Episode 18 of Man inspired me to write this definately the best episode out of the eighteen I've seen so far. Halerious. ANYWAY! I'll just skip to the disclaimer now.

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Full Summary: Last time Komui went out of his way to destroy the so called feind a.k.a Dr. Russell because of his false assumptions about a non-happening relationship between Lenalee and Dr. Russell. But even with this given information even being one of the suspects that was there during the time Allen will still risk his entire life for Lenalee heart. Can he get around Komui's all-seeing eye or will he plunder in the depths where Komui will forsee him?


Timcampy fluttered around the room watching his masters apprentice stare at the ceiling deep in thought. Allen. He was unusually quiet and he was sure the rest of the Black Order noticed this explains Kanda's unnatural good moon and slight smirks when quiet flitered through the thin wall between his own and Allen's room.

The reason behind Allen's mysterious clamped trout is obviously a girl, what else could trouble a man so? But not just any girl but Lenalee. She was interferring his thoughts and being the primary object of his fantacies lately (much to his despair) he had never felt this sort of love before but even this and he knew that it was love. And being as handsome as he was nothing such as trivial as asking a girl for a simple date was nothing to him he wasn't self-conscious but there was one problem that was stopping him.

Komui Lee. Yes. Her very over-protective older brother. A scientest against an excorsist doesn't even sound like a match to most the excorsist would win easily. Then there is Komui and he isn't your average scientest he over-reacts...he jumps to conclusions and so on. So when his super-human mind is put to something that involves destruction then he will do out of his way to complete it and with you being his target then you better have both eyes open and your guard up.

Rolling to his side he tried to come up with another plan to...get around the Komui problem. Suddenly Allen jumped when a soft knock on his door snapped him out of his thoughts. His feet padded across the floor as he peaked through the door to see whom may have disturbed his day off. Surprisingly it was Lenalee.

"Hey" she greeted with a warm smile
"Hey yourself" he answered returning the gesture
Stepping aside he opened the door more to let her inside the room. She walked in softly and went straight to the unoccupied chair that was nestled against the wall.

Komui was innocently turning around the corner when he spied his sister knocking on what looked like Allen's door. Retreating behind the corner he looked carefully as she waited patiently for someone to answer the door. He could see the door creak inside as Allen answered it after a minute or two. He saw then exchange a few words before she walked straight into his room like she owned it.

His eyes flared with anger as his illogical brain cooked up an unreasonable explaination for all these events. Just as he was about to barge down the hall and cause a scene Reever spotted his boss with a familiar hasty look in his eye. Reever stopped his actions immediately and took desperate course of action. Quickly he pinned Komui onto the floor.

"Boss!" shouted Reever as Komui squirmmed under Reever's weight.
"Reever! Why have you stopped me?! Lenalee is inside Allen's bedroom!" screamed Komui. Reever pulled a face and shook his head in annoyance.
"Komui, do you even remember the last incident you created with something like this. You scared Russell half to death when you told him the truth he thought you were dellisional and avoided you for over two weeks" explained Reever
"But that still doesn't give me a reason too why she is in Allen's bedroom!" emphasized Komui unnessaseraly.
"Did it ever come to mind that they could be discussing a training session or the Melliniom Earl?" retorted Reever
"Did it ever come to mind that you are the one dellisional and that they are secretly having..." Komui trailed as his anger rose higher.
"You are so oblivious!" sneered Reever.

Leaning against the chair she sat in Lenalee blushed as she noticed the shirtless Allen. She's seen him like this plenty of times but only now has she properly observed him. His chest is well toned, his arms covered in muscles and his stomach covered in a six pack of abes. She could feel the blush climbing up her neck and slowly taking over her pale skin. Allen looked at her with a worried expression. He placed his firm hand over her forehead taking his time reading her temperature.

Hastily Lenalee stood up and pulled his hand away from her forehead, she could feel the blush instantly retreat as she focused on why she was here. Allen could feel his body grow hot as he unconsciously realised that his body was brushing slightly against his bare torso. Unlike Lenalee he controlled the blush that threatened to cover his body. Taking a wary step back to give Lenalee some room he tried placing a comforting grin on his face but it turned into an awkward smile.

"So, Lenalee" he began "What brings you here?" he asked

Lenalee snapped back to reality and thought about her response carefully. Why had she come here in the first place? She couldn't even remember anymore the only thing that clouded her mind was his soft hand on her forehead and how pleasent she felt when their skin touched. She sighed and came up with the answer. Even though it made no sense she was going to tell the truth.

"I...I can't remember anymore" she admitted with a crooked smile

Allen raised a silver eyebrow at her, questioning her for a moment in a silent gesture.

"You can't remember?" he repeated
"No, I can't" she said with a frown. Were all boys this slow? she thought to herself.
"Well then lets take your mind of that and do something? Do you have the day off?" Allen asked hesitantly.

This surprised Lenalee, she didn't expect that so she gave him a simple nod.

"That's great!" cheered Allen
"What is?" she asked obliviously. Suddenly Allen became nervous and his mind wondered back to the last insignificant event that happened when Komui thought that Lenalee was dating someone and now Allen felt shudders race up his spine as he thought of the outcome that would happen if Lenalee were truely dating someone and not to mention someone two years older.

"Lenalee?" he called out, shifting his weight to the other foot anxiously
"Yes?" she asked curiously
"Would you like to go into town for dinner tonight?" he asked, finally getting the question off his shoulders he felt a hundred times lighter.
Lenalee could hardly supress her happiness so she began to jump for joy as she nodded her head excitedly. Allen smiled hugely as Lenalee said yes to him, he could barely hide the large grin that looked as though it would break his face.

"Yes Allen! I'd love too!" she cheered.
"Thank god, I was scared you'd say no!" he exclaimed
"Who would say no to you!?" she shouted astounded she didn't understand any woman who would deny him a date.
"I don't know" he grumbled happily under his breath.

Being sucked up in excitement Lenalee was unusually clumsy and she plunged head first into Allen's chest. Being quick on his feet he caught her and steadied her.

"Thank You" she said gratefully. She looked up at Allen's cursed face, suddenly like a magnet she was drawn closer to his face and likewise for Allen.

Painfully slow their lips touched each other and in their heads fireworks were set of booming their bodies as they began to kiss passionately.

Loud noised sank through the thin wall between Kanda's and Allen's two bedrooms and it irritated Kanda to no end that his next room neighbour had suddenly began to have loud noises all of a sudden. Growling Kanda pushed himself away from his bed and stormed out of his bedroom, in his fury he didn't notice Komui and Reever struggling on the floor for control that were mere metre's away from his room. Knocking on the door angrily he tried getting an answer out of Allen. Being stubborn and rude in his moment he opened the door and was thrown into shock when he saw the sight that greeted him.

Allen and Lenalee were entwined in eachother in a loving embrace with their lips smashed together in a passionate kiss. Kanda could hardly believe his eyes. Turning their heads softly, Lenalee and Allen gently shut the door in Kanda's startled face. Moving away from the door he still held the anonomoyous expression as he headed back into his room.

Komui and Reever were watching this and couldn't believe that Kanda was surprised. This scared Komui and his instant struggles tightened and he threw Reever off of him and tackled Kanda demanding an explaination.

"What happened in there!?" he ordered. Snapping out of his initial shock he grumpily shoved Komui off of him.
"If you want to know, then open short-stacks door" grumbled Kanda loudly.

Then he pushed his door open and walked into it without another word. Komui listened to the excorsists words and peeked through the door and screamed a high-pitched girly scream he just witnessed the exact same sight as Kanda but slightly more R-Rated.

"REEVER! WHERE IS MY ROBOT!" he shouted.

Using his anti-akuma weapon Allen closed his door shut and locked it so he and Lenalee could have more privacy...

So didn't mean for it to turn out...so...R-Rated I'm thirteen and I should be saying "Keep it PG people" but nooooo I have to do something as...I want to say gruesome but that isn't the right word so lets just go with gross. Hope you enjoyed sorry for some of the characters to be older then they should be and stuff and sorry for other stuff which I can't remember. Anyway