A/N – I do not own Eric, Sookie or any of the other characters in the SVM books. They belong to the most talented writer, Charlaine Harris. The scenario and story itself was almost entirely "borrowed" from a book I read from Alyssa Brooks and Larissa Lyons "Orchids and Orgasms". I did change a lot of things though, to make it a little bit more interesting and captivating.

So here you have the uncut, un-beta'd version of my "Trick or a Treat … Eric is What I want to Eat!" I decided to leave the One-shot as I published it and post this longer version as a 3 chapter story with a different title. A lot of words have been changed, erased or added.

Do be careful. This is not a story for under 18 or for the weak of heart. You have been warned.

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Balls. I owned them.

Orgasms. He gave me plenty.

Orchids. What I most wanted from him and never got.

He'd given me the orgasms. I wanted the orchids, as well. Velvety, long curling leaves, beautiful and heavily veined, like the underside of his cock.

Dammit! Why was I thinking of Eric again? And, why now? This was my wedding rehearsal, for heaven's sake. I should be over him. My body should have long forgotten about his. How he was able to set me on fire with a single look. No! I was over him! I had to stop or I'd drive myself nuts!

Balls! I should never have allowed Amelia to talk me into using these damned ben-wa balls. My best friend meant well but I didn't think the balls were having the right effect. They were supposed to be strengthening my inner pelvic muscles for my wedding night, while gently arousing me, so that by tomorrow, I'd be ready to attack Bill like a wildcat. And maybe enjoy our sex for once. Instead, all I could think of was... Eric.

Eric, Eric, Eric. Thoughts of my ex-boyfriend were driving me insane. "Sookie? Did you hear me?" Smoothing the front of my tiny red dress and adjusting my wings, I turned towards the pastor.

Wings? Yes, I had them. But, I was no angel. Tonight, I was a faerie. A very bad faerie! Red and hot as Fire. On fire. I wanted to whimper at the heat wave I was feeling inside my core as I squeezed the internal muscles of my girl, clasping the balls tight. But I had to talk now, not whimper. "I'm sorry? What?" Gently arousing? My panties were soaking wet.

The elderly man nodded graciously, the lines of his face wrinkling in gentle humor. "Getting nervous? Are you ready, my dear?"

Crap. Had I done anything weird? I shifted my stance and a wonderful sensation radiated through my pussy. Was that my g-spot? Damn! I had to stand still. Answer him. And, not whimper! "Of course not. I'm ready." To get laid!

I heard a snicker and glanced at Amelia, who was trying vainly not to bust a gut laughing. I could strangle her. Amelia mouthed, 'Are they working?' then had the audacity to wink. I only squeezed my legs tighter together.

"It's natural to worry, my dear." The preacher's voice was soothing—but doing no good for my current affliction. "But we'll all be here to support you and everything will go just fine, you'll see."

Stand still, stand still, stand still. "Thank you."

"Now, we're finished with the rehearsal. Unless you have any questions?"

"No. I believe I'm... good." I blinked. "Um, I'm good." Except for the part where I was losing my mind. And about to orgasm in a church.

"Thank God." My fiancé sounded as though I'd been putting him through labor. "I'm starving. Come on, darling."

Bill headed for the church's immense doors without even waiting for me. His best friend, Clancy, in tow—a snobbish jerk I couldn't stand. Most of the wedding party followed quickly behind them, murmuring among themselves, making me feel like a huge inconvenience. Was everyone so hungry? Should I have chosen an earlier rehearsal time?

Maybe if I'd been more focused on the rehearsal—instead of these damned Ben-Wa balls—they'd be eating already. It was all my fault. I was screwing everything up. But this was no ordinary wedding... it was my wedding! I'd only get one and I wanted it to be absolutely perfect. Yet it felt far from perfect. Everything was in order but something felt wrong. Dreadful.

It had to be the Ben-Wa balls.

Or Eric.

I really had to stop that; thinking about him was off limits. Eric should no longer exist in my vocabulary or in my thoughts. With a sigh, I turned toward the front of the church. Only a day left and it would be overflowing with guests, fresh orchid bouquets and happiness. Just like I wanted.

"Excited?" Amelia came up beside me, smiling widely.

Not like I should be, I thought."Not like you mean," I said. It was nice seeing Amelia so happy but I wasn't ready to forgive her for suggesting the damn balls.

"I was talking about the wedding." Amelia laughed. Too bad her enthusiasm wasn't contagious.

"Yeah. So was I."

Amelia grabbed my arm and tugged me closer. "After dinner," she whispered, "I'm throwing you one heck of a bachelorette party. It's Halloween and tomorrow you're getting married—to Bill! Or not... depending on how the night goes."

"Bachelorette party? I thought my aunt said not to waste..."

"Pfft! What your aunt doesn't know won't hurt her. Ready? The sooner we eat, the sooner va-va-voom." Amelia shimmied and held her mouth open, as though she was watching a male stripper.

Amelia and her famed Halloween parties. I had been to all of them. All except one. Last year's. I never got to attend it because my car broke down on the way to her house. That was when I met Eric. He was just passing in his tow truck on his way to a party when he saw my car standing in the middle of the road. And I was inside it. Dressed as an angel. He stopped in front of my car. And I almost had a heart attack when he got out of the truck. He was the hottest mechanic I'd ever seen.

He was dressed as Thor, the Nordic god of thunder. Hammer in hand and all. Thunderstruck, I fell in love right then and there. I still was. Well, needless to say, I never made it to the party. Nor he to his. He recharged my batteries pretty good. My car's and mine.

We were together for six wonderful months. I was ready to marry him. But, he said he wasn't "husband material" and wouldn't get married. Ever. So, I broke up with him. Then, Bill, who I had known all my life, came into the picture. And, I was soon going to marry him. I liked Bill, but I didn't love him. I loved Eric. No matter, he was past. Bill was my present and my future. I'd learn how to love him with time. Eric had no right to be in my mind and heart anymore.

Coming out of my reveries, I noticed Amelia was looking great in her costume. She really was a wicked witch and so the attire couldn't be more her. Ah yes, costumes! What were a fairie and a witch doing inside a church in a wedding rehearsal? Well, rehearsing, of course. Crazy? Impossible?

No, not really. It was Halloween. And my aunt, Sophie-Anne, and I loved it. So, this was the perfect time for my wedding. However, the crazy idea of wearing costumes to church was totally hers. Definitely not something a high society lady would do, but she couldn't care less. Neither could I.

My aunt really loved Halloween. And, to be a queen. This year, she was a vampire queen. As for the others, Bill was Prince Charming, my bridesmaids were amazons and the groomsmen were musketeers. The pastor was an old friend of my aunt's and he agreed to the whole craziness. The only thing he didn't agree was having to wear one himself. Then, again, he wore one every day! Blasphemy! Did I just make a joke about a holy man? The balls!

Oh, God! The balls! I laughed, squeezing my newly toned PC muscles for all they were worth. My crotch had an urgent and unavoidable date with the bathroom. "I'll catch up with you at the restaurant," I told my friend.

"Going to catch a quickie with someone?" Amelia gave me a wink and a very wicked grin.

I flashed what I hoped was a secretive smile and watched Amelia join the other bridesmaids, who were jostling and flirting with the groomsmen as they exited the building. Inside, I suddenly wanted to cry. Or hit someone. Or have an orgasm.

"Sookie, dear? Aren't you coming?" My aunt asked, looking at her watch. "We're late for our reservation."

"I need a moment, all right?"

Her aunt harrumphed in displeasure. "Don't be long. I'll tell Bill to wait for you." And she left.

A second later, the wooden doors closed, the tiny click echoing throughout the ornate building. I was alone. Beautiful satin bows entwined with silk orchids adorned every pew. I stepped forward to finger one. Tomorrow, I and my attendants would be carrying the real thing. Why wasn't I more excited?

I couldn't deny that deep inside I was questioning my decision to marry Bill. But why? He was perfect husband material. Blue-eyed, dark hair, handsome as a movie actor, Bill had a solid reputation in New Orleans, a respectable upbringing, a thriving import-export business and a desire for children. What more could I want? My family loved him. My friends loved him (except Amelia). He loved me! I loved Eric.

Eric. I gritted my teeth at the forbidden thought. I had to get these damn balls out of my swollen pussy and him out of my mind. Tomorrow I was starting a new life. It was time to leave the old one behind. I spun on my foot and headed towards the bathroom. As I was passing the back door, the sound of deep laughter made me pause. I turned the handle and opened the door a fraction, listening.

"My damn balls can't get any bluer," I heard Bill complain. "The way Sookie has been holding out on me, I've been dying... Well, except for that hot little..."

Clancy chuckled. "Bet you can't wait until tomorrow night."

"Are you kidding? It's past time I shifted gears and drilled into her sweet little ass."

My eyes widened. My stomach churned. The jerk! I shoved the door open with all my might, knocking into one of them. The ugly scent of tobacco greeted my nose. Disgusting! My fiancé stumbled down two steps, almost dropping a glowing cigar in the process.

"Shit, Sookie!"

A roar of thunder boomed in the distance as I stepped outside. To the west, gray clouds loomed threateningly. A warning… from God perhaps? A symbol of my wrath? Or a portent of things to come if I proceeded in going through with this wedding? I shook off the unwanted thoughts.

"Oops," I said brightly, secretly wishing I'd knocked him on his ass. Perfect husband material? He couldn't wait to drill into me? Bastard.

"Smoking, Bill?"

"Just one. I'm celebrating." He straightened, painting on a charming smile that could make any woman melt. Even me. Damn, he was handsome. And rich. And he came from good stock. Aunt Sophie-Ann always said breeding counted for everything.

"Celebrating? What?" Drilling into me?

Bill stepped closer. My nose wrinkled from the stinky smoke.

"Tomorrow I'm marrying an angel." His fingers brushed my hair and I warmed inside. Marrying an angel? That was sweet. Maybe I hadn't enjoyed sex with Bill yet but I would. It was just… different… from how things had been with Eric.

"You know, the next time I have one of these," he lifted the cigar, "we'll have a baby boy."

A baby boy. Or a baby girl. That's what I wanted more than anything—marriage, a family, happily ever after. I wasn't exactly coming to our marriage pure, I reflected. The fact that he saw me as an angel had to be a good thing, wasn't it? I forced a big smile. Of course Bill was perfect. Any man needed grooming, right? As soon as we were married, I'd talk to him about respecting me and not smok...

A sliding sensation in my center grabbed my attention. The balls! "Oh shit!" Both men stared at me. One of the Ben-Wa balls had slipped free and was now rolling around in the crotch of my panties. I fought back a moan, then couldn't help laughing. Thank God I hadn't worn a thong. I clenched my pussy muscles to hold the second ball in and squeezed my thighs together.

"Bill, I don't want my car to smell like smoke. Why don't you ride with Clancy and I'll meet you there?"

"Sure, darling..." Barely giving him time to say these words, I turned and ducked back into the building.


Over my dead body.

Concealed beneath a willow tree in the church parking lot, I tightened my white-knuckled grip on the narrow steering wheel of my Corvette. It took all of my restraint not to jump from the car, chase Compton down and pound pretty boy's interest in Sookie away. I watched my girl—my ex-girl—dash back inside the church.

Meanwhile, Compton and his butt buddy headed to a pathetic excuse for a sports car. Nothing but a tin bucket—just like Compton. Flimsy outside, empty inside. What was Compton doing, anyway? Leaving her? It was their rehearsal, for Christ's sake. Even I had better manners than that.

Jesus, she'd looked so beautiful. The way she smiled, gestured. Sookie oozed sexuality, from her silky blond hair, to her heavily lashed, huge blue eyes and full, pouting lips. On the same note, her body was far from innocent—she had more curves than a race track. One glance at her was like a punch to the gut—or rather, cock. The sight of her alone was enough to make me hard.

I had to stop Sookie from marrying Compton. She was making the biggest mistake of her life. Compton could never make her happy. Not that I thought I could but Compton damn sure couldn't. And Sookie was too appealing to suffer a pig like that. I was certain I'd never sleep again if I didn't stop her. My damnable conscience was keeping me up at night—every night— that's why I had come to the church.

On Halloween's night dressed in a Dracula costume. I was supposed to already be at my friend's party, trying to have some fun, but instead I ended up outside the church. Pam was surely going to have my balls for arriving late. Or for not showing up at all, if I had my way!

Compton's butt buddy revved the engine and peeled wheels from the parking lot. Showing off… how mature. Everyone else had already left. Acting on instinct, I grabbed my keys, leapt from the car and sprinted to the door I'd seen Sookie disappear into. Easing the door open, I stepped inside the cool sanctuary.

Jesus! There before me, by the grace of God, was Sookie—bent over, with her hands in her panties. I grinned.

"Now, I don't doubt a pansy like Compton can't satisfy you, lover, but is this really the time and place?"


Oh sweet Jesus! "Eric?" I hissed under my breath.

My fingers grappled in the crotch of my underwear for the elusive damned ball. And, luckily, I found it and trapped it inside my fisted hand. Then I turned around to face the bane of my existence, Eric Northman.

Hungry for him, I devoured the vision of sin personified—shoulder-length blond hair, body of a sculpted Greek god, captivating blue orbs. He was dressed as Dracula. Wicked and wonderful. Irresistible. And he'd been mine. For a time.

Where was his ever-present leather jacket, I wondered, catching a faint whiff of the garage that always seemed to cling to him, even fresh from the shower. Leather and motor oil—two things synonymous with Eric. Two things guaranteed to turn me on.

He had a long black cape on. And beneath it he was wearing tight, black jeans and an even tighter black t-shirt, bulging in all the right places. My fingers itched to trace his sculpted pecs, to raise the left sleeve of his shirt so I could set my eyes on the Viking adorning his muscular bicep. The sight of the tattoo always made me drool. The scent of Eric made me pant. God, I was wet. And ready. I wanted to fuck him. Bad.

He walked until he was just in front of me. And, slowly he grabbed my closed hand and opening it, he stole the ball from me. I was so hypnotized that I let him do it. Stupid me! Eric held the gold, glistening ball at eye level and sniffed. His nostrils flared. "Smells like you. Would it taste like you too, I wonder?"

"Give that back!" I shook free of my stupor and reached for it but he snatched his hand away and I lurched, almost losing my balance. The movement jiggled the second ball between my legs and I tried to suck it up. Damn Eric! Damn these balls!

"Nej. Tell me what it is and I might let you have it." His Swedish "no" and wicked grin reminded me how much I loved Swedish imports: him… I meant, it, it, the sex, anything but him!

"What are you doing here?" I clenched my thighs in an effort to prevent further embarrassment. Why had I listened to Amelia? My pussy muscles were fine, thank you very much!

His piercing eyes took in the flower-bedecked pews lining the aisle. "I see you have your orchids. Not much of an odor to them, is there?"

"I mean it, Eric. Tell me what you're doing here."

"Tell me what this is first," he inquired.


He looked at the ball, then popped it in his mouth, swirling it around. His cheeks inverted as he sucked. "Delicious. A real treat!"

"Oh disgusting." I looked away. I had enough issues to deal with without… that.

"I used to lick you all the time. You didn't think that was disgusting. But now that you mention it," he said, shifting the ball to the other side of his mouth, "I see what you mean. That was kinda... dirty." Putting his hand to my nape, he pulled me to him. Our noses brushed. "What do you say we get dirty together, Sookie?"

A heartbeat later, he meshed our lips. At the taste of him, I shattered. I forgot where, what, who I was. Instead, I became Eric's sex-starved Sookie. I sucked on his tongue, loving the thick glide of it against mine as he plundered my mouth.

His hands roamed my back and butt, warming me, heating my crotch to boiling. When he grabbed a handful of ass and kissed me harder, I moaned in appreciation. Then, something clanked against my teeth—the ball! Eric was trying to thrust the damn ball into my mouth. Dick-whipped for him or not, I drew the line there. It took all of my willpower but I broke free, spitting out the hated ball. It fell to the floor with a plop.

"Stop!" I turned my head to the side, unable to believe what I'd just allowed to happen. Just participated in. Encouraged. "A kiss doesn't change anything. I could have just kissed the minister and I'd still be getting married tomorrow."

I licked my swollen lips. His taste, mingled with mine, brought it all back. All of my dreams, all of the heartache. His fingers brushed my chin, pulling my gaze back to him.

"But you didn't. You kissed me." The look in his eyes went straight to my soul. I wanted to scream at the thought of marrying anyone but him.

"Why are you here? Why are you doing this to me?" I wrenched away. What had I just done? I was getting married to Bill—to the perfect guy. The perfect guy who smoked and drilled? Dammit! Now I just wanted to puke. And, fuck Eric. "Leave me alone! You had your chance."

"Sookie, you can't marry him." His voice was firm. As if it was his place to tell me what to do! I wanted to smack him. The absolute nerve! Showing up out of nowhere, thinking he had any say in my life. I tried to shove past him.

"Move. I need to get to the restaurant and then I have to go to my Halloween bachelorette party."

"Sookie, hear me out. Compton isn't the guy for you."

"Neither are you." He grabbed me again, trying to force me to meet his gaze.

"You can't marry him."

Needing to see the look in his eyes, to see if he felt anything, I lifted my gaze. Concern, love even, sparkled in his baby blues. I'd never seen his gaze glow like that, like the hottest part of a flame. I was confused to my very core. Eric had made it clear I was nothing but a fling to him. He'd had six months—six months!—to convince me otherwise. Did he care? Perhaps enough not to want to see me with another man. But not enough to commit to me. And he had the gall to tell me I couldn't marry Bill?

"I can't? Oh, I think I can. I think I will. Now go to your party and have fun, vampire. I don't want to see you ever again."

"You don't have to. Just don't marry Compton."

"Oh I see. This isn't about you—us—you're just here to save the day?" I couldn't face him another second. He was killing me inside.

"You know how I feel about marriage, Sookie. It's not for me. And Compton's not for you."

My heart collapsed in my chest. Ridiculously disappointed in him all over again, I shook my head.

"You gave up the right to have any say in my life when you decided you didn't want to be a part of it."

"You broke up with me," he replied while he slowly bent his knees to pick up the ball. After he did, he stood up and pocketed it. His eyes never left mine a single minute.

"Semantics. We didn't want the same thing. Still don't, obviously." We were finished. Over. We had to be.

Turning away, I headed towards the bathroom, struggling to hold in a sob. How could he be doing this to me? Now? After all this time, when I was finally getting him out of my system. Why did he just pop up out of nowhere, determined to ruin all my plans? No! Squaring my shoulders, I walked away standing tall. I'd forget all about Eric, retrieve the remaining damn ball from my pussy and rush to the restaurant where...

Strong arms wrapped around me in a vise. Eric yanked me against him.

"What are you doing, Eric?" Kicking, I twisted in his embrace. Up this close, his aftershave and the faintest hint of motor oil invaded my nostrils, throwing me off guard. Then, in a quick movement, he spun me around. I started pounding against his granite chest, trying to push him away, when all I really wanted to do was pull him closer.

Suddenly, his hands cupped my bottom and he lifted me off the floor. I screamed as he propelled me over his shoulder with a whoosh. My stomach landed hard against him, knocking the breath out of me.

"Ahem..." From behind my butt, a throat cleared. The minister! "Eh hem! Is, uh, everything all right?" The holy man said and I burned with embarrassment.

Eric swung to face the minister, leaving me dangling over his shoulder. Then the jerk had the nerve to pat my bottom. Good Lord, I was practically mooning the preacher. Why had I let my crazy Aunt convince me to come dressed as my favorite being? I should be wearing pants now, not a tiny little red dress with strapped angel-like wings.

"Everything is fine, sir, just fine," Eric told him in a calm voice that belied the effort he made to hold on to my wriggling body.

The minister walked around and bent his knees, looking up at me, under my curtain of hair. His perplexed eyes studied me. "Miss Stackhouse? Is this Neanderthal part of the wedding party? A late arrival? A Halloween trick, perhaps?"

Blood rushed to my face as I tried to slip free of Eric's grasp. With a sigh, I gave up. Eric wasn't letting me go. Maybe I didn't want him to. "Men," I whined.

"Is he hurting you?" the pastor persisted.

A lot. But not enough for me to plead for help. "I never noticed how very red the carpet is," I mused, staring at the floor. Being in Eric's arms was making me lose my mind. Hanging upside down wasn't helping.

"Miss Stackhouse, do I need to call the authorities?"

I smacked Eric on his glorious ass. "That's not necessary. He's putting me down. Now!" He just jiggled me, stilling my complaint.

"What time's the wedding, tomorrow?" he asked. I just couldn't believe what was happening.

"Two." I could hear the worry in the pastor's tone.

"I'll have her back in time..." Eric grunted, "If she wants to be here." Swinging around, he kicked the door open and stomped down the stone staircase, jarring me with every step.


Sookie had left me no choice. A gust of wind buffeted us as I rushed to my car, carrying the squirming handful of woman. Overhead, clouds gathered, blocking out the last rays of the setting sun. A grim smile curved my lips. Wouldn't it be appropriate if her wedding was rained out? Too bad the nuptials weren't taking place outside. Ineffectual slaps landed on my thigh.

"This is crazy! Eric!"

"Woman, I didn't drop everything and drive all the way out here for you not to listen to me." I dumped her in the convertible's passenger seat.

She huffed and crossed her arms, her plump lips pressed flat but she issued no protest. From the look in her sparking blue eyes, it was apparent she was dying to know what I had to say but, equally strong was her desire to tell me to take a hike. I hopped over her into the driver's seat, yanked my keys from my pocket and shot her a glance. She hadn't moved. "Good girl."

"Go to hell."

"I can read you every time." I couldn't suppress a laugh. She was so damn sexy when she was angry. I'd missed her fire. And tonight she was a... my fiery looking faerie. Fucking delectable!

I revved the engine and a moment later we were exiting the parking lot. I veered onto a country road, heading away from town. The tree-lined drive blocked out what little light was left and I flicked on the headlights. "This area's beautiful," I commented, attempting to break the tension "I can see why you chose to get married here. Beats the hell out of the city."

"Bite me."

"Ah, Sookie. I love it when you talk dirty. And, don't forget I have sharp fangs tonight, so I might comply to your request... gladly!" I smirked and gave her a little wink.

Her presence captured me. The wind whipped her hair, blowing the long golden strands around her head, making her look wild. Wild and beautiful! My dick sprang to full attention and I almost let out a primitive growl.

She bit her lower lip and cast me a glare. "Keep your eyes on the road."

God, how I wished it was my mouth on those lush lips. "Damn, woman, you look gorgeous. I've missed you, lover."

She arched one brow. "Yet ironically, you let me go. You miss me but not enough to hold onto me. Not enough to start a life with me."

A streak of lightning bolted across the gray sky, punctuating her statement. It was growing darker. Silently, I considered her words. Was that really the way she saw it? I had a different opinion, one that made me think I was driving straight into two storms—one in my car, one outside of it.

"A life? Like your family would've stood for that. I can just imagine Christmas dinner, slummin' with the mechanic." I thought back to the one and only meal I'd endured with her family. Her aunt had apparently loved me. I could still recall the snidely voiced comment I'd overheard, 'Sookie, dear, go tell your grease monkey to wash his dirty hands. Dinner is almost ready.'

The remark had only confirmed what I'd already suspected—I wasn't family material, especially for someone of Sookie's caliber. Working on cars was a decent job, I'd told himself. It beat the hell out of stealing them, which is what I'd started out doing. I liked to live a simple life, but I wasn't poor. I had money. Plenty of it. Only I didn't have the pedigree that was needed to be a part of Sookie's family.

Sookie had defended me, protesting that if her aunt didn't show me some respect, Sookie would ask me to leave and go with me. But the damage had been done. While her defense had warmed me, it wasn't enough. Her aunt had only voiced what I already knew. Sookie was better off without me. But that didn't mean she should be with loose-loined Compton. Not even close.

"What's this you have against my family?" Sookie demanded.

"It's more like what they have against me." Sookie released a frustrated sigh and looked away. "Tell you what, let's talk about something else. What have you been doing with yourself?"

"Planning a wedding." Bitterness coated her words. "One you seem determined to ruin."

"That's it?"

"Nothing as mundane as working, if that's what you're getting at."

I ignored the dig but offered one myself. "I wasn't but it's nice to know nothing's changed."

"Turn around. I'm expected. I have commitments. Bill is going to wonder where I am."

I sped up. "Let him wonder."

"Sure, until he calls the police to report me missing." She twisted in her seat, facing me with narrowed eyes. They were spitting fire at the moment. "Come on, Eric. Whatever this is about, it's pointless."

"Pointless? After that kiss, I'm not buying it." Silent, Sookie fell back into her seat. Apparently the truth left her speechless. She wanted me. I knew it and she knew it. The question was, what to do about it? I could think of a hundred things. And they all centered around her body. I licked my lips, savoring the flavor—her flavor—that the golden ball had left in my mouth. One taste wasn't enough. "You got any more of those balls up there?" I asked while licking my lips.

"Eric…" She closed her eyes as though she could hide from me. From us.

We both wanted more than just a kiss. Maybe before I worried about convincing her that Compton was an asshole, I should prove her own feelings to her. She was marrying one man but she wanted another. Me. And, Eric Northman wasn't such a gentleman that he wouldn't take advantage of that.

My hand went to her knee. "Maybe I should check for myself. I am all for your... treats, tonight, lover!"


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