I dunno where this story came from but I HAD to write it.

I'm dedicating this to Kat because she's always supportive of me, and even though I have problems and shouldn't keep coming up with new stories, she knows me and she doesn't make fun of me much for continually writing more.

I hope you guys enjoy this!

It takes place 5.03 of Supernatural.

WARNINGS: Language, Dark Themes, Violence, Blood, Sensuality



Sadie Eriksen watched her mother type away at her computer and sighed loudly to try to get her attention. She was hungry, and she could make herself something to eat, but her mother needed food too. The one thing about Brooke Eriksen though, was that work seemed to engulf her entire life—even if she was hungry or thirsty or tired, if she was in the middle of something, then she was in the middle of something—besides…they needed to go to the store to restock the fridge.

"Mom?" Sadie asked her.

Brooke glanced at her teen and smiled. "Yeah, Sadie?"

"You need to restock the fridge. I'm kind of hungry…" Sadie told her, taking a deep breath and holding her hands up in the air. "I need to be fed, or I get cranky."

"You, are just like your father." Brooke told her, and shut her laptop, taking a deep breath. "Grab your coat and let's go."

Sadie wanted to ask her mother a little more about her father, but she just couldn't—Brooke had left her home and changed her last name so that she could start over after Dean Winchester. She'd only known Dean for a few months while John, his father, was off on a hunt and she'd immediately bonded with both Dean and Sam. She'd even been close enough to them to get to hang out in their motel room and help them to research a stumping hunt before John finished up and Sam and Dean took off.

The thing about Brooke, was that she'd seen the job of Sam's and Dean's up close, and she knew that Dean wasn't looking for a relationship exactly—just a fling…or several. What she hadn't been expecting was losing her virginity to him when they were both 15, and in turn ending up pregnant with his daughter. Then he'd taken off, she'd kept tabs on him, and when she'd been visited by Gabriel when Sadie was little, she'd decided to raise her daughter so that she knew the truth.

Then things had gotten really upsetting for Brooke—Castiel had told her that if Dean didn't say 'yes', then Zachariah would come for Sadie and Brooke knew it would happen. Castiel had been out of contact for a while, and Brooke just wanted everything to go back to normal and Sadie made sure to do that for her mother—to stop asking about Dean…even though she wanted to actually know and meet him. Brooke had been scared when dean had left though, and she'd done a wonderful job raising her daughter all on her own…well mostly on her own.

Brooke had her friends to help her, and her parents, but when she had gotten pregnant, she had grown up fast and that was just how it had to be. She had to protect her daughter, and that meant keeping her from the demons…keeping her from the angels now. Brooke knew that it was the apocalypse now that Lucifer had risen, but she didn't want Sadie to be any part of it.

Sadie's stomach rumbled when she sat in the passenger seat. "Hear that, Mom? It's the call of the starved."

"You are not starved." Brooke replied, rolling her eyes. "Now buckle up and shut the yap."

Sadie laughed and then she bit her lip and looked at her mother. "Mom…how do you think Dad is?"

Brooke glanced at her 14 year-old daughter and she took a deep breath because she wanted to reassure her, but the truth was that Brooke didn't know. She had been honest with Sadie about her father, and though Sadie only had the pictures of him from when he was 15 that her mother took, they were pictures she cherished and that was that. Now that the apocalypse was happening though, Sadie was worried…and she desperately wanted to meet her father and figured out what her mother was hiding from her.

"I'm sure your father is fine." Brooke said with a shrug, and then she drove them to the store and though Sadie opened her mouth to try and open up the conversation some more, her mother's sigh made her close her mouth.


Dean had been drowning himself in hunting ever since Sam had decided to leave him and try to have a normal life. He knew there was really nothing for him to be angry about, and he knew that he had made the wrong decision by letting Sam take off, but he wasn't about to admit that. He had tried to tell himself that he was allowed to be mad at Sam for all of it, but the real reason that Dean was mad was because Sam had become a monster…and Dean couldn't stop it.

At first Dean had thought that he was upset that Sam had chosen Ruby over him, and though that stung a little, Dean had already forgiven him for that. Dean himself had trusted Ruby before…especially back when she'd saved his life…back when she'd made him realize that he didn't want to go to Hell—it was the demon blood that had complicated things. Then Dean wanted to be mad about Sam trying to kill him, but Dean had tried to kill Sam once before too, and he couldn't blame the Siren for that…he knew that neither he nor Sam had actually been sorry about the physical aggression there…even if Dean hadn't really wanted to kill Sam…and he knew that Sam hadn't really wanted to kill him either before…he was just incredibly hurt that Dean had called him a monster.

No, Dean knew that the reason he was so upset about all of the Sam things, was because in Hell he had become a monster and out here, he couldn't spare Sam that kind of pain. He hadn't been there for Sam—he had let his selfishness cost him, and he had gone to Hell, and he had left Sam to be manipulated and then when he'd come back, he hadn't paid enough attention to his little brother. If had had only tried harder…if he had only tried to get out of his deal…if he had only tried to help Sam more, none of this would have ever happened.

Dean tried to shake the feelings off as he showered, trying to get the cemetery smell to go away. It was just another night of burning bones…another night of missing his brother, but not having the strength to go and beg Sam to come back. No…Sam wanted to go his own way and right then, Dean was just going to help Castiel, and try to find a way to help him to find God. This was just something he needed to do and he knew that if he went ahead and put himself through this, he and Castiel would find a way to stop this coming war—together.


Brooke smiled at Sadie as she headed to her room with a sandwich and then she swallowed and shook her head when she heard the rush of wings. She turned to see Zachariah standing in her kitchen and she shook her head even more because she honestly didn't want any of the angels to visit her anymore. The worst part about it all was that the angels weren't going to stop unless she made them stop and she didn't know how—even Peyton didn't know how.

Peyton and Jake were happily married, and Peyton had adopted Jenny, who was Sadie's best friend. Brooke kept no secrets from her best friend, and she naturally wanted to call Peyton and have her support right then as Zachariah stood in front of her, most likely there to tell her once again that he was going to go over her head and talk to Sadie. He always threatened, but unless he was 100% convinced that Dean would not say 'yes' to Michael, he wasn't going to act on his threat.

"Get out of my house." Brooke told him firmly, heading to the fridge and pretending to be interested in its contents, unaware of Sadie listening on the stairs.

Zachariah smiled at her. "Brooke, you're not going to be able to avoid me forever."

"Let me give you the 4-1-1 here, all right? Dean Winchester left me even though he knew I was pregnant. I changed my last name, I moved away and I raised my daughter here in Charlotte while Peyton and Jake raised Jenny. We all helped each other and then the apocalypse starts and all of a sudden angels are coming out of the wood works telling me that my daughter is a vessel—that it's in her blood thanks to her father. You know what? Dean is Michael's true vessel, so how about you convince him to do his job and stop trying to drag our daughter into this, all right? She is not fighting your battles for you!

"If Dean doesn't say 'yes' after this, Brooke…I will be back…and I will be talking to Sadie." Zachariah explained to her.

Brooke opened her mouth to say something as Sadie took all of the information in and went to her room, wishing her mother had told her all of this. On top of it, Sadie had a feeling now she knew how to get a hold of her father. Brooke picked up the phone to call Peyton to bring Jenny over and figure out what to do while Jenny and Sadie were occupied, and Zachariah decided to go all out…he was sending Dean into the future to change his mind once and for all.

Note: As you can see I'm not like entirely original. I wanted to make original characters, but then really wanted Peyton and Jake in this with Jenny, so I decided to just make it really AU as far as OTH is concerned. All the characters have become what I wanted them to be instead. The next part actually really jump-starts the entire story. Feedback is always appreciated!