Out There Somewhere

A Planet 51 General Grawl Love Story

Part: 6

Ok Al, stay calm. It's just a friendly green face greeting you. She reminded herself. At that instant, a melancholic theme played. Lem contacted the wrong house, this person surely is not Captain Baker. He also thought to himself. Each took their time, to notice every little detail about them. He finally spoke the following words. Greetings female human, I would like to know if you have any idea where I could find Capt. Baker. I'll pass you info, but in order for you to have it, I must know who you are. Al said with a shaky voice. Ah, that my young lady I cannot do.

If you insist, I will rather search in another direction. His voice was firm. Ha, have it your way then, I won't say anything to a stranger like you. She scoffed. Their argument lasted about two hours, it was midnight already. They finally got tired. Listen, why don't we leave the rest for tomorrow? Doesn't your world have a 12 hour schedule? 24 hours to be exact. He corrected. It's the same thing. She rolled her eyes. Feisty little one, we have here. He said. In case you're interested, I'm her sister. She clicked a red button that indicated to turn of the conversation.

Grawl became speechless at the blank screen. She will know who General Grawl is. He picked up a flower, and placed it in an empty pot. How the heck did he know I'm a female? These kinds of things I don't see every day, then again there's Ripley. Her encounter with the unknown creature kept her wide awake, and thoughtful. Next morning, she felt a cold, humid greeting by Ripley. It was weird; she didn't felt the chills as usual. It's time! She heard Chuck call. She dragged her pillow, and buried it in her tired looking face. Oh come on, you like Edlyn were waiting this moment.

Chuck said with a full energy. What, are you so happy about? She asked him. The day, Ripley returns back home! He helped Al put away her stuff. You mean, you made a decision in returning to that place? Yup! I did, hey now that you mention it, did you had any luck with the searching? What search? Al remembered yesterday's alien encounter again. Oh that search, I could say I kind of did. She smiled lousily. Maybe I'm wrong, but you look terribly bad sis, was it that hard for you? She stared at him annoyed. Are all brothers so dear kind? She mumbled.

Wow Al, you look like you had a horrible nightmare! Edlyn exclaimed worriedly. A nightmare converted in reality. She splashed water in her eyes. We better hurry, if we want to make it early. Chuck checked on his watch. His cell phone rang. Yes? Oh, Sir glad to chat with you, anything in special? Chuck paused, and then looked outside. I can assure you, I can settle this, really just give me three days. He paused again. Everyone looked at him, with certain concern. Yes, I'll make sure of it, goodbye. The phone clicked. Was it from work? Yes Al, my boss wants another version of Rover.