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It's been five months since I last heard from Edward, or any of the Cullen's. But, I can honestly say I don't care.

It was on our honeymoon that I found out I wasn't human, well completely human anyways. It turns out I was adopted, and a werewolf. The bastard child of Sarah Black and Joshua Uley. How it happened I don't know; no one knows the actual story. Ever since then Sam and Jacob have taken up the rolls of protective older brother.

Half the time I half to remind Jake that I'm not only older then him but I'm also legally an adult. They're overly protective actually. Sam wont even let me go on patrol with the pack. Can you believe that. I can't even wander to far from La Push with out hearing from Sam, Jacob, or Paul. Oh, yeah I haven't mentioned Paul to you guys yet.

Apparently he imprinted on me after I gave him a good smack to the face. But, didn't want to force me into anything. So, when I met up with the guys for the first time after I shifted. They were so shocked when I ran up to them in the middle of the forest. Not to mention the fact that I imprinted on Paul as well.

Enough about what happened then, because today the pack went leech chasing all the way up to the Canadian boarder.

So, I can go running anywhere I want, and deal with the consequences when they get back.

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