Bella POV

It was late at night and everyone was downstairs talking to each other about me and I couldn't take it anymore. I jumped out of the second story window and landed on my feet. I ran through the forest and just kept running until I reached a point where the atmosphere changed. Everything was so calm and I then I heard a howl. I looked around for the source and saw nothing. I snarled to let whoever it was that I was here. A large wolf appeared out of the trees with russet fur. I leaned away in fear and the wolf barked at me. My eyes grew huge and I tried to run but it jumped on me. I yelled in pain and looked up at the wolf with its teeth bared. I stared it in the eye and gasped. Jacob! The wolf started to crush my side and I sucked in a breath.

"Stop!" I screamed. I heard a bone break and cringed away from it. Jacob looked down at me and gave me a wolfy grin.

"Jake please your hurting me," I cried. Jacob looked at me with pain in his eyes. He backed away and I rolled over on my good side. I got up slowly and a wolf bigger then Jacob walked up to me and growled. Jake jumped in front of me and growled at the wolf. I looked up at Jake with fear because there were four other big werewolves circling me. I saw a gap in the wolves and ran back to Edward as fast as I could.

Jacob POV

It was getting dark outside and I was scanning the forest for the new vampire that had came to town. I howled to the full moon and then I heard a snarling. I stepped out of the trees and saw the source. I barked at the vampire and her eyes grew huge and she went to run.

I've got the vampire Sam get the pack and come by me.

I jumped on the frightened vampire and she yelled in pain and looked up at me. Something changed in her expression and then she gasped. I leaned hard on her side with all my weight.

"Stop!" she screamed. I heard one of her bones break and she cringed. I gave her my frightening wolfy grin.

"Jake please your hurting me," she cried. Bella.

Were here Jake the whole pack.

I backed away and Bella rolled over on her good side. She got up slowly and Sam was right behind her and he growled at her. I jumped in front of her and growled at Sam.

It's Bella stop.

It doesn't matter she's still a newborn vampire.

Bella looked at me frightened as Paul, Jared, Embry and Quil surrounded her. I saw her look at a gap in the wolves and she ran back through the forest.

How could you let her get away!?