What child is this?

It had been 2 years since the end of the journey. And while he never really liked the job he was not about to quit, his pride just would not let him. This was the reason he was sitting in his office trying to ignore the noises coming from the gate. He knew with a dead certainty that someone would be coming for him shortly asking him to join what ever it was that was going on. His muscles tensed as he heard the soft patter of feet heading in his direction.

There was a polite tapping at the door. "Forgive me Master Sanzo, but the elders would like you to come to the gate."

"Let me guess...it's a matter of grave emergency." He pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Yes sir."

Sighing he ground out his cigarette and shoved his chair backwards. "Fine, I'll be right there."

The other men parted like a wave at his arrival. "What's going on? What's the emergency?"

"Oh! Master Sanzo thank you for coming. We're not sure what to do." Several of the men were wringing their hands anxiously. They were surrounding and staring at a body that was just outside the gates.

"If it's dead, bury it. What's the mystery?"

"But it's a demon."


"And a female."

"Oh for fucks sake, you're not gonna catch demon germs or female germs for that matter. Just use a sheet."

They actually looked shocked at his suggestion. Thinking he had solved the problem Sanzo turned to leave, but was stopped by a tiny noise.

"What was that?"

"That's the other problem." One of them pointed to a small shape on the ground. "It had a baby."

"Well if it's not dead pick it up and take it into town to find someone to take care of it."

"Touch that?" The man looked downright horrified.

"It's a tiny baby for god's sake. It'll die if you leave it there."

"But it's all bloody."

"That's because it was just born." He was growing more and more frustrated.

"Just let it die." One man said. "Can't you see it's a half breed? No one will take that thing."

"I'm surrounded by god damn fucking idiots." Looking around for something to wrap the infant in he grabbed at the robe of one of the novices. "This'll work." He said as he tore it from the stunned young mans body. He bent down and wrapped the child carefully in the torn robe. "Get dressed and run into town to find a mid-wife or wet nurse this child will need someone to look after it." He motioned to the youngster to do as he said. The boy scurried off to find something to wear, looking very shocked to have been stripped of his robes by High Priest Genjo Sanzo "Move it boy." Sanzo yelled.

He turned to the other monks who were just standing around. "Find something to cover her up with and bury her. She deserves that at least." One wandered off to get some kind of covering for the body and a few others went to the small storage shed to get some shovels. Seeing that his orders were being carried out Sanzo made his way back to his office.

"Great fucking time for Hakkai to take a vacation." He mumbled to himself. Goku had gone along with the green eyed healer so he was not there either. And Gojyo...well he was not exactly sure where the water sprite was at the moment, but he was probably up to no good.

Carrying the small bundle with care he made his way back to his office. Never having held a baby before he was doing so with instinct alone. He had to find some place for this unfortunate child for surely the babe could not remain at the temple. Yet had not Koumyou done so. Raising the river foundling as if he were his very own child. But he, Genjo Sanzo was not of a mind to raise a child on his own. In this he was no match for his late master.

Sighing he sat down being very cautious with the small form in his arms. The out of breath novice who had gone to the town in search of mid-wife or wet nurse tapped quietly on the door. "Forgive me Master Sanzo, but no one was available to come at the moment. The mid-wife gave me this bag full of supplies for the little one and said she'd be here when she'd be able to. You see the mayor's wife is having a hard time bearing her child."

"Oh that's just fucking great." The blond priest grumbled. "Well then find someone to take care of this. There's got to be someone who's been around babies before."

"Actually sir...I took care of my little brothers 'till I came to live here." The boy slowly moved toward Sanzo holding his arms out to take the child.

"Great! I'll leave it up to you then." As soon as the baby was out of his arms he lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply, trying to calm his nerves.

"But I can't do it all the time sir, I have lessons and chores to do." The boy's eyes were huge with tears. "I can't mess up now. I've so much to learn."

"I'm sure that some place will be found for him before too long so perhaps I should ask for you to have a small leave from your daily duties for you to be able to attend to this matter."

"I'm sure you're right master." All through this conversation the boy had cleaned, diapered and begin to feed the wriggling bundle. "You see there's nothing too it." He handed the baby back to Sanzo "I've gotta run now, will you be alright?"

"Wh...what the hell am I suppose to do with this?" He held it at arms length.

"Just what you were doing before sir, just hold him. Babies need closeness to feel safe and secure. I'll be back later on." He gave a quick backwards wave as he left.

Sanzo glared at the now empty door, and if looks could kill that boy would die a most pain filled, horrible death anyone had ever been subjected to. How could he possibly get any work done with this, this thing in his arms? Growling mostly to himself he sat back in his chair and tucked the child into his folded arms. The baby began to make little muffled noises. "Oh shit, no you don't. Don't you dare start crying." He grumbled and began to sway his arms back and forth in a gentle rocking motion. It took a few moments but the noises stopped and the tiny mouth began to make tiny sucking noises and the baby seemed to be falling asleep.

Sighing Sanzo closed his eyes, amazed at how tired he was. He unknowingly fell asleep with the tiny bundle secure in his arms, only to start awake when someone lifted it from his arms.

"I'm back master." The boy said very quietly. "I've set up a sleeping mat for him."

Sanzo nodded gratefully, and lit a smoke. "How long was I out?"

"A few hours I reckon The baby had started to cry so I fed and changed him again."

"I didn't even hear it." Sanzo ran a hand down his face in frustration. "Is he alright?"

"Yes sir, he's fine." The boy was fidgeting. "And you probably shouldn't be smoking around him sir. My mom said it was bad for babies health."

Sanzo glared daggers at him. How dare this little nothing punk tell him what to do. Angrily he ground out what was left of the cigarette. "Fine."

"Master Sanzo may I ask a question?"

"You just did." The blond deadpanned.

The boy gave him a sour look. "What will you do if no one takes the child?"

"I don't know. I haven't thought that far ahead." After a few minutes of silence he said. "I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get to it, right?"