Chasm of Circles

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Chapter 2: Circle

The battle had been going on for a while, and so far, Inuyasha and his pack seemed to be doing pretty good. They had managed to fight off the thousands of demons that Naraku had summoned forth to kick their asses. It was down to Kagura, Kanna, and the genderless freak himself. Sango and Miroku had their hands full with Kagura. She seemed to have learned a few new tricks with her fan and was having no qualms about showing them off to the fighting couple. Kanna was kept busy with Shippo and Kirara trying their best to take down the frightening child. This left Inuyasha and Kagome against Naraku. So far the evil hanyou had proven that he was in no mood to play mind games with them, and was hitting them with pretty much everything he had. This meant that instead of throwing attacks at him, Kagome and Inu were stuck with playing defense. It was very visible that they were beginning to get worn down. Kagome was constantly putting up barriers for herself, and when possible Inu, but she could feel her spiritual powers begin to drain. She knew she wouldn't be able to protect herself much longer. Inuyasha, also noticing Kagome's problem, tried harder to stay closer to her and block most of the attacks from the multiple tentacles flying everywhere.

"Are you ready to give up yet?" Naraku smirked as another grotesque tentacle came extremely close to crashing down on the miko and the hanyou.

"Godamnit Naraku! You little bitch we aren't done with you yet!" Inuyasha sliced another tentacle in half as it came very close to sweeping Kagome off of her feet. Inuyasha attempted to go for a direct attack but he was swatted away like he was some common house fly. He hit a tree and fell to the ground. Kagome gasped and tried to run towards her fallen comrade and help him, but she was tripped and grabbed up by a tentacle.

"INUYASHA!!!!" She screamed as Naraku brought her close to him, all the while squeezing the life out of her.

With a loud growl Inuyasha hoisted himself up and charged at the hanyou, "Damnit Kagome hold on!!!" He dodged a few of Naraku's attacks and quickly made his way to the miko. He chopped away at the tentacle holding the girl, and when she was finally free he threw her over his shoulder and jumped away just as another tentacle came crashing down towards them.

Inuyasha set the miko down on the ground, "You alright?"

Kagome rubbed her shoulder, knowing a bruise would be there tomorrow, "Yeah, for the most part I'm alright." She looked up to smile at Inuyasha but gasped when she saw yet ANOTHER tentacle heading for them. Before she could say anything it had hit both her and Inu, and they were thrown across the battle field. Kagome landed hard on her back, her breath knocked forcefully from her lungs. It took a few moments for her breathing to become somewhat normal, and as she sat up and opened her eyes, she was horrified to see that Inuyasha was now in the position she had been moments before. Inuyasha, though, seemed to fairing much better than she had.

"Kagome!" Sango came running towards her, "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, but Inuyasha…"She pointed in the inu's direction and Sango nodded her head. She called Kirara, the big neko coming to her. She mounted the neko youkai and headed toward Inuyasha, her Hiraikotsu ready to be thrown. But just as she was about to launch her weapon, a flash of silver flew past her and straight toward Inuyasha. The tentacle holding him was shredded to pieces, and Inuyasha landed gracefully on his feet. Turning to see who had freed him, he saw his brother standing off in the distance. His Tokijin had been drawn, his eyes were flashing from blood red to gold. His fangs were bared, and a loud growl was emitting deep from his throat.

"Sesshomaru what the hell are you doing here?!?! This is our fight! Get the fuck out of here!" Inuyasha had little time to argue, as another tentacle attempted to grab him again.

"It is not wise to get distracted during battle Inuyasha." Naraku chuckled maliciously.

"Do not deny my help, little brother, it is the most foolish choice you could make at the moment." Sesshomaru stated calmly, despite showing so much rage.

"No Sesshomaru mind your own damn business!!!" Inuyasha was about to charge at the Daiyoukai, when Naraku shot a tentacle through the hanyou's stomach. 'God damn this is getting old', Inuyasha groaned as he clutched at the gaping hole in his stomach.

"You should listen to big brother, Inuyasha" Naraku was about to launch another attack when a very loud snarl was heard. The kumo turned towards the Daiyoukai and gasped as Sesshomaru's eye's were their complete blood red form, his features beginning to change as he began to transform into his full yokai form.

"You will NOT harm our alpha again." Sesshomaru's voice was deep and full of hatred. His inner yokai had fully taken over. And it would be an understatement to say it was pissed off. Everyone else had stopped, even Kagura and Kanna had stopped their attacks to see what was going on.

"Well well well…so the puppy wants to come out and play?" Naraku growled. Inuyasha looked over at his brother as he fully transformed into the enormous inu-youkai that Inuyasha had only seen once before. The eldest brother's left arm had since been replaced by an arm that actually worked with the Daiyoukai's body. "Our alpha is no longer your target. You will not harm our alpha!"

Inuyasha was at a loss as to why his elder brother's youkai was calling him "alpha". He tried to pay attention to what was happening, his brother charging head-first at the kumo, claws and tentacles flying every which-way. But that word. Alpha. His mind suddenly reeled back to the day his brother met him in the forest. The kiss that they shared. His brother telling him he loved him. The helpless look in his brother's eyes. It all made sense to the hanyou now. His brother loved him. His beta loved him. Inuyasha felt his inner youkai's fire fuel with passion and pride as he realized that Sesshomaru was his beta. It also felt angry that his beta had to fight for him. His injury forgotten, Inuyasha's youkai went into full throttle and went to fight by his brother's side.

The brothers fought viciously. Naraku was now outnumbered and overpowered. Though, he was still trying his hardest to end the lives of the inu's. The rest of the group went after the incarnations. Miroku tried to use the wind tunnel multiple times, but he couldn't due to the ever-present saimyosho. So he was reduced to using his staff to fend off Kagura's Dance of Blades. Kagome and Sango were having no luck either. Kanna would deflect their arrows and Hiraikotsu with barriers conjured from her mirror. Shippou tried to use fox magic, but that was pretty much useless as well.

Sesshomaru's full youkai form was proving to be the secret weapon they needed to defeat Naraku. He was slashing and biting away at all of Naraku's filthy appendages. Inuyasha was fighting with his all, and he wasn't letting Naraku touch him, swinging his sword angrily.

Sesshomaru, though, new he wouldn't last much longer in his full form. He had still be extremely fatigued and tired from his lack of sleep and his rejected heart. He pushed himself nonetheless. He had to keep fighting, his inner demon wanted to prove to Inuyasha that they were a strong beta who could fight alongside his brother. He wanted Inuyasha to know he would fight for him. Even if Inuyasha didn't love him back, he would make sure he was safe.

"Come on Naraku! Where's that cocky attitude of yours?" Inuyasha mocked. Naraku growled and went for the hanyou, only to be blocked by Sesshomaru. The tentacle pierced through the Daiyoukai's front leg. Sesshomaru let out a pained howl. Inuyasha's inner demon pulsed within him. Inuyasha knew his demon wanted to take control and protect their beta, but he knew he had to stay sane in this battle.

Sesshomaru's leg was throbbing, miasma seeping and bubbling around his wound. Normally, if his body hadn't been so weak, his own poison could over power Naraku's miasma without any issues. But now, he could feel the miasma's effect start to weaken his youkai, and he felt himself begin to transform back to his human-looking form. He fell to the ground and landed unceremoniously. Inuyasha growled angrily again.

"Kagome! Make sure he's ok!" He yelled over his shoulder as resumed his relentless attacks on the kumo.

The miko ran toward the fallen Daiyoukai, but didn't get far enough as Sesshomaru pulled himself up, his breathing hard and ragged.

"Rest…our Alpha will protect us now." Sesshomaru's youkai told him. And for once, he felt like he should listen to it. He felt extremely tired, and his left arm was once again on the verge of falling off. He was bleeding a lot from the puncture wound, and the miasma was still bubbling.

"Naraku you bitch! Your gonna pay for everything!" Inuyasha readied his sword, "WIND SCAR!" The wind scar was sent straight for Naraku, but he put up a barrier at the last minute. Inuyasha just smirked, as his Tetsusaiga turned blood red. He tried the wind scar again, this time destroying the barrier and hitting the evil hanyou directly.

"Take that ya bastard!" Inuyasha triumphantly stood before the crumpled heap that was Naraku.

Kagome's breath hitched, "Did…did he do it? Is he gone?"

Inuyasha looked offended, "Of course I did it Kagome! Just look at-" a tentacle that seemed to have come out of no where grabbed Inuyasha again.

"Now Inuyasha, getting cocky is a very stupid mistake." Naraku released his miasma around the inu-hanyou. Inuyasha tried not to breathe it in, as it was already hard to breathe with Naraku squeezing the air out of him. "You need to learn, Inuyasha, that I can be taken down so easily." The kumo tightened his grip around the hanyou, laughing maliciously. "Kagura! Do it now!"

Inuyasha stopped his struggling long enough to look up and see Kagura's Dance of Blades coming straight towards him. 'That's it I'm fucked.' Inuyasha thought as the blades came closer and closer. He braced himself for the pain, but it never came. He looked to see that Sesshomaru had jumped in front of him.

"Se…Sesshomaru?!" Inuyasha looked bewildered. The blades had pierced through his brothers skin and indeed took his left arm off once again. One of the blades went astray and hit the tentacle holding Inuyasha and both he and his elder brother fell to the ground. Inuyasha stared worriedly as his brother's body fell limply to the ground.

Circle encircles the earth
Chance and choice break his heart
His innocent arm moves to save me and I…I am spared

His body pulsed with demonic aura. Inuyasha's inner youkai was very angry now, and Inuyasha was more than happy to let it run wild.

"You are going to wish you had never done that you filthy kumo!" Inuyasha's youkai was seething and he pulled out his Tetsusaiga, ready to attack.

Kagome ran over to the unconscious Sesshomaru and formed a barrier around him. It only lasted for a few moments, though, before it fizzled out. But before she could try it again Miroku was by her side, conjuring up a barrier and all three of them. Sango, having evaded Kagura and Kanna long enough, also joined them in the barrier, Kirara and Shippou right behind her.

His beautiful arm is bloody and cut off
His heart ripped out to show me he loved me

"What are you guys doing?!" Kagome asked hurridly, "We don't all need to be in here, we need to help Inuyasha!"

"This is Inuyasha's battle now, Kagome. If we interfere, his youkai may see it as a threat and kill us off as well." Miroku held his composure so as not to break the barrier.

"What do you mean?!?! He's going to get himself killed in his full demon form!" Kagome was obviously confused as to what had just occurred between the inu brothers.

"This isn't like before Kagome. Inuyasha's demon has taken over because of Sesshomaru being hurt." Sango knew a lot about the workings of youkai mating and relationships. She had to on account of her being a demon slayer.

"Why would Inuyasha care if Sesshomaru is hurt? I would think he'd be happy Sesshomaru isn't trying to fight his battle anymore." Kagome huffed.

Miroku and Sango were both extremely glad said Daiyoukai was not awake to hear any of this, "It's to complicated to explain at the moment. We need to be worrying about Sesshomaru." Miroku motioned toward the youkai lying in the middle of them. Sango and Kagome immediately went to trying to stop the bleeding from his multiple wounds, his now stumped left shoulder especially. He had already lost a lot of blood, and the two women could only hope they could stop it in time.

But I would not believe him
He did all that he could
I still would not believe him

Meanwhile, Naraku was getting his ass handed to him. He could no longer use his tentacles, as Inuyasha was right in his face, literally. At the moment Naraku was trying evade the dangerous swipe of Inuyasha's elongated claws. Inuyasha had long since given up on his sword, realizing he wanted to feel Naraku's flesh tear and rip in his hands. He let out a loud growl and swiped at Naraku again, this time his claws connected with Naraku's chest. Naraku howled in pain, but didn't fall. This didn't please Inuyasha, so he swiped again, this time getting what he wanted. His claws caught Naraku right in the neck, literally feeling the kumo's vocal cords and arteries being shredded in his hands.

"This is the end of your pathetic life, Naraku." Inuyasha grinned vicsously. He squeezed his hand, and blood started gurgling out of Naraku's mouth, his eyes wide and dilated. "This…is for Sesshomaru." Inuyasha plunged his other hand into the kumo's stomach and slashed through his neck, completely decapitating him.

I left his arms empty and tied
Out stretched for me until he died
I left his arms empty and tied
Outstretched for me until he died

Miroku watched the scene in pure awe. "He…he killed him. Naraku…he's dead." Miroku lost his concentration, breaking the barrier, and unwrapped his hand to see the wind tunnel was gone. It was true, Naraku really was gone.

"Inuyasha are you alright?!?!" Kagome ran over to the hanyou, not caring if he was still in his full youkai form. He turned around, his eyes back to their normal gold color. Kagome smiled, "Inuyasha!"

"Not now Kagome…" Inuyasha pushed past her and went to Sesshomaru and Sango, who was still trying to wrap his wounds and stop his bleeding. He knelt down by his brother and lifted him into his arms. "Sesshomaru? Sesshomaru god Damnit wake up!"

No man shows greater love
Than when a man lays down his life
For his beloved

Inuyasha's youkai began to growl and whine. Inuyasha took hold of the Daiyoukai's remaining hand, hating the fact that his other arm was gone for the second time.

"Please Sesshomaru, I need you to wake up…I need to tell you something." Inuyasha's voice was desperate. He held his brother more tightly and looked up at Sango. "Is he gonna be alright?"

Sango looked down at the ground, "Inuyasha…he's lost…a lot of blood. Too much."

Inuyasha shook his head, "No…no he's alright…I know he is." Just then they heard the Daiyoukai grunt, and Inuyasha gasped as the hand he was holding gave his a light squeeze. Sesshomaru's eyes flitted open, looking towards Inuyasha.

"Sesshomaru!" Inuyasha gave him a small smile, "Sess…I'm…I'm so sorry about before. I don't hate you….I don't….please believe me. I never have." Inuyasha felt tears come to his eyes.

Sesshomaru gave a relieved smile to his younger brother, "I'm glad Otouto…I'm very glad."

"You…your gonna be OK got it?" Inuyasha wasn't sure if he was reassuring his brother or himself.

"Hah…don't be foolish little brother…we both know this isn't going to end well for me…" Sesshomaru smiled a little more at the irony of the situation. Inuyasha finally returned his feelings…and he was going to die. He could almost laugh.

"No don't you dare start talkin' like that Sesshomaru. We'll get you to Kaede and you'll be alright…" Inuyasha felt a tear fall.

Sesshomaru lifted his hand to Inuyasha's face, gently stroking his cheek, "I want you to know that I'm proud of you, Otouto. You are far stronger than I ever gave you credit for."

"Sesshomaru please, just hold on a little longer…" Inuyasha's eyes pleaded with his elder brothers.

"Inuyasha…just know that…I love you….I always have." Sesshomaru began to feel tired, like he could go to sleep and never wake up. Despite how perfectly wrong that would be…he felt like it would be nice.

I left his arms empty and tied outstretched for me until he died
I left his arms empty and tied outstretched for me until he died

Inuyasha held on tighter to his brother, not caring that the others were staring in shock at the display before them. "That's just it Sess… I love you too….please come on I need you…" He chocked back a sob, "Alpha needs his beta." He spoke in Inu.

"Beta is sorry…Beta can't…" Sesshomaru spoke back in Inu.

Inuyasha sensed his brother heart beat fading more and more, his breathing getting more shallow. "Sesshomaru…."

"You'll be fine, Inuyasha. You will be just fine. This Sesshomaru is sure of it." He smiled faintly again, then closed his eyes. His breathing stopped. His heart stopped. Inuyasha cried harder.

"No Damnit!!! This isn't supposed to happen!!!" He cradled his brother's limp form as he sobbed. "Why couldn't it have been me? It was supposed to be me! I was the one that deserved it!"

Here I'm alive
And I don't have the right
He gives me the right
Costing him his life
New mercy's in the morning

Miroku and Sango came over and tried to get Inuyasha away from the Daiyoukai's lifeless body, but he growled angrily and held on even tighter. The monk and tajiya decided it would be best to give him time.

I believe!
what if I believe you now?
Could it ever change this?

Suddenly he sat up. He looked down at the Tenseiga. Without hesitation he pulled it from it's hilt and held it above his brother. He saw them, the little gremlins from hell, coming to take his brother away from him. He slashed at them, and when they were gone he waited for his brother to open his eyes again. He waited for what seemed like forever. But it never happened. Sesshomaru still laid there, motionless. Inuyasha threw down the sword and fell to his knees, "I..I don't understand…."

Forgive me, relieve me, please come back to life

"Inuyasha…Sesshomaru was too far gone. His soul was ready to pass on. I'm so sorry." Miroku knelt next to his friend.

Kagura and Kanna watched from a distance, not really caring or paying attention. Kanna made no sound or indication that she was leaving, but when Kagura looked next to her she saw the child walking into the woods. Kagura looked over at her "father's" remains. She was free. She had her heart. She could do as she pleased. With that, she summoned her large feather, and flew away.

I believe!
what if I believe you now?
Could it ever change this?

Inuyasha couldn't believe this was happening. Sesshomaru was gone. And right when he was ready to make the changes to become his brother's mate. How could he have been so blind as to think Sesshomaru's confession the other day was a trick? Was he really that stupid? His youkai was crying out in his head, mourning it's would-be mate.

Forgive me, relieve me, please come back to life

"Please Sesshomaru…Please come back to me…" He whispered, knowing all too well that it wasn't going to happen. But he could hope couldn't he?

Come back to my life

"Inuyasha….we should go. Sesshomaru deserves a proper funeral." Miroku whispered softly. Inuyasha nodded, and picked up his brother bridal style. He was a lot lighter than Inuyasha had imagined. Inuyasha informed his pack that he would go on ahead. They simply nodded, saying they would be right behind him. Inuyasha looked down at his brother once more, and headed for the Western Castle of the late Lord Sesshomaru.

I believe, what if I believe you now?

Forgive me, relieve me please come back to life


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