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"You were always good enough, Eric." I hugged myself in the safety of his jacket, inhaling his scent, a sexy combination of oil, leather and hard work. The smell of a man. "Always."

Eric looked desperate. I'd never seen him like this. "Say yes, Sookie. Say you'll spend the night with me. Please." He was begging – another first.

How could I turn him down? I didn't know if I could marry Eric—or Bill—now or not, but my heart, my future, deserved the chance. He'd asked for tonight. Could I give it to him? Knowing that he'd refrained from being intimate with other women for months, when my fiancé was complaining about four measly weeks without sex, screamed possibilities.

Maybe Bill was the biggest mistake of my life. Maybe getting married didn't matter all that much either. Maybe feeling as loved as I did in that instant was enough. I nodded slowly. Dinner was surely over—so much for my bachelorette party. I'd happily trade it all and them all for a night with Eric. "I'll need to call Amelia and let her know where I am."

"Whatever you want, my lover."

Eric reached across the seat to push the door open. Shaking and soaking wet, I scooted in. The moment my bottom squished across the seat, guilt flooded me. "Oh God, I'm sorry. Your seats!" I looked at the car, realizing for the first time all the work he'd done to the vehicle. "Your car… it's gorgeous!"

"Don't sweat it. The seats will dry." He chuckled, sounding relieved. "Besides, I replaced them once. I can do it again." He reached in the backseat, rooting around. "I'm more worried about you catching a cold."

My eyes took in the pristine interior, marveling at the changes he had made to the car. It had been almost destroyed in the accident and the owner was lucky to have come out of it alive, and in one piece. He had sold it to Eric for a very low price because his insurance company wasn't going to cover that much damage. He had even been thinking about sending it to a junkyard, but Eric convinced him to sell it to him. Even in the dark, the restored Corvette practically sparkled. I felt transported back in time.

"How long ago did you finish it? When we first started dating, you'd just bought this car and it was a..."

"A piece of shit?" He laughed again, tugging an old towel over the seat, likely one from his shop. "This is cleaner than it looks," he apologized, bringing it to my hair and slowly blotting the wet mess. "I've had a lot of free time to work on her lately. As much as I hate to say it, I'd rather it'd still be a piece of junk than to have lost the time with you."

I looked at him as he tenderly brushed a stray strand from my face, cherishing me. Did Bill ever make me feel this way? Had anyone but Eric? He reached out and stroked my cheek. "I love you, my faerie." I shivered inside, loving him just as much but unable to speak the words. Not yet. I cast about for something to say. Eric looked at me expectantly.

"I've been volunteering." Eric looked at me blankly. "You asked what I've been doing," I reminded him. "I've been volunteering at the Women's Relief Center. About the time we broke up, Arlene's boyfriend got rough with her and she landed in the hospital for a couple of days." I cleared my throat. I hated how thick it got every time I thought about that week.

Eric didn't say a word. Rain pattered on the convertible's top. The only other sound in the car was our breathing. "Um… Arlene went back to him for a while and it drove me nuts. I started learning what I could do and just... well, volunteering. I couldn't stand to see her hurt like that again or imagine other women in the same situation as hers."

Eric's hand moved into my hair, my neck, "I'm impressed."

"And surprised?"

"No, not really." He grinned, tracing my bottom lip. Tingles shot through me, clearing the unpleasant memory. "I always knew you had more in you than shopping and tea parties."

I laughed. "That's more my aunt than me."

"Don't I know it." Eric looked at me so adoringly, I felt like a real faerie princess.

How could he doubt himself? He was such a wonderful, amazing man. "You were always good enough for me," I felt compelled to tell him again. "To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure I deserve you, Eric."

He pulled away, releasing a frustrated breath. "Sookie, you need more than a dirty-fisted grease monkey. You..."

My eyes widened in realization. "What did you just call yourself?" When he didn't answer, I took the liberty of guessing. Inside, I knew. "You overheard my aunt that night! That's why you insisted on leaving early. All this time, I thought you'd been bored. That's why I didn't invite you back."

I couldn't believe it. It was no wonder he didn't feel comfortable around my family. I grabbed his chin and forced him to face me. "My snob of an aunt insulted you and I'm sorry but, Eric, that's not how I feel."

"I know. I heard you defend me but..."

"Being a mechanic is a respectable profession."

"But it's not enough for your family, Sookie. It never will be."

Was that why he'd refused to propose to me? Because of something my aunt said? He should know me better than that. "It doesn't matter, Eric. You're enough for me. Are you kidding? You're more than enough, simply because you love me. For God's sake, you're fixing cars, not stealing them!"

He shot me a wicked look. "I used to, you know. When I was a teenager in Sweden. Then I was sent here to live with some relatives and I stopped doing foolish things like that, altogether." He was grinning now.

I settled in my seat, loving the warmth that blasted from the vents, from our relaxed conversation. Loving how I still wanted to push him flat and take off his clothes.

Eric put the car in drive and took off at a leisurely pace. "Young and stupid. That was me." He laughed, throwing his head back and exposing his delicious neck. Suddenly, I felt very hungry.

"I... I'm hungry!" I blurted. Shit! Did I just say that out loud? Well, it was true. I was. Both for real food and... for him!

"Then this humble mechanic of yours will have to fix that and feed you, my lady," he told me with a wicked grin, winking at me.

Oh yes, I definitely wanted to push him flat and take off his clothes."That's what I love about you. You're so bad, but... so good." I flashed him a naughty grin, resting my palm on his upper thigh.

"I don't care about something you did as a kid. You're not doing it now and besides…" My fingers skimmed higher, outlining the growing ridge in his jeans, "It makes you all the more intriguing. A real treat... for me!".

* * * * *


"Woman!" I slammed on the gas, taking off with a screech of tires. "You have no idea what you're getting yourself into. So I'm a treat, am I? You're sooo bad! I'll show you if I'm a treat. Lover, how about I show you a little... trick?"

"Bring it on, bad boy. Bring it on. Trick or a treat... Eric is what I want to eat!" She said, surprising and pleasing the hell out of me. Little Miss Stackhouse, the fiery fairie was playing with fire itself and oh yes... she was going to get burned. Oh yes, she was.

I quirked my eyebrow and gave her a cocky smirk. Then, I truly laughed out loud at the shameless, lustful, expectant look on her face. My house couldn't get any closer. I was going to make sure she had the ride of her life. And afterward, I was never going to let her walk out of my life again. Ever again.

* * * * *


As soon as we entered his room, Eric swept the bedspread back, exposing crisp, white sheets. Less than a second later, his hands were all over me.

"Let's get those wet clothes off." His fingers pressed into my waist as he kissed my neck. "You look so damn sexy wearing my jacket."

"Maybe I should leave it on then." I ran my hands over the supple leather, pressing it against my breasts.

"Mmm…" He nibbled my jaw, tiny bites that sent sparks through me and pulled the jacket off, tossing it at the head of the bed. "Maybe you should but first, this dress comes off, before you catch a cold."

Cold? Demonstrating cavemen antics that only heated my blood, Eric ripped my dress open, sending my little wings flying into the air. His breath was hot on my cheek as he circled me, coming up to whisper from behind my ear, "You do remember your promise, don't you?"

From beneath my arms, Eric allowed his fingers to tease the exposed portion of my breasts. I stood on my tiptoes and leaned into his hands, wishing he'd touch me more thoroughly… wishing he'd quit teasing, rip the rest of my clothes off and jump me!

"Promise?" I murmured as he tugged the damp clothes from my body. My wet dress slid down my body in a slippery caress, landing on the floor. "You mean to spend the night with you?"

"I want all of you." His hands left my shoulders and cupped my naked bottom. "I want to make you completely mine." Slowly, he ran his fingers along my torso, torturing me with the meandering, whisper-like appraisal, while he leaned in close, rubbing his erection against my back. "You promised, lover… "

"I didn't exactly promise."

"Promise me now." He whispered in my ear while he reached around my chest, hugged me tight and squeezed my breasts. With his legs, he coaxed me towards the bed. His knees bent, pressing into the backs of mine, while he ground his cock along the crevice of my butt. "Promise me I can have you, any way I want, whenever I want… all night long." His mouth latched onto my neck, sucking and kissing, as he pinched my nipples. "You want to be mine, don't you, lover? In every way possible…"

I leaned into his fierce attack, circling my hips so that both sides of my bottom rubbed against his thick dick. A rush of arousal slid from my pussy. Fireworks exploded within my chest, spreading across my breasts in a heated flush. No one but Eric could make me feel like this, so ready to orgasm from his mere touch, as though I was nothing but a sex-machine built to take him inside me and ride him forever.

"Mmm… and what do I get in return?"

"Lots and lots... and lots of pleasure," he promised, "just like my Sookie likes." He drew my already pert nipples into peaks and squeezed. Moaning, I lifted my chest as a tidal wave slammed through me. I wanted him in me… badly.

"Eric... " I whimpered. No man had been inside me like that before and the thought made me nervous. But how could I deny him? Moisture dripped between my legs, my pussy hot and swollen, ready, my rear opening puckered and anxious. I wanted him, wanted it, wanted everything Eric had to offer.

Cupping my breasts fully, he massaged the sensitive flesh and licked along my neck. "If I hurt you, just say mercy and I'll stop." Eric scraped the tips of his blunt fingernails against my nipples. Exquisite pleasure-pain tore through my chest. Nipping the side of my neck, he easily ripped my pitiful strapless bra with a quick snap of his wrist. "Anything else you tell me, I'll consider play."

"Oh yeah?" I laughed and rotated in his embrace, turning to him and pressing my hands to his chest. I pouted my lips.

"Like 'Spank me, Eric, I've been a bad girl'. And 'When are you going to strip, Eric? I want to see your sexy butt'."

"You're playing with fire, lover," he warned, toeing off his boots. Staring at me with wicked intent, he removed his black cape first and then his shirt in slow motion, stretching the black knit past his broad shoulders and over his head.

"Umm, mmm." I watched the show, drinking in the sight of his bare, sculpted chest. He unfastened the top button on his pants and stopped, leaving my mouth watering at the memory of what I knew lay hidden beneath that fabric. "So, you're a hungry Vampire tonight? Dangerous stuff. Wanna bite me? Eat me?" I teased him.

He chuckled low and deep, the laugh of the devil himself. "You have been bad. Matter of fact, very, Very, VERY bad, the more I think on it." Wrapping his arms around me, Eric sank down on the bed and yanked me over his knees.

"Eric!" I squealed, rearing up, only to be pushed back down. I'd been kidding! Kidding!

Holding me firmly with one arm, Eric undid the remaining buttons of his pants and pushed them to his knees with his other hand, so that I lay over his bare thighs. I took advantage of my prone position and peeled off his socks. Then, wiggling on my stomach I helped him kick the pants free from his legs. The thin hair on his thighs tickled my belly and breasts.

"Can I help it if ..." My words ended in a squeal as Eric placed his palms on my ass, kneading both cheeks. "Mmm, now that's more like ..." Smack. Had he just spanked my ass? Shocked, I held my breath. Smack! He had! "Eric!" Smack! Smack! Again, his hand landed on my bare bottom with a sting—not enough to hurt but enough to send desire spiraling through my loins. Smack! "Eric!" I wriggled then stilled, realizing that I was literally dripping all over his thighs, getting him all wet.

His hand roamed over my rear, to the apex of my legs. He dipped his fingers inside my pussy and started spreading my cream upward, between my clenched cheeks. "You promised…" he taunted, returning between my thighs to gather more moisture. I bit my lip and consciously relaxed the muscles of my bottom. Eric slid his slick fingers up the exposed crevice and over and around my entrance. I flinched at the touch. "A very bad girl," he chuckled. Smack, smack, smack! Using his free hand, he popped me a little harder that time, enough to make my bottom burn. "But you like it, don't you?"

I… I… Crap! "Oh my gosh! Eric. I wasn't serious!" But I couldn't deny the weird feelings rushing through me—unease combined with excitement in my stomach, the way my pussy was becoming so wet, so needy, the way my ass kept flaring open, wanting his touch. His heavy erection pressed into my stomach and I rubbed against it.

"Ah, yes, you were very... naughty, lover." The hands fondling my bottom tightened on each cheek, then slid deeper, into no-man's-land. I had to bite back a moan when he teased my back entrance with his fingertips. But I couldn't keep my bottom from arching toward him, silently asking for more. "That's my bad girl. I like it when you're bad. So I can... teach you."

"Teach me," I groaned, digging my nails into his leg. Moisture rained down between my thighs. Eric had raised my desire to such a fever pitch he could do anything—anything—to me and...

"Running away from me." Smack! "Almost catching your death in a storm!" Smack!

"I won't, ever again. I promise!" I cried. I was on fire for him. "Fuck me, Eric. Please!"

Smack! "Being difficult!" Smack! "Demanding I propose to you!" Smack! "Leaving me!" Smack! "Marrying another man!" Smack! Smack! Smack! "Oh God, Sookie!" His hand landed softly on my bottom, stroking the tender flesh. "No! No more running or staying away from me. EVER. Promise me you won't leave me again, Sookie?"

My ass felt red-hot. My pussy convulsed with the need to be filled. I didn't want him to stop the sensuous torture but I scrambled to sit up anyway. His hard cock pressed against me as I straddled him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and made him look at me.

"Eric..." He had a very serious, almost painful look on his eyes. I cupped his face in both of my hands and kissed him. "I'm sorry. I promise, I won't..." I whispered, my lips brushing his.

"I can't lose you, Sookie. Woman, I can't lose you." His fingers clenched my bottom and dug into the tender flesh. "I want you to be mine. All mine and mine alone."

Reaching behind him, I grabbed his jacket and slipped it back on. Holding his chin, I stared in his eyes—they overflowed with emotion. "Then make me yours. I'm here for the taking."

"Oh God, Sookie." His mouth crashed into mine, devouring my lips as if he would consume me. Pulling me with him, he fell back on the bed, kissing me passionately. He kissed me so completely I would've told him yes, I'd marry him, if my tongue hadn't been so wondrously occupied.

* * * * *


My hands were everywhere, touching her, pinching and pulling, massaging and stroking—over her breasts, her ass, her pussy, her back and shoulders, up and down her legs... everywhere.

Our bodies entwined as we made love to each other with our mouths. Licking and sucking. Flicking and dancing. Tasting each other. Loving each other. It had never been like this. This wild. I'd never been consumed by such utter abandon. My tongue dove deep within her mouth. I rolled over on top of her and pushed her shoulders into the mattress. The slick inner lining of my jacket slid over her breasts. She moaned. I groaned. Suddenly, I broke away, staring deep into her eyes. "Damn, lover, you're like a slice of heaven. How could I have ever let you slip away?"

Her hands met on my jaw, fingertips caressing my lips. "Don't ever let me go again. I'm yours, all yours."

Planting tiny pecks from her chin to her chest, I moved the jacket's edge with my nose and took one nipple into my mouth and sucked it deep into my mouth. My hand dove between her legs, swimming in her wetness. "I don't want you to regret this," I whispered.

"I won't. Not ever," she swore.

I rolled her over and positioned her on her knees. "Relax, okay?"

"I'll worry about me," she teased, "you just keep those home fires burning."

Meeting her challenge, I licked across her ass, my mouth and tongue alternating between biting and soothing while my hands claimed some of her rich sex cream and spread it over the crevice of her ass, until I reached her butt opening. The bud puckered at my touch, in invitation.

Since she couldn't see my face, I didn't hide my grin as I tasted the dimples above her butt before I licked a slow path up her spine. I nibbled on her shoulder blades, then let my breath drift across the nape of her neck. Not kissing her, not teasing those downy soft hairs hiding beneath her tousled mane, not even touching her. I stayed still, just letting her sense my primitive need to take her, to make her mine, by showing her the changes her nearness had wrought upon my breathing.

In that heightened moment, I swore I felt her heart beat faster in the air pulsing between us. My blood pounded in perfect cadence to that sensuous tempo. No words were needed. I tapped the inside of her thighs and she stretched them wider. While bestowing open-mouthed, nuzzling kisses on the back of her head and inhaling the flowery aroma of her shampoo, I speared the entrance to her pussy with two fingers. I rocked those fingers in and out of her wetness, rotating my hand to brush the callused pad of my thumb over her bottom hole. Lightly. A barely-there sweep across that extremely sensitive knot of nerves.

Sookie wiggled and panted, bumping her hips, trying to wrest control from me, frantic for deeper contact. A quick slap on her heart-shaped ass and she gasped. I tugged her closer to me so she was perched up high on her knees; her arms were in a "V" above her head. Her hands were fisted into the sheets. Tilting the lower half of her body to my liking, I removed my fingers from her pussy and parted her ass cheeks. Goddamn, she was gorgeous... all of her.

I ran my wet tongue in an extended line from her clit over her slippery slit, to circle that secret portal with the very tip of my tongue. She whimpered a strangled sound of need. Several times I followed that same pathway and with each thorough, more intimate pass, her body softened, preparing for the invasion into that place no man's cock had ever breached.

Mine. Possession rolled through my blood. No matter what happened in the future, tonight she'd be mine in a way she'd never be to any other man and she'd damn well remember it forever. Once again, I coated my fingers in her pussy's juices and pressed one, then another slowly inside her ass. She moaned softy, thrusting her butt back.

I scissored my fingers in that dark recess, then pumped, stretching the untried muscles. My breathing was labored, as was hers, the desperate sounds the only noises in the concentrated silence as I prepared her. No more sweet, coaxing kisses. Lingering touches. She was fully aware of what was happening. With the spicy scent of her arousal, I was fully aware of how badly she wanted it.

I inserted two of my fingers from my other hand in her pussy and pumped them in and out. At the same time, I kept pumping the other fingers from my other hand into her ass. She shuddered. After a few thrusts, I removed my fingers from her pussy and spread her cream all over my hard as steel cock. With that same hand I pushed her shoulders down on the bed, afterward, until the side of her face rested against the mattress. Then, I removed my fingers from her ass and holding her cheeks apart with my hands, I placed the thick crown of my shaft on that puckered rosette and pushed in.

Sookie clenched. I growled and probed harder, and little by little she relaxed the rigid ring of muscles. My breathing was loud as I felt the head of my cock disappear inside her tight hole. I reached around with one hand. My fingers pressed against the hood of her clit, seeking it out, while behind her, I pushed inside, slowly, opening her to take my full erection. Inch by Inch.

The pressure was intense enough to make her gasp. I gritted my teeth. She was so fucking tight. So fucking perfect. Goddamn, I wanted to ream her. Just ram the remaining length of my dick into her impossibly tight channel until my hips were nestled between those softly rounded cheeks. Until she felt every damn inch of my hard cock impaling her virgin ass and my balls slapping her clit. Feeling every bit of my invasion so she'd never forget who'd initiated her into these dark desires she'd been willing me to satisfy.

When I was buried as far in as I could go, I expelled a quiet breath. I felt my blood pounding in my head, in my neck, in my arms, in my cock, all pulses like insistent sticky whispers urging me to move. Hard. Fast. Now. Prove to her who her ass and everything her belonged to.

She clenched and released, grinding back into me, a clear sign she was ready for more. That was all it took. I slid halfway out and slammed back in. Twice. Three times. Four. This wouldn't last long. I couldn't hold out against the breath-stealing sensation of that tighter clasp milking me on every upstroke. I pumped faster, my left hand gripped her hip, holding her in place while my right hand between her drenched thighs plumped her clit.

She wailed and bucked. The bed frame banged into the wall as I banged her with little finesse. Just raw, dirty sex. My cock tunneling in and out of that tight portal was the hottest thing I'd ever seen. My thrusts rivaled the power of a rocket booster and I was damn close to detonation. Sweat dripped down my spine. I rubbed her swollen clit persistently. It throbbed beneath my fingers and she screamed as her first orgasm burst across her wet sex in juicy ripples.

Her internal muscles clamped around my cock as her climax continued to spasm, reverberating through me. My balls drew up. I came so fast and so hard I nearly passed out as spurt after spurt of come jetted against those amazingly snug walls, until I was depleted and mindless, and weak.

When my eyes finally opened from near darkness behind my lids—my damn eyeballs had rolled clean back in my head, a case of vertigo tipped me sideways. I swayed and almost collapsed on top of her. When I steadied myself by running a trembling hand up her sweaty back, her whole body shuddered. Her chest heaved and masses of curly hair covered her beautiful face.

Jesus. I'd acted like an absolute brute. Shame bloomed across my cheeks. "Sookie? Lover, are you okay?" No answer.

Sookie sucked in a harsh breath as I slowly removed my cock and her whole body flopped to the bed. Gently, I smoothed her hair and laid down, spooning behind her. Luckily, she didn't squirm away from my touch. She didn't say a single word, either. I held her in silence for the longest time. Wanting to demand answers, needing reassurance I hadn't hurt her.

She stayed uncharacteristically quiet. I pressed my lips to the back of her head. "You ever gonna talk to me again?"

"Yeah. I'm just a little stunned right now, to tell you the truth."

A long sigh escaped from me, ruffling her hair. "In a good way or a bad way?"

"Both." Both? I just looked at her with a puzzled look on my face.

A beat passed, then she explained, "Good, because I just experienced the most intense moment of my life. I've never had a man worshiping me the way you did tonight, Eric. Like I was…everything to you," she whispered. "I've never been utterly incapable of speech because I couldn't think beyond how you felt on me. In me. My world has never been distilled down to such an elemental need. Bad, because... because it scares me to death how much I need you."

Now I was absolutely stunned. And scared shitless. I'd never been more in tune with a woman—a woman who was the one for me. Instead of trying to come up with flowery love words or a sly retort, I kissed her. Pouring my heart and soul into that sweet, steady mating of mouths, hoping she understood all I was feeling. Things had changed between us. I loved her and she loved me and there was no way we could not not be together. Forever.

* * * * *


I couldn't believe I had waited so long to let him have me completely. How could I have even considered marrying Bill? Eric was all I ever wanted, needed... I loved him. I truly did and I would love him always.

While we just laid there in his bed I did a mental replay of what had just happened. God! It was amazing! I felt thoroughly and exquisitely fucked now! There had been a pinch of pain—almost like being a virgin all over again—as my body adjusted to his. It had faded and I had moved against him, twitching my hips and welcoming him, offering myself up to him. I had wanted it all. I wanted him. Forever. Marriage or not.

With a loud groan, Eric had leaned forward, pressing his fingers deep into my pussy while his cock lunged inside my ass, pleasuring me from all angles. My breath had caught in my throat. No one had ever completed me like that before, filling me to the brim, both physically and emotionally.

The long slow glide of Eric's cock moving deep inside me, the leisurely, methodical strokes of his fingers inside my pussy… Jesus, the man totally worshiped me. As if in slow motion, I had felt every particle of my body wrap around his, squeezing him, rippling against him while I milked every bit of erotic bliss from the moment.

Eric had ravaged me. He had made time stop. He had made our union special and unique. Over and over, as if nothing else but the two of us existed and mattered. My hands had fisted in the sheets while several whimpers escaped my lips. My loins had twitched and I had felt a catch, deep inside my pussy, heralding my coming powerful orgasm. After I had my first orgasm, Eric never stopped moving. If anything, he slid deeper and faster, the hand on my clit refusing to still. I came a second time. I had screamed. The second orgasm had kept going, shaking my entire body. I had screamed and screamed in perfect ecstasy. I had never come so hard in my whole life.

He had filled me completely and I'd never forget all the pleasure I had experienced just a few moments before. God! I was starting to feel horny again. The man was absolutely addictive... my own personal favorite drug. Christmas wasn't that far away and... I really wanted to have Eric under my tree as my very special present. Or he could be my special present as well as my very own unique Santa, wearing only his red hat and nothing else. I was extremely horny, alright!

I breathed in the leathery scent of Eric's jacked. I was his! I grinded against him and felt his cock stir back to life. He groaned behind me and his grip around me increased. "Lover, are you being a bad girl? Do I have to teach you how to behave... again?"

I laughed and kept grinding against him. "I can't help… I can't help myself. Oh God, Eric. I've never felt this way. I think I'll need you as my own private, permanent... Professor. Are you willing to teach me… everything?"

"My pleasure, lover. But you better remember you asked for it." He whispered in my ear, biting it. I gasped and turned in his arms.

"I will. But now, I want to explore this fine, hard, delicious body at my leisure." I nuzzled against him, breathing in the musky scent of his flesh, the scent of us and the love we'd made. New, different, kinky, but love all the same. I'd given myself to Eric in every way a woman could. I was his and I wanted him to be mine. Only mine.

Eric rested his hand on the back of my neck as I trailed my fingers and my lips across his body, tracing over the tattoos, the markings and scars on his arms, his chest and downward, over his abdomen. Then I noticed it. "Eric? What's this?"

His hand fell to my waist when I leaned forward for a better look. A different tattoo – the black outline of a Greek goddess, with the white wings of an angel and "Sookie, my lover. Forever Mine." centered in crimson letters – marked the left side of his lower abdomen. My mouth went dry. It was beautiful! But then I noticed them. Adorning each side of the written message, there were two tiny orchids. My Orchids. His Orchids. Our Orchids.

"Oh, this..." Eric cleared his throat. "I got it right before we broke up. I wasn't sure about marriage but I wanted you to know how I felt about you." He stroked my hair. "I see now, it wasn't enough."

Tears flooded my eyes as I took in the tattoo. All this time … It was better than any ring. "But it is." I sniffed and kissed the tattoo, letting my lips linger. "All I ever wanted was to be completely yours. I wanted the commitment. The forever." My eyes rose and met his. "I see now that I have it."

"What about Compton?"

"Who?" I asked and Eric growled. I laughed, tracing the tattooed orchids with my tongue. He'd given them to me after all. Only I had never seen them until now. "Bill will have to find another bride. This one's committed elsewhere."

"You sure?"

I gave the tattoo one last kiss, pushed him down on his back and climbed atop his legs. Moving my tongue first through the thicket of hair just beneath the tattoo, then edging through the finer hairs on his stomach, I reached his nipples. I licked, sucked and bit each of them. My tongue moved to his neck, his jaw and I kissed his chin, his nose, his eyes. Then, I claimed his lips the same moment I grasped the base of his cock and teased his balls below it with deft fingers.

"You're so, sooo bad, lover!" Eric groaned against my mouth while his hands gripped my hips.

"I'm sure. I'm yours. And, you are Forever Mine, LOVER!" I impaled myself on him and claimed what was only mine.

Balls. He owned them.

Orgasms. He kept giving me plenty.

Orchids. What I most wanted from him and got on our wedding day! AND forever tattoed on his body and my heart!

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MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR OF 2010! *tells Santa to leave you all a naked Eric under your tree*

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