Chapter Eight: MisaMamoru

Don't be upset,

my love.

Misa closed her eyes as she heard the cries of the crowd. She moved her hips to the tender movements of the violin. She didn't wear the usually flashy outfit that she had been known for. Her black tank top outlined her hour glass figure (given to her by a prince) and the blue button up shirt (given to her by a God) with jeans and long black boots. Her red painted lips hummed as the guitars strings were plucked and the piano's notes filled the icy night air.

Light wasn't here.

Light was never here.

She knew he was off somewhere.

I'm only using her, Misa.

My Scarlet Rose

I miss you so.

She thought about Rem and how she would've sighed and shook her head. Are you happy, Misa? She would ask. She was with a God and a prince. She didn't have to choose. She never would, probably. She couldn't pick either way. Why would she want to? Who could chose between a knight in shining armor and a God? God's are powerful and set things right in the world. Knights love freely and are tangible. She could touch and caress her knight without a scowl or a rolling of the eyes. She could feel like a princess with her knight. Her God could make her feel like a Goddess, but killing can become so…so…bloody even if she was never there.

I'll only be gone for a moment, my sweet baby.

So close your eyes as I sing you this lullaby.


Misa fluffed out her hair for a moment as she sat on the bed. The handsome prince still slept as she giggled. Oh, yes, Misa knew what she was doing was rather horrible, but she couldn't help it. It made her feel a little better about everything when it came to her Light. And it wasn't like she was doing everything horribly. The handsome prince was hurt and needed a princess to fill in the space of a girl who had had her blonde hair and blue eyes. She'd had become his princess in shining armor.

She slipped on a tank top and sweatpants before sitting on the bed, watching the prince sleep. She had never seen anyone so beautiful. Well, maybe Light, but Mamoru was different. Light was a God and Mamoru was a prince.

The two were opposite yet the same. Mamoru believed in justice, but didn't believe in killing murderers and rapists, they had had many mini arguments over this. He never raised his voice or gave her a cringed when she touched him, but instead smiled and his cheeks would even flush out. He was so proud of her. He loved her and whispered it in her ear all the time. Mamoru liked touching her. He was always so gentle and kind while Light was brash and harsh. Mamoru didn't crave for perfection. Light would rather start all over then screw up one little detail.

Misa kissed him gently before playfully biting his ear. Mamoru woke up and smiled at her. He touched her head with such tenderness that Misa felt her heart break for a moment.

"Hey beautiful," he whispered to her as he threaded his fingers in her blonde hair. He kissed down her neck. She giggled as she rested her head on his chest and lightly touched a scar above his heart.

They sat up together. Misa sat on his lap.

She ran a hand through her hair. She whimpered when she forced her hand to go through a thick knot she found. "My hair is such a pain. Maybe I'll cut it." She whined as Mamoru kissed down her neck. She gasped when his lips touched her collar bone.

"Don't…it's beautiful."

She grinned. Good thing I take care of it then.


"Misa, when did you get roses?" Light asked her as she looked over at him. Bright crimson roses perfumed her room and body, but Light never noticed. Gods were too busy to notice such tiny details. She brushed her hair as she sat on their bed. Well, actually, it was her bed.

She wondered when Light became nothing more than a ghostly figure that she couldn't take into her arms. His eyes were always looking ahead, never at her.

Yet now, Misa had someone tangible. Someone who gave her roses…her scarlet rose…

"Oh, you know Light, it was a friend of mine. Like what Takada gives you."

She watched his eyes flash dangerously.

He would never know.


She kissed him on the mouth before she got dressed up.

"Misa…" he mumbled as he rolled over.

She grinned slightly as she pulled out her death note. There was so much to be done for the new world, but he consumed so much of her time that she had to work in between.

"Goodnight, sleep tight, my scarlet rose." She hummed.

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