What child is this?

Pt 4


Mid morning, several months later, a very familiar green Jeep pulled up to the front of the house.

"So why do ya think those monks wouldn't tell us where Sanzo was?"

"I'm not entirely sure, Goku, but I'm very grateful that young man caught up to us, and at least let us know where we could find him."

"Yeah that's for sure," Goku's golden eyes squinted against the bright sunlight. "Do ya think they'll be up?"

Hakkai shrugged, "Hard to tell."

"I bet ten pork buns they're not."

"You're on," Hakkai laughed.

"Do we knock, or just go in?" Goku hesitated in front of the door.

"Be my guest."

"No way! I'll be the one who gets hit if I wake 'em up."


"I guess that answers that little question, wouldn't you say, Goku?"

"Yep, sounds normal for those two."

"DON'T YELL, YOU'LL WAKE HIM UP YOU PISSY EXCUSE OF A MONK!" Gojyo's yell was followed by the sound of something being thrown at the wall, ending with the sound of the object breaking.

"Yes very normal," Hakkai agreed.

"Wonder who they're talkin' 'bout?"

"We'll never know just standing out here. Oh, and by the way, Goku, you lost the bet."


Hakkai gingerly turned the door knob, and the two entered the house. Expecting to see a hopeless mess on the floor, Hakkai was pleasantly surprised to see that nearly everything was in order. Then he had to smile to himself when he saw the other two men in their usual position, nose to nose, deep in argument. He began to wonder how long their face down had been going on this time, knowing full well they could keep at it for hours.

Goku could not help but laugh out loud at the sight. It was like they had never left on that little vacation he and Hakkai had just returned from. Something on the floor caught his eye... it was sitting there, chubby little arms outstretched, fingers making little grabbing motions, and it kept saying "U..Uu.......UUuu,"

"Hey there little guy, who're you?" he picked the baby up, and the two of them stared at each other for a short while. "Hey Hakkai, look't this."

"Oh my! well isn't he a cutie," clearing his throat, he spoke a bit louder then normal, "Excuse me gentlemen, does this little one belong to either of you?"

"Yeah!" came from Gojyo

And an exasperated, "What?" from Sanzo, who promptly turned, and walked to where they were, and plucked the baby from Goku's arms. He then stopped and stared for a bit. "What the hell?"

"Hey! You guys made it back." Gojyo noted cheerfully. "How long ya been here?"

"Not all that long." Hakkai kept looking at the baby and then at Gojyo "Looks like we missed some excitement around here."

Sanzo chuckled sarcastically, "You could say that,"

"Stupid monks at the temple wouldn't tell us anything," Goku groaned.

"Typical," stated Sanzo, "Out of sight, out of mind,"

"Care to elaborate?"

Sanzo glared at Hakkai, "Not really, but I suppose I have to," the baby was tugging on his hair. "Ow! dammit kid knock it off," he swung around and held the baby out to Gojyo, "Here you take 'im,"

Gojyo laughed, "Come're short stuff, daddy doesn't want his pretty blond hair messed up," laughing again as Sanzo pinned him with an even angrier glare. "Your other daddy don't mind."

"Shut the hell up, moron."

As he began to tell the other two exactly what happened, Sanzo carefully watched their faces, taking note of the different expressions as the story unwound.

"So you see, I had no choice but to leave the temple, you three may bug the hell out of me, but I'm not about to be overwhelmed by sheer stupidity."

"That's awful, Sanzo," Hakkai was distressed at the level of bigotry Sanzo had faced. "It's hard to believe that such holy men could be so cruel."

"I can believe it," said Goku, "They were always mean to me."

Sanzo's face looked sad, "Yeah I know kid, they were pretty horrible to you," he reached out a hand and ruffled Goku's hair. "But you were older than this little guy, you could defend yourself somewhat," his face then registered a look of shock. When had Goku gotten so tall? They were almost the same height.

"That's hardly the point Sanzo, this was an innocent child..." Hakkai's voice trailed off.

"Yeah I know."

"Man I'd have given' up a nut to watch Sanzo tell 'em off," chuckled Gojyo. "From what I heard he did all but aim his gun at them." The baby gave a squealing laugh as Gojyo tickled him.

"Gojyo quit that, you're gonna make him hiccup badly again," Sanzo glared sternly at the half breed. "And you know what happened the last time."

Gojyo gave a half hearted chuckle, "Yeah daddy had a big mess to clean up, didn't he?" He peered into the baby's eyes, "Yes he did."

Sanzo sighed deeply. "You're an A class moron."

"So Sanzo, what's his name?" Goku inquired.

"His name is An Bao, and he's totally the bestest, and cutest baby in the whole world," Gojyo stated proudly.

"Don't say 'totally', it makes you sound like an even bigger moron," Sanzo snapped.

Gojyo stuck out his tongue like a spoiled child. And the baby did the same, causing Goku to drop to the floor, holding his sides.

"OH. MY. GOD! Gojyo he's just like you," he gasped. "Are you sure he's not your kid?"

"Umm yeah! I'm pretty sure he's not," Gojyo's expression changed, he looked like someone had kicked a lost puppy. "I don't think I can have kids. I heard something about half breeds not being able to have children, it's something about cross genes. I don't know," he hung his head, allowing his hair to form a shielding curtain that covered his face.

In an uncharacteristic display of compassion and affection, Sanzo slid his arm around the red head's waist. "We don't know that for sure Gojyo, there's always a chance."

Gojyo peeked through his hair, "It's not gonna happen anyway, cause I'm with you and there's no way you can have a kid."

Sanzo smirked, "Best thing you've said in a long time," An Bao was wiggling in Gojyo's arms, reaching out to Sanzo.


Sanzo lightly tweaked his little nose.

"Well," Hakkai said, "One thing that will have to be taken care of shortly is that Goku and I will have to find a place to live," he brushed a few hairs off his face. "I thought that we'd be able to go back to the way things were, with me living here and Goku returning to the temple to live with you, Sanzo, but clearly we can no longer do that."

"Dada..Dada?" The baby was tugging on Gojyo's hair, and continuing to reach out to Sanzo, "Da."

"Why can't we all stay here?" Goku asked innocently.

"For one thing, Goku there isn't enough room here now." answered Hakkai "Not with the baby here."

"Oh yeah," Goku sounded disappointed. "But not tonight, right?"

"Yeah, of course you guys can stay tonight." Gojyo chimed in.

An Bao screeched, "DA" and struggled to get to Sanzo.

"Geez kid rip my hair out why don't 'cha," Gojyo passed the squirming tot to Sanzo.

No sooner was he in Sanzo's arms then he was reaching out to Gojyo, "Dada"

Sanzo and Gojyo looked at each other for a few seconds, shock clearly written on their faces.

"Oh my god! Baby, did you hear that?" Gojyo spoke up. "He said Dada"

"Yeah but which one did he mean?" questioned Goku

"I believe I know," Hakkai stated, "When he was with Gojyo, and was reaching out to Sanzo he just said 'Da', when he was reaching out to Gojyo just now he used 'Dada', so I think that Sanzo you are 'Da' and Gojyo you would be 'Dada'."

A huge grin spread across Gojyo's face. "Way cool, I'm a Dada,"

Even Sanzo had a serene smile on his face. "It suits you."

"You too, ya know," Gojyo chuckled as Sanzo blushed and waved off the complement.

"What gives?" Came from Goku "Why didn't you use your gun? You always did before."

Sanzo actually let out a short barking laugh. "Those old farts nearly piss themselves whenever I glare at them, what the hell do you think would've happened if I'd pulled out the gun?" All Goku could do was blink in confusion. "Think about it kid, they'd have dropped over from a heart attack more then likely."

"Yes Goku! Sanzo may have been mad at them, but I'm sure even he would have felt bad if they had died needlessly."

Sanzo nodded. "I've got enough death on my conscious from all those others that I killed, it would have been embarrassing to have them keel over from that."

"Sanzo! I'm very proud of you to say the least, that little fellow has mellowed you out quite a bit." Hakkai's face had a beaming smile on it. "I like this little family of yours."

"Yeah I'm pretty happy with how things turned out myself," Sanzo said proudly. "It just feels right."

"Well I'm fucking thrilled," Gojyo added. "I never thought I'd have a family," he ran his fingers through his long red hair. "Hey Sanzo, give me the kid a sec," he and the baby walked to where Goku was still sitting on the floor. "See this guy here kiddo? This is Goku, you can call him 'Uncle Monkey'."

Goku shot up from the floor. "Hey, you crappy water sprite, don't call me 'Monkey'!" The two of them began to bicker back and forth.

"Actually Hakkai, I think our little family was already pretty good, now we just have a wonderful new addition."

Hakkai nodded in agreement. "I think you're absolutely right."


Hakkai chuckled to himself, "Yes this is quite the normal little family."