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* * *

There was one moment in Peter's life when he felt completely vulnerable. And it was not when his father was locked up in St Claire's, nor when he was left alone to take care of himself. It was when he saw Olivia falling out of that car and her lifeless body lying in the hospital.

On that day he finally admitted his feelings for her and vowed to do whatever it took to bring her back.

One ritual he had found in an old book was all that was needed. It was not a ritual per se, but the vital action, for he would be lost without her.

He took an old can, filled it with the neccessary ingredients and his own photo teared off from one of Walter's family albums. He buried it in the middle of the crossroad and waited.

One kiss, was all it took. He didn't even feel guilty afterwards. Later, seeing Olivia's so alive face, he swore to be there for her as long as she needed him. Always and forever.

Well, at least for the next ten years.