(A/N: So for once Simba and Nala are cubs in my story. All characters, places, etc. in this story and the movie, The Lion King, belong to Disney. I have never read The Lion King: Six New Adventures so I apologize if this story seems similar to others you may have read. I did not intend or expect that it is that way but I just to make it known that everything in the plot of this story came from my ideas. I'm just surprised that no one's done something like this yet (if no one's done it yet). Enjoy!)

Nala walked into Pride Rock to find Simba sulking, etching an image onto the wall with one of his claws.

"Hey," said Nala, walking up to him, "you grounded?"

"Yeah," Simba groaned in response.

Nala giggled. "You're always getting into trouble."

"It's cos of my stupid parents," Simba replied angrily. He etched into the wall much harder this time, making a high-pitched scraping sound that forced Nala to plug her ears with her paws.

"Still," said Nala, removing her paws, "you have to be causing trouble in the first place. Otherwise they would never punish you."

"Oh yeah, look who's talking," Simba retorted.

"What do you mean?" asked Nala. "I've never been grounded. I don't misbehave like you do."

"Yes you do!"

"Then why have I never been grounded?"

"Because your mom loves you too much. Face it, Nala. You could do the worst act known to lion and your mom still won't ground you. If you had my parents you would never be out of this cave! You're a lot worse than me."

"Am not!"

"You are too!"

"Am not! I bet you that if I did something really terrible, my mom would ground me."

Simba smirked. "Really?" he asked.

"Yes. But I'm not going to…"

"Hey, you know how my dad always gets to eat first…"


"…well how about you run up just before the pride's about to eat, and tell him that there are hyenas in the Pridelands. He'll go running off and we can get some of the best parts of the meat. He'll come back and you can tell him you lied to him and caused the whole pride to panic just so you could get the better food, and then we'll see if your mom grounds you."

"I'm not going to do that Simba, because she will ground me!"

"Okay, but if your mom does ground you, which she won't, I'll not only take back everything bad I've ever said about your mom, but I'll also let you take first shot at Zazu the next time we go pouncing."

Nala paused to think. Simba always took first pounce at Zazu, and for some reason Mufasa always let him. It was the most challenging pounce of the game but also the most entertaining, because it was when the hornbill was the most unsuspecting. Nala's mom had told her that Simba always got first pounce because Simba needed to learn more about fighting tactics for the future. How Nala longed for the first pounce though. She had perhaps been able to make it once or twice in her past, but they were so long ago that she couldn't really remember them.

"Nala," called Simba, snapping her back into it. "Well, have you made a decision?"

"I—I guess so," Nala stammered.

"Shake on it?" Simba asked, holding out his paw.

Nervously, Nala handed out her paw forwards too. Simba grabbed it and shook it. Nala then retracted her paw.

"Well," said Simba, "see you later."

Nala was trying to reflect over what she had just done, but still, she responded, "See ya," and then walked back out of the cave.