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Christmastime In The City

Tony grabbed the presents that he was going to take to Ducky's house to put under the tree. He also grabbed his favorite Christmas movie It's a Wonderful Life. They had watched it last Christmas and would do so this year too. He put them all in a bag, then turned off the lights in his apartment, then walked out the door and then locked it. He got into his car and as he made his way towards Ducky's house he noticed that it started snowing. It looked like they were going to have a white Christmas as the song said.

He pulled up into the driveway and noticed that he was the first one there. He grabbed his things and knocked on the door and then was let in and put the presents under the tree for later after dinner. He loved Christmas time. He didn't when he was a child, but he did now. This was his true family.

He remembered when he was a child he was left alone with just the staff. When his Mom was alive she would be off around doing society stuff. He was just glad that he didn't have to be stuffed into a sailor suit and paraded around. His father was off at work doing whatever he did at work. When he opened the presents they weren't want he put on his Christmas list. They were presents that he hadn't wanted and he was not a happy boy. The staff gave him presents that he had wanted and for that he was glad. At least he had gotten what he had wanted, but he wished that his parents would celebrate Christmas with him. He was alone and he didn't like that. He had told them that it was a DiNozzo family tradition to watch A Wonderful Life, but he was lying. It was his tradition because he was alone and wanted to do something that he liked.

He sat on the couch and then let in the rest of the team that had came after him. He smiled as they all sat down around the table. This is what Christmas with family was supposed to be like. His family that was his by choice and not be blood, but he loved them just the same.

The End