. Inuyasha wasn't sure why, but tears started forming in his eyes as he stared angrily at his brother. Why was his brother doing this? How DARE he do this to him! For most of his life he had been treated like shit by Sesshomaru, and now the bastard was pulling this shit on him?

Sesshomaru made another attempt, "Inuyasha, please…" The Daiyoukai was angered slightly by how weak his voice sounded.

"Fuck you Sesshomaru…FUCK YOU" Inuyasha turned and ran, leaving the dejected and lonely Sesshomaru standing dumbstruck.

Break up already wake up now
Walk away take it all back now
Don't be quick to lick the scab off
Your spitting in his face with the rest of them

What the fuck was his older brother doing? Inuyasha had been pondering this thought as he walked back to where his pack was setting up camp. Inuyasha couldn't believe the gull of the bastard Daiyoukai.

"These last three years of our fighting has all been an act. At least for me."

Inuyasha growled. He hated his brother even more now, if it were possible. He hated Sesshomaru with every fiber of his being.

Inuyasha hadn't always hated Sesshomaru, actually he didn't really truly hate him now. He had always had feelings for his brother, he had always loved him. But Sesshomaru had beat him down and hurt him beyond repair, and Inuyasha vowed to make himself forget the feelings he had for his brother, because he knew that he would never be good enough in his older brother's eyes for him to love him.

Break up already wake up now
Walk away take it all back now
Don't be quick to lick the scab off
Your spitting in his face with the rest of them

"Hey Inuyasha! Where've you been?" Kagome, all to cheerily, exclaimed as Inuyasha came into view of the camp. He simply grunted at Kagome in reply, which didn't sit too well with the miko.

"Inuyasha! I asked you where you were!"

"Yeah yeah I heard you." Inuyasha walked past her and sat down next to Shippou who was coloring with his crayons Kagome had given him.

"Inuyasha why are you being such a jerk?!" Kagome screamed in her shrill voice. Sango and Miroku, who had been observing from afar, decided that it was time to intervene before they saw their hanyou friend plummeted into the ground by Kagome's 'sit' command.

"Look Kagome, Inuyasha seems to be in a fowl mood, so why not just let him cool off. We could go take a bath at the hot springs near by." Sango soothingly said to her friend. Kagome scowled in the hanyou's direction, but followed Sango anyways.

Please give me something I'm so thirsty….I'm so thirsty
Oh please, let me warn them, Don't you come here, don't bring anyone here.

Inuyasha was sick and tired of the god damned miko always nagging him. It's not like she was his mate or anything, it's not like he would ever want to mate her anyways. She was a spoiled, annoying, self absorbed brat. Inuyasha let out a deep breath, realizing that for once, he was really tired. Not sleepy tired, really, but more just tired of all the crap that seemed to find him no matter where he went or what he did. He just wanted it to all end. He deserved to live peacefully, did he not? After all that he had gone through in life, Inuyasha thought he deserved to at least live a life of happiness for a while.

And of course, Inuyasha's prayers could not be answered. For again, he could smell Sesshomaru lingering off in the distance, as if waiting for him to come back. Damn, Inuyasha really did not want Sesshomaru here, he didn't want to see him.

Miroku realized that Inuyasha had become very tense, also he noticed that a very strong, familiar demonic aura had began to flood the area they were staying.

"Inuyasha, is Sesshomaru coming?" Miroku asked in serious curiosity, and blissfully un-aware how angry the hanyou had just become.

"God damn, stupid ass, fucking prick!" Inuyasha growled, "I'll be back Miroku, I have to take care of something."

The chasm isn't fixed yet. Take this water
Drinking ever deeper.. living water.

Inuyasha sped off into the direction where he knew his brother was. He was beyond angry now. He was ready to give Sesshomaru more than a piece of his mind. He finally reached a clearing where Sesshomaru was sitting under a tree. Inuyasha was ready to just punch the bastard in the face, but he stopped in his tracks when he saw the look on Sesshomaru's face. It was the first time Inuyasha had seen his older brother expressing any kind of emotion on his features. The full blooded yokai looked as if he were in some great pain, and his eyes looked so full of defeat. When Sesshomaru noticed that his younger brother had entered the clearing he stood up immediately.


Inuyasha was pulled out of his stupor and rushed forward, his fist impacting with Sesshomaru's jaw. Sesshomaru, not prepared for the attack, was forced backward into the tree he had been sitting under.

"You listen to me you fucking bitch!" Inuyasha growled out, his eyes flickering from gold to red, "I'm sick and tired of you trying to mess with me. So why don't you just stay the hell away from me and leave me the fuck alone!"

"Please, Inuyasha, let me just talk to you…" Sesshomaru's pleading eyes stared up at him. Again, Inuyasha was forced to stop and ponder his older brother's strange behavior.

Sesshomaru took Inuyasha's silence as an opportunity to speak, "Inuyasha, I'm so sorry. I want to fix everything, just please give me a chance." Sesshomaru knew he sounded pathetic. He was practically begging, which wasn't something a proud Daiyoukai did. But he just wanted his little brother so much, he was willing to do anything, even beg, to get him to understand how sorry he was.

Inuyasha was again lost for words. His brother wanted to fix everything? For a very small moment, Inuyasha was extremely happy that his brother finally wanted to be a brother to him. But he quickly realized that it was probably just one of Sesshomaru's tricks. Inuyasha knew his brother was lying, "You want to fix everything? Well Sesshomaru let me tell you something. What has happened between us, can NEVER be fixed. NEVER!"

Inuyasha walked over to his brother and knelt down to where the Daiyoukai had fallen, "Get this through your head Aniki." Inuyasha's eyes flickered again, " I don't want ANYTHING to do with you." Inuyasha stood up and began walking away. But as he was, he heard his older brother whisper, "I love you…Otouto…". Inuyasha stopped and turned his head towards his brother and whispered back, "I hate you", then walked away.

The chasm isn't fixed yet. Take this water
Drinking ever deeper.. living water.

Sesshomaru was left there, his lip bleeding slightly from the punch his younger brother had given him, thought it was healing quickly. The full youkai's heart felt even worse than before, it's ache intensifying. His inner youkai was crying out for the one it loved. He felt more fatigued than he ever had. So he wrapped his mokomoko-sama around himself and closed his eyes, attempting to get sleep. But in his mind, he vowed that he would not give up so easily to his little brother, his love. He vowed he would do everything in his power to get his little brother to love him.

Please give me something I'm so thirsty….I'm so thirsty
Oh, Please.. let me warn them. Don't you come here, don't bring anyone here

Please give me something I'm so thirsty….I'm so thirsty
Oh, Please.. let me warn them. Don't you come here, don't bring anyone here

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