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A/N: This is my first attempt in poetry writing. Written after I realized how the aforementioned christmas song was very much applicable to Booth and Brennan. Featuring our favorite brand of Parker fluff.

I saw daddy kissing Doctor Bones
As the radio beside them aired such fitting tones
Inside her office, they were huddled close
For just how long, no one really knows

They reminded me of stories that my Mom had told me
Of magical spells and castles, of mermaids in the sea
She was his princess, he was her knight
To see them like that; it all felt so right

"Finally," Angela would've said with a toothy grin
If she were in the same position that I was in

I knew it was best to leave them be
They clearly needed some privacy
I took one last look before turning on my heel
With me gone, I figured, the situation would be ideal

But sadly, as I tip-toed away
The shoelace on my left gave way
With one loud thud, I fell on the ground
Their arms untangled the moment they heard the sound

In no time at all, they were standing by my side to see if I was fine
I laughed when Doctor Bones asked if I broke my spine

My daddy, meanwhile, was less amused by her question
To be more optimistic was his prompt suggestion
Doctor Bones pointed out that she was only concerned
Falls like mine often led to disaster, we learned

But daddy wasn't about to give up his cause
Before I knew it, they were arguing without pause
Witty exchanges, they threw back and forth
But after a few moments, gone was their retort

I'm sure that you're curious as to how the story ended
Well, let's just say that tripping was something I've never regretted

Like it? Hate it? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Feedback is loved. Oh, and advanced Merry Christmas everyone! :)