(A/N: Well, honestly I'd planned on ending it at the end of chapter 6, but you guys wanted more and I have a feeling that you want to see Nala triumph over Simba. However, at the end of Chapter 6 I said "never again would she get the first pounce at Zazu," or something like that, so that leaves me with this ending that hopefully will satisfy all of you...)

Simba and Nala both lied down next to each other, sulking inside Pride Rock. Simba was etching another image onto the rock wall.

"So your mom grounded you?" asked Nala.

"Yup," replied Simba, "and yours didn't?"

"That's correct."

The two cubs sighed. "You want to try another…"

"No," replied Nala quickly. "It won't work."

Simba smiled. "Glad you finally worked that out. See, she loves you too much and…"

"No Simba, it won't work because I told her about the bet!" said Nala, angry at herself.

Simba looked at her. "So wait…why'd you…"

"She would have grounded me, if I hadn't…grr, I'm so…this is so unfair!" shouted Nala, to no one in particular.

Simba finally worked out what had happened. He chuckled.

"Don't start Simba, please…"

He chuckled a little more.

"Simba, if you begin laughing at me, I swear I'm gonna…"

But Simba didn't take the warning. He began cracking up and he rolled over onto his back. He repeatedly kept pointing at Nala and managing to get out the word "you…" before he'd begin laughing again.

With every passing moment, Nala got a little more infuriated. After about five seconds, or rather what had seemed like five minutes to Nala, of Simba's laughing, the female cub lunged at him, and the two began to get into a heated tussle.

Nala was dominant in the bout but Simba continued to anger her, every time he got some breathing room he would laugh and point again. Nala wasn't playing though. She was delivering some serious blows to Simba's head. Finally she went a little overboard, and Simba yelled out "Ow!"

Nala held her paw up in the air, ready to deal another blow, but then Simba placed a paw gently onto his cheek. Nala stopped breathing. He was bleeding. She'd made him bleed.

"Hey Nala, I know you're a little upset about the way this morning played out, but I just wanted to…" but the new voice stopped. Nala gulped. That was her mother. And here she was standing above a bleeding Simba with her paw held up in the air…ready to deal another blow.

"I—I'm bleeding," said Simba, checking his paw. Nala looked back down at him. He was looking at his paw that he had just had held to his cheek. It had blood on it. Simba's face was growing a little white. He was about to scream.

"SARABI! MUFASA! GET IN HERE!!" yelled Sarafina out into the savannah.

Nala jumped off of Simba. This was not good. But it was unfair. This was really, really not good. But it was unfair. She was about to get into big trouble. But it was unfair. Would that stupid voice shut up? But it was unfair. But…but…But it was unfair.

"You!" yelled Sarafina angrily, advancing on her daughter. "What do you have to say for yourself?"

At first Nala was scared. She was about to have the living daylights beat out of her. This was not good. But it was unfair. Nala frowned. Then some strength began to build up in her. She understood what that voice wanted her to do. She looked back up at her mom.

"He deserved it Mom and you know it!" Simba had finally begun screaming. Sarafina looked over at him. She snapped back to face Nala.

"You think anyone deserves that?"

"Yes I do! It wasn't my idea to scare the whole pride with the hyenas, it was his! It wasn't my idea to scare Sarabi with the lizards, it was his! And it wasn't my idea to hide from you when the fire was in the Pridelands, it was his!"

"I already knew all that!" spat Sarafina. "But you carried it all out and that was just as bad. But this…" she said, signaling over to the beat up Simba.

"Actually," said Simba, "the lizards was sort of your idea."

Sarafina and Nala both looked over at him, surprised. Hadn't he just been screaming?

"Uh oh," said Simba. The looks Sarafina and Nala had been giving him had been enough for anyone to realize the mistake that he had just made.

Nala smiled.

Sarafina saw this, but she tried to pretend that she hadn't. She cleared her throat and then looked down at her daughter. The two met each other's gazes, both wearing serious expressions.

"What's going on in here?" asked Sarabi. She and Mufasa were standing at the entrance to Pride Rock.

"Nala and Simba got into a fight," said Sarafina, no particular emotion in her voice.

Sarabi gasped and ran over to her son. Mufasa close behind her. Nala looked down at the ground. She knew it was coming.

"You're bleeding!" exclaimed Sarabi. "Sarafina…do you…?"

"I beat him up, alright!?" yelled Nala. "He made me do all those terrible things to the pride because he knew I wanted to get grounded by Mom! We had a bet that if that happened, I'd get to have the first pounce at Zazu, but it didn't! And now look, I've got the whole pride upset with me and I'm not going to get the first pounce at Zazu, and Simba has a scratch on his cheek. Doesn't this seem just a bit unfair?"

Sarabi was still cross, but she could see Nala's point. She looked up to Sarafina and said: "Well Saffy, she's your daughter," before she turned around and went back to check on her son.

Sarafina sighed and lied down, putting her head in her paws. "Oh no, no, no, no," she muttered, groaning and shaking her head in disbelief.

"Mom?" addressed Nala, wondering what she was doing.

"Nala…" began Sarafina, placing her paws back down on the ground and thinking of the right words to say, "…Nala, you have put me in the ultimate parenting test right here." She smiled. "I think it is unfair, yes, but I can't let you have the first pounce at Zazu."

Nala frowned. "So you want to ground me?"

"You can ground her Aunt Saffy," called out Simba. "We've called off the bet."

"No we haven't!" protested Nala.

"Well I have then," said Simba.

"Can he do that?" asked Nala to her mother.

Sarafina shrugged. "He made the bet, and so he has every right to call it off."

"We made the bet."

"Look, it doesn't matter anyways Nala, I'm not going to put you in a lose-lose situation, that would be unfair." Suddenly, a switch seemed to have flicked on in Sarafina's brain. She had an idea. "Um…Sarabi," she addressed, calling back over to her friend, "how long have you grounded Simba for?"

"Two days. If you wanted though you could…"

"No, no, that's fine Sarabi. I think I know what to do."

Sarabi frowned. "Alright," she said, and then she left Sarafina with her daughter again.

"Now Nala, what was the bet?" whispered Sarafina.

"If you grounded me, then next time we went pouncing, I would get the first pounce at Zazu."

"Okay…and who's 'we?'"

"Um…me and Simba."

"Okay," said Sarafina. She got up, that's all she had needed to hear. She looked around. Mufasa and Sarabi had just walked out of the cave. Sarafina, Nala, and Simba were now the only ones left in. "Simba, for you, next time you go pouncing with Nala, you get the first pounce. Nala, you're coming pouncing with me."

Nala smiled. Simba's jaw dropped. Nala would get to go pouncing while he was still grounded? That wasn't fair!

"Tomorrow," added Sarafina however. "Today you're grounded."

"But…but…" stammered Simba.

"Something you want to say Simba?" asked Sarafina.

"But…Aunt Saffy, that's not fair, she did those things…and now you're just going to let her get her way anyways? She'll be so happy being grounded that it won't seem like a punishment to her! She's just going to sit there and make fun of me the whole entire day!"

Sarafina was still smiling. Both the cubs looked at her, both hoping they'd get their own way.

"Who said she'd be grounded in here?" asked Sarafina.

Thirty minutes later:

"…but I said to the antelope, the lions will agree not to hunt you as much if you push your herds back to the other side of the waterhole! Of course he wasn't too happy about that rule, so he said to me that…"

"Zazu," addressed Nala, interrupting the hornbill and then yawning as she rested under the small tree that Zazu called 'home' during the nights, "no offense Zazu, but your story's really boring."

"Oh, but young Nala, the next part is really interesting!" Zazu exclaimed. "See, then after I'd told this to the antelope, he explained that the wildebeest were hogging the southern waterhole! Isn't that unbelievable!?"

"Sure is," replied Nala, really wishing she'd fall asleep right now.

"Oh Nala, this next day is going to be so fun! We've gotten to the first conflict already, and you've only been here for half an hour!"

Nala wanted to cry. She felt like it had been five hours. But at least there was still hope. Tomorrow, she was going to pounce on this guy so hard, he wouldn't be able to tell any more of his stories because she will have knocked the voice box right out of him. And then, she'd get to run into Pride Rock and tell Simba all about it. But for today…

"…well I went over to the wildebeest, and this was where things were starting to lighten up because they had a rather simple demand…"

"Today…was just your best day," said Sarabi to her friend, both standing afar. Sarafina smiled at her friend's compliment. She'd passed the parenting test.