Stay with Me (Randomness)

"Chapter" One:


Integra had noticed something off with her servant, but she had decided to ignore it. Alucard had always needed privacy and there had never been a reason for her knowing about what he did all the time. Hell, she didn't want to know what he did, but one day by his wine glass (or as she liked to call it, "blood glass") she had found a purple ribbon. She then realized that he liked threading it through his fingers and stare at it absentmindedly.

It was so…so…humanlike.

When she asked him (more like demanded) about the little ribbon Alucard had found a way to slip away to scare new recruits for the Hellsing Organization or would come up with some excuse about ghouls. Out of fear that Alucard was doing something reckless (or possibly, homicidal) she asked Seras.

"Oh Master found a pretty girl. Or at least that's what he told me." Seras answered happily as she frowned. That didn't sound good. Reading her expression, Seras quickly explained, "It's nothing bad. She's just odd. She can heal wounds, but she's very pretty and young. Fifteen maybe…"

"What?" Integra asked, her cold mask falling apart ever so slightly. Her left eye began twitching. Walter, who had joined the two for a cup of tea, started coughing.

Seras's blushed as she held up her hands to try to soothe Integra's fear. "It's not that bad! I promise!" The blonde promised. "You can meet her tonight at the theatre. Her mother is Michiru, the violinist."

"Oh, what a splendid idea, Seras!" Walter said a bit too enthusiastically. Integra turned to glare at him which caused the butler to smile at her.


Integra never liked these sort of things. Mostly due to the fact she had to get all girly and to look less intimidating, she had to dumb herself down for the average guy. What was it with guys being scared of a smart woman? Seras got herself all dressed up and guys were crowding her, but then again Seras didn't notice this much because of her innocent nature.

She stood by the entrance while everyone mingled after the beautiful performance. Michiru and Haruka were the perfect couple, she noted. They were in perfect harmony with one another. It was like they could read the other's mind and even though they knew one another's weaknesses (not that Integra could see any) they were still madly in love. Unfortunately, she hadn't been able to find the words to explain Alucard.

Well, my servant, who happens to be a vampire may have an infatuation with your daughter. Now, here's some anti-vampire weapons. Tch, yeah, like they wouldn't think she was completely off the wall.

Speaking of the vampire, where was he? And where was this Hotaru person?

"EP!" She heard someone scream as she looked through the glass door to see a black-haired girl slip on some ice. Winter had always been a bitch in England. Integra already rushed out of the door the moment she heard the noise, but stopped when she saw a flash.

The young girl had purple eyes. Purple…Integra thought mindlessly as she watched her servant gracefully hold the girl close to him. Hotaru. This had to be her. She was a tiny girl who looked like she would break at the slightest touch. Integra felt no fear for her like she had only moments ago.

Alucard smiled at her. "You really shouldn't be so klutzy, my lady." Hotaru obviously didn't know that he was grinning the same grin only hours ago when he destroyed some ghouls. She didn't need to know about it, Integra decided as she watched.

Hotaru blushed again. "I'm sorry for troubling you again, Alucard, but I can't help my klutziness when I'm around a gentleman like yourself."

Integra's eyes got big as she bit her bottom lip. Alucard would seriously think about murdering her if she broke out laughing now. She then noticed how softly Hotaru seemed to grab his hand like she was the one who would break him.

Hotaru must have noticed the surprised, slightly mischievous look. "What's wrong, Alucard?"

"It's been awhile since someone called me a gentleman." Integra sighed as she watched a familiar homicidal glint in his eyes.

Ahh, who knew a monster still wanted to be a prince?

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