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All I Want For Christmas

By Mariah Carey

For Demi (World's Biggest Jerchoholic)


I don't want a lot for Christmas; There's just one thing I need
I don't care about the presents; Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own; More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is...

"Hey babe," Mike "The Miz" Mizanin called as he walked into the house that he shared with his girlfriend of 3 years, Demi. He grinned as he walked further down the hall and saw Demi up on a ladder, hanging Christmas decorations. "What are you doing up there babe?" he asked. She smiled, looking over her shoulder at him.

"What does it look like Michael?" she asked sarcastically with a smirk. He grinned, walking over and holding the ladder for her as she climbed down. She jumped off and landed with a bounce as she grinned at Mike. She wrapped her arms around his neck and welcomed him home with a kiss. "Welcome home," she murmured against his lips. He grinned at her, "It's good to be home."

Mike followed Demi as she walked into the kitchen, a strand of green garland in her hand. "Do you want some help?" he asked. She shook her head, "Nah, I'm pretty much done," she told him with a smile. He watched her with raised eyebrows as the hung the garland around the doorway with a stepladder and then turned to him, finished.

"So...two weeks until Christmas," he said, trailing off. She looked at him as she walked into the kitchen to start dinner, she knew he loved her cooking when he was home long enough to enjoy it. "And...?" she prompted. "What do you want?" he asked, "I'm gonna be home for two days, then I'll be on the road again. I want to go shopping for you while I'm traveling so I can bring it home to you for Christmas," he said.

She frowned when her back was to him as she turned on the stove and placed a pan atop it. She put on a teasing smile as she turned around. He hated seeing her upset by his work schedule. He wanted to be home more, but there was nothing he could do. And Demi would never ask him to quit. She didn't have it in her heart to make him end his dream.

"What day will you be getting back?" she asked. Mike was quiet as she opened the refrigerator to take the salad out that she had made earlier that day. She turned, setting the bowl down, then looked up at him. "What day?" she asked, meeting his eyes.

He sighed, "Christmas Eve," he answered, knowing he couldn't withhold the information from her. "At what time?" she asked. He sighed again, "9 at night," he answered. "I'll be there to pick you up," she said. "No, I'll catch a cab, you're family will be here," he said. "And so will yours, I'm sure they wouldn't mind coming with me to pick you up." she countered and he shook his head.

He walked around the island in their kitchen and placed his hands on her hips. "Don't worry, babe, okay?" he said. She sighed then nodded before pushing him away and picking the salad bowl back up. He smirked at her as he watched her shake her head before continuing on with cooking.

I don't want a lot for Christmas; There's just one thing I need
I don't care about the presents ; Underneath the Christmas tree
I don't need to hang my stocking ; There upon the fireplace
Santa Claus won't make me happy; With a toy on Christmas day

I just want you for my own; More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is you
You baby

"You never answered my question." he said, leaning back against the counter top. She looked over her shoulder at him, "what question?" she asked. "Aww, c'mon. I know you remember," he said, standing behind her at the stove, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her neck. He heard he giggle before she sighed happily. "Ask me again," she said.

He rolled his eyes, "what do you want for Christmas?" he asked. She raised her eyebrows, "isn't it a bit late to be asking that?" she questioned. His eyebrows furrowed, "no. We still have two weeks till Christmas," he stated. She laughed, "I finished my Christmas shopping three weeks ago," she told him as she turned around in his arms, pushing them away from the stove.

"Well that's because you don't procrastinate." he said matter-of-factly. "But you sure do," she said, showing him her bare left ring finger. He rolled his eyes, she brought that up every chance she got. "Seriously, babe, just answer the question," he whined. She looked over at him as he followed her. Pinning her against the counter top she smiled as he lifted her so she was sitting on it.

"Please," he whispered in her ear. She bit down on her lip. "You really wanna know what I want for Christmas?" she asked and he nodded eagerly. "There's only one thing I need." she whispered in his ear. "I don't care about the presents under the Christmas tree. Which we need to decorate together." She paused and he gave her a look that said 'keep going.'

She chuckled, "I don't need to hang my stocking upon the fireplace and I don't need to sit on Santa's lap." she said, laying her arms over his shoulders. "Why is that?" he asked. "Because Santa can't give me what I want," she said, leaning her forehead till it was pressed against his.

"What do you want?" he asked, getting tired of her going on and on. She rolled her eyes at him, "all I want is you."

I won't ask for much this Christmas; I don't even wish for snow
I'm just gonna keep on waiting; Underneath the mistletoe
I won't make a list and send it; To the North Pole for Saint Nick
I won't even stay awake to; Hear those magic reindeer click
'Cause I just want you here tonight; Holding on to me so tight
What more can I do
Baby all I want for Christmas is you
Ooh baby

"Me?" he asked incredulously. "Babe, do you know me?" he asked jokingly. She rolled her eyes before slapping him upside the head. "I'm being serious Michael. And I do know you. I love you." She stated. He smiled at her, all joking gone from his expression. "I love you too. But seriously, there's nothing I can get you?" he asked and she shook her head stubbornly.

"Nada." she said and he sighed. "But I want you to have something under the tree. There's gotta be something." he said, emphasizing the word. She looked up, making an expression to show she was thinking. She shook her head, "nothing that I can think of." She smirked at his expression, "nothing comes to mind at all?" he questioned and she shook her head again.


It was later that night, they were cleaning up after they had finished dinner. Demi was at the sink, washing the dishes while Mike was clearing off the table. He was still pondering what to do about Demi's 'I don't want anything for Christmas' deal.

"Snow." he stated out of the blue. Demi stopped what she was doing and looked over her shoulder at him, cocking an eyebrow. "What about snow?" she asked. "You love snow. I know you at least want it to snow on Christmas." he stated with a triumphant smirk. She shrugged, "the snows only fun when you're here to do stuff with me." she said.

His smile flattened as he sent her a halfhearted glare. "There has to be SOMETHING!" he yelled and she laughed at him. Shaking her head, "There's nothing Mike. Don't worry about it." she told him as she finished up the dishes. He sighed as he stood in the doorway leading to the family room. She grinned and he saw her lift her eyes to the top of the doorway.

He looked up as well and smirked seeing the mistletoe hanging there. "You planned this," he accused her playfully as she walked into his open arms. She kissed him before pulling away. "Maybe." she answered, giggling before he picked her up and carried her to their bedroom.

All the lights are shining; So brightly everywhere
And the sound of children's; Laughter fills the air
And everyone is singing; I hear those sleigh bells ringing
Santa won't you bring me the one I really need
Won't you please bring my baby to me...

Demi sighed, she was at home. It was just five days before Christmas. Mike wouldn't be home for another four whole days. And their families would be arriving in three. She smiled at all the nicely wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree, that was covered in lights, due to Mike liking the tree to be shiny and sparkly. He had helped her decorate it the night before he left.

She smiled wider as she heard the neighbor's children outside, playing in the newly fallen snow, laughing. She had Christmas music playing in the house, to keep her spirits up for her last few days alone.


Mike walked through the halls of the arena. It was four days before Christmas, and he knew he had to be home as soon as possible. He hoped he had some kind of pull with the boss, just for today he hoped Vince was in a good, holiday, gift-giving mood.

But that was like asking a lion not to eat an antelope. He stopped in front of the door labeled 'Vincent Kennedy McMahon' and took a deep breath. Finally he lifted his hand and rapped on the door. "Come in!" Vince called in a loud voice. Swallowing, Mike opened the door and walked inside. "Well hello Mike. What can I do for you?" Vince asked, folding his hands on his desk as Mike took a seat across from him.

He licked his lips before responding, "well, I'll just get right to the point. I was wondering if I could have the week off, starting today," he said hesitantly. Vince was quiet for a while, causing Mike to be even more nervous than when he walked in.

Finally, the chairman of the board shrugged, "I can't see why not, you're not really need tonight." he said and nodded. Mike's worried expression was instantly replaced with a grin. "Thanks Mr. McMahon. It means a lot," he said. He quickly stood and went to leave, but his boss's voice stopped him as his hand touched the doorknob.

"Why did you ask for the week off?" Vince questioned, honestly curious. "My girlfriend told me she only wanted one thing for Christmas." He answered and Vince cocked an eyebrow, Mike continued before he could ask. "But I know she wants two things," Mike finished. "And what are these two things?" Vince asked.

"Me and a ring."

Oh I don't want a lot for Christmas; This is all I'm asking for
I just want to see my baby; Standing right outside my door
Oh I just want you for my own ; More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
Baby all I want for Christmas is...

Demi sighed to herself as she set the table for one. The dinner she had made wasn't extravagant tonight, but it was better than the macaroni and cheese she had made the night before. "Four days till Christmas," she muttered as she forked a piece of roasted chicken into her mouth. "Whoop-dee-fucking-doo."

She heard a chuckle. "That's something I expected you to say," she heard him comment. She looked up. "Mike?" she asked as she instantly stood as he approached her. He hugged her to him tightly. "What are you doing here?" she asked.

"Giving you your Christmas present," he answered before he got down on one knee.

"Will you marry me?" he asked, opening a small black box to reveal a beautiful diamond ring.

"Yes." she whispered through her happy tears, nodding.

"Merry Christmas," he whispered in her ear as he hugged her again, slipping the diamond ring onto her no longer bare left ring finger.

All I want for Christmas is you... baby