Mafia Wars: The desecration. By Devilish Twinz Briefing: We enter in the middle of a "typical" seen to many mafia members, but not to us. Sighing a deep and yet woeful sigh Rizzy fingered her AK47 semi automatic hoping no one was home this time. "Rizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyy why cant we just kick in da door? " "Because, Thug if we do an there home then what are we gonna do when we walk in like sittin ducks with 5 pound of equipment on our backs? An even if they an't home then when the come home they'll come in with there guns waitin for a false move from us." "Whaever, Mich you better not be backing her on dis."

"Sence when was I in dis lil fight?"


"Mich just pick da lock, man, I an't gonna fight with dis bitch no more, wastin muh energy"

That lock was disassembled in no time, letting the gang into the "Riche Rich Manz" house.

"Mich if you could be sweet enough to case the joint? Then draw us out a map? That would be great. Thug, get out there an be the look out."

"Ill get the bugs an the documents."

"Rizzy why you gotta be a control freak? Noobs get look out, not people whose been their sence they were lil."

"Thug I didn't come from all they way from Tokyo to argue, but to take over your duties."

"HA! Head office wouldn't DARE replace me!"

"Oh but they did." Said Rizzy with a smirk on her face.

"Thug just lay off the noob will ya? Just let her have her way"

"Fine but if she costs us this gig I call first dibs."

"Okay but ya gotta leave some for the rest of us unlike last time 'kay?"


"Now that that's settled lets begin"


OMGZ why do I think Mich is cute? Rizzy! Stop right there! Sigh. like Soki says: " The wandering path of life never stands still." But right now I feel lost, with out gun in hand, or map in hand.