Out There Somewhere

A Planet 51 General Grawl Love Story

Part: 1

Come on, do it again, don't be mean. Two girls told Chuck. Do I have to? I'm so tired already. Al is Chuck's sister, two years younger than him. Edlyn is Al's best friend, and secretly in love with Chuck.

Edlyn was fascinated with Chuck's weird trick. Crickets chirped at the lonely night. So what's for dinner? Al asked. I don't know, let me go inside, and prepare something delicious for us three. Chuck went in. Al, hold on for a second. What's wrong Ed?

Have I told you recently, that your brother keeps getting to be a handsome man each day I see him? Yes Edlyn, you sure have, now let's go eat. Al dragged Edlyn into the house. Look what I made you guys, club sandwiches for everyone. He set the table with plates of fresh garlic onion buns. No thanks, I'll pass with an apple. Isa hesitated.

While he was distracted, something jumped over the cabinet where the breads were stored, and landed straight to Chuck's lunch. Oh, great another meal ruined by that creature. He ungratefully said. I'm sure it's not his fault, you poor thing. Edlyn spoiled an alien like dog, Chuck had brought from his last visit from space, but he kept that secret unveiled. I still think that strange dog comes from another planet.

Al thought suspiciously. Well he's not! I already told you his story. Chuck stated a serious tone. Not even you believe that tale, and how come you over react? She challenged him. He rolled his eyes, and headed to his room. I don't know how I waste my time with this. He muttered. The dog followed him. No, you stay with them; I don't know how I'm going to get you home. He sighed.

The dog returned with the two girls. Something fishy smells around him, when we talk about this, don't you think Edlyn? Al scratches her head vigorously. Well I know is not him, right boy? Edlyn rubs the dog's tummy. I did not mean it that way. She hopelessly reacts. They both yawn at the same time. Come; let's go get some shut eye. Al wails goodnight to her friend, as they go to their rooms.