Dedicated to Kat and takes place 5.04 of Supernatural—I'm writing the Deans as Dean and Future Dean, but everyone else just has their name since they're obvious to tell apart when they're speaking.

WARNINGS: Language, Dark Themes, Violence, Blood, Sensuality




After making sure it was okay with their mothers, Sadie and Jenny had taken off to get a couple smoothies, sitting in the diner and folding napkins into shapes. It wasn't like they didn't have other friends, or anything else to do, but neither of them really knew where to go from their last conversation. Jenny wanted Sadie to talk to her mother, but Sadie wasn't to go over her mother's head and just talk to the angel that had visited her…but going over Brooke's head was pretty scary.

"If you have to think about it this much, it's the wrong plan." Jenny told her, raising her eyebrows and making her voice kind of high and sing-song.

Sadie rolled her eyes. "Or maybe the fact that I have to think about it so much suggests that I'm having a hard time doing the right thing."

"Yeah…something tells me that's not it." Jenny replied with a laugh, drinking her smoothie. "Daddy!"

"I thought I saw two hoodlums." Jake said with a chuckle, sitting next to Jenny in the booth and setting a grocery bag on the ground. "Thing 1 looks like she's thinking about something."

Sadie couldn't help but laugh as Jake smiled the two girls, and she shrugged her shoulders. He had always called her 'Thing 1' and Jenny 'Thing 2', only because when they got in trouble, it was normally Sadie's fault. Jenny definitely had a rebellious streak in her, but she didn't act on it nearly as much as Sadie did. Jake offered to buy them some lunch and they accepted and then he reached out and squeezed Sadie's hand and she looked up at him.

Ever since she and Jenny were little—Sadie only a month older than Jenny—Jake had always been like the father Sadie never had. He, Peyton and Brooke had raised the two girls and they all felt more like family than just friends. It was nice to know that he knew that something was up with her and he wanted to make it better, and at the same time she wished she could hide some of her emotions from him because she didn't want to talk to him about it…didn't know what she was going to do yet.

"Okay…I hate saying this, but where is the part of you that you get from your mother?" Jake asked her, laughing a little. "Where's Bubbly Sadie? Snarky Sadie? Trouble-Maker Sadie? Why was that Sadie replaced by a robot?"

Sadie rolled her eyes. "Oh come off it, Uncle Jake."

"Oh!" Jake exclaimed, faking surprise. "Snarky Sadie!"

"I'm just thinking about my Dad." Sadie admitted with a shrug and Jake nodded and swallowed, knowing what was coming next. "Did you know my Dad, Uncle Jake? Do you have anything to tell me about him?"



Brooke ran her fingers through Future Dean's hair and kissed the top of his head whether he liked it or not. He'd found her, he'd found his daughter, and he was used to Brooke getting her way with him by now. As bitter as he had become because of the destruction around him that he took responsibility for—as broken as he felt because of how and why this had happened—Dean knew Brooke was by his side until the end.

"What the hell?" Dean asked as he came to, realizing he was hand-cuffed.

Future Dean nodded. "I should be asking that question, don't you think? In fact, why don't you give me one good reason, why I shouldn't gank you right here and now?"

"Because you'd only be hurting yourself." Dean told him with a smirk.

"God, you used to be funny…I miss that." Brooke said, and held her hands up in surrender when Future Dean shot a look her way. "I'm just saying you could try and crack a joke every once in a while."

Dean glanced back and forth between them then settled on his Future self. "Look, man—I'm no shapeshifter or demon or anything, okay?"

"Yeah, I know. I did the drill while you were out. Silver, salt, holy water—nothing. But you know what was funny? Was that you had every hidden lock pick, box cutter, and switchblade that I carry. Now, you want to explain that? Oh, and the, uh...resemblance, while you're at it?" Future Dean asked, bitterness lacing his every word as Brooke leaned her back against the wall and crossed her arms over her chest.

Brooke was used to this—used to how hard Dean had become over the years because of everything that they had gone through. They'd lost things together, adapted to things together, found each other again, and they were bonded. As bonded as they were though, Brooke was never going to stop missing how it used to be…missing the Dean she had fallen in love with…missing the Dean that was more optimistic than pessimistic, even it was only to make her happy.

"Zachariah." Dean told his Future self.

Future Dean was stunned. "Come again?"

"I'm you from the tail end of 2009. Zach plucked me from my bed, and threw me five years into the future." Dean explained as Brooke straightened and took a step forward.

"Where is he? I want to talk to him." Future Dean asked hurriedly.

Brooke couldn't blame him—if Dean knew where Zachariah was, then they could figure out how to get into contact with the other angels—with Sadie. She'd left camp a couple of years ago and though Brooke knew she was keeping tabs on them, she was wrecked about it. Sadie had taken it all on her own…she'd let Michael in before everything went to Hell—literally—and Brooke was worried about her…wanted to know how to actually find her.

Every time she saw her, Sadie would disappear and she left no traces to her. Brooke wasn't sure if it was some kind of sick lesson for Dean to learn or not, but all she wanted was her daughter back. Sometimes she even blamed Dean for what had happened—blamed Dean for Sadie taking off to do what he wouldn't do—but mostly she just tried to be there for him. She knew Dean…she understood him…knew that now he was broken enough to change his mind, but changing his mind no longer mattered if he wouldn't say it out loud…she just wanted her daughter back…

"I don't know." Dean told them, and Brooke felt her heart sink yet again, the same pain tugging in her chest that happened when Sadie had made her decision to do what Dean would never do.

Future Dean wasn't buying it. "Oh, you don't know."

"No, I don't know. Look, I just want to get back to my own friggin' year, okay?" Dean asked him, and Brooke actually believed him, but knew that her Dean needed more than that.

"Okay. If you're me…then tell me something only I would know." Future Dean told him, looking at him intently.

Dean scoffed like that was far too easy. "Rhonda Hurley. We were, uh…19. She made us try on her panties. They were pink. And satiny. And you know what? We kind of liked it."

"Touché." Future Dean told him and then made a face when Brooke suddenly burst out laughing—she hadn't thought that she actually would, but the story was just too funny to her and she couldn't keep the laughter in…and Future Dean was not amused. "Brooke, stop—we have more important things to focus on right now and you know it, so cut it out."

Brooke wiped away a tear. "Baby, I just think it's funny, is all. Find you sense of humor again by pulling the stick out of your ass."

"You still love her." Dean told his Future self, oddly recognizing the look on his face and then raising his eyebrows a little when that shut Brooke up.

Honestly no mattered what they did, or what they talked about, Brooke honestly hadn't felt like her Dean still loved her. Everything on his plate was so much more important and he hadn't said the words since Sadie had taken off. He blamed himself for so much, and to hear her Dean's Past self tell himself that he loves her…it caught her off guard and she wasn't sure what to do.

Future Dean cut in. "So, what? Zach zapped you up here to see how bad it gets?"

"I guess." Dean said, looking from Brooke composing herself to his Future self. "Croatoan virus, right? That's their endgame?"

"It's efficient, it's incurable, and it's scary as hell—turns people into monsters." Brooke explained to him, leaning on the table in the room so she was in between the Deans. "Started hitting the major cities about two years ago…the world pretty much destroyed itself after that."

Dean nodded taking it all in. "What about Sam?"

Brooke and Future Dean exchanged looks and Brooke bit her lip as she swallowed down the words because Dean was sent here for a reason—but how much should he know? While Brooke was willing to tell him everything so that he could change it, she knew that look in her Dean's eyes, and she knew that he didn't. He was still so much like the man she had met back up with…and yet he was so changed by this new, horrible world.

"Heavyweight showdown in Detroit. From what I understand, Sam didn't make it." Future Dean explained, stoicism dripping from his voice.

Dean made a face. "You weren't with him?"

"No. No, me and Sam, we hadn't talked in—Hell, five years." Future Dean admitted.

"I think that's something you should try to change." Brooke said, looking at Dean and avoiding her Dean's eyes. "Pushing away the brother that loves you—the one that would do absolutely anything for you—worst decision you ever made."

Future Dean cleared his throat. "I have other people I have to worry about."

"And that is your problem." Brooke mumbled and though both Deans heard, neither of them decided to talk to her about it.

Future Dean knew that Brooke was bitter about all of the decisions that he had made that led to where they were, and he knew that as much as she loved him, she blamed him for Sadie leaving. Most days, Future Dean knew that he had made the wrong decision in not letting Michael in, but it was what Sadie wanted—she wanted the responsibility…but then Sam had gone and ruined everything and now…now Future Dean couldn't take any of it back.

"Where you going?" Dean asked his Future self as he cocked his gun and headed for the door.

Future Dean looked at him. "I got to run an errand—Brooke will watch over you. I got a camp full of twitchy trauma survivors out there, with an apocalypse hanging over their head. The last thing they need to see is a version of 'The Parent Trap'. So, yeah, you stay locked down."

"Okay. All right. Fine. But you don't have to cuff me, man." Dean protested and then sighed when Future Dean gave him a look. "Oh, come on. You don't trust yourself?"

"No. Absolutely not." Dean told himself without skipping a beat, heading out of the room.

Dean watched his Future self leave. "Dick."

"Now that less agreeable but still beautiful you has left the building…there are things you need to know." Brooke explained suddenly, Dean's eyes snapping up at her. "You think you can handle it?"

Dean wasn't sure what that meant, but there was love in her eyes for him and he knew that he hadn't seen that before, really. He was used to pushing people away and staying distanced and yet here Brooke was right in front of him, looking at him like she cared. Dean also recognized something else in her eyes—she was determined to be heard and to be taken seriously, and she was going to talk to him whether he wanted her to or not, so he just nodded.

"Good." Brooke told him and then she sat down next to him and looked ahead of them. "When you left me in High School, I found out I was having a girl, you know. So I had her, I kept her, and I realized that I didn't want to be in Tree Hill anymore. Besides, Peyton wanted to see Jake and Jenny, and so we moved to Charlotte and I raised Sadie with them…and then the angels showed up six years ago and told me something about Sadie…told me that her father was a vessel. So I kind of ignored it for a while, kept it from Sadie as best as I could, and then one day you showed back up into our lives—when everything was going wrong…and she took over your responsibilities."

Dean glanced at her. "Wait a minute…what?"

"She said 'yes' to Michael. She did what you couldn't do and from the minute my baby girl took off to try and fight this war, you have never been the same. When you go back to your time, you have to promise me that you won't let this happen…you have to promise me that you won't let Sadie be Michael's vessel, all right?" Brooke told him, looking him in the eye.

"Brooke, I…" Dean trailed off and then just nodded.

She was looking at him so intensely and then she leaned forward and she kissed him when he nodded. He wasn't her Dean, but she was certain that he was still Dean and that he would do everything in his power to save Sadie for her. She had to have faith in him…she was losing faith in everything else…



Brooke put her head in her hands, taking deep breaths and trying to calm her nerves. How could she do this to her daughter? Her own flesh and blood? She'd spent all of Sadie's life trying to keep her out of the hunting world…even though Sadie had known about it. There were very selected areas that Brooke kept hidden from her daughter, and she had thought it was all for the best, but everything was crumbling down around her.

It had been so much easier when Sadie was little…when Sadie was able to live her own life the way she wanted. There had always been restrictions to a certain degree of course, but honestly there was really nothing too dangerous. She'd never been kidnapped, she'd never had a hard time fitting in…Sadie had always been normal and above all else, happy. Why was it that now the weight of the world was literally being put on her shoulders? She was only 14!

"Mom?" Sadie asked as she came in the front door.

Sadie took a deep breath as she shrugged off her jacket, and then hung it up on the coat rack, heading into the kitchen. Brooke still had her head in her hands, aware that Sadie had come in, but not sure how to go about this. She wanted her daughter to be as innocent as possible but Sadie deserved this…she deserved the truth…no matter how much Brooke's heart was breaking for her right then.

"Mom, what's wrong?" Sadie asked her, setting the smoothie she had brought back for her mother on the island counter.

Brooke looked up and swallowed, looking Sadie in the eye. "Sadie, honey…we really need to talk about everything that's going on right now."

"Really?" Sadie asked her, hopeful and then smiling a little when Brooke nodded. "You mean I can ask any question I want and get honest answers?"

"Yeah." Brooke replied with another nod and then she looked at the smoothie and smiled. "You're kind of my favorite daughter."

Sadie rolled her eyes and smiled. "I'm your only daughter."

"Well then it's a damn good thing that you're my favorite." Brooke replied, reaching out and moving the smoothie closer to herself. "So…what would you like to ask first?"

Sadie sat down across from her mother on the other bar stool, and she twiddled her thumbs, looking at them. She had so many questions, but she wasn't sure which ones were the most important to her anymore. She had wanted to know so much about her father, and she had gotten some answers out of Jake, but with the conversation she had overheard…she wondered if she should start with questions about the angels instead.

"My Dad…does he know about me?" Sadie asked after a moment or two.

Brooke smiled sadly. "You're father and I were both 15 when you were conceived, Sadie. He was a hunter, I was just some cute girl at the school he happened to be at, at the time, and when we found out I was pregnant he got scared—Hell, I was scared. The day I had the doctor's appointment to find out if you were a girl or a boy, your Dad skipped town and he never looked back."

"So…so he never wanted to be part of my life…" Sadie nodded slowly.

"No, baby girl, that's not it…I changed my name shortly before you were even 1. It's possible that he's been trying to find you." Brooke told her honestly.

Sadie just nodded—she wasn't even mad at her mother for any of it because her father was a hunter. If he had really wanted to know her, or to see her, he would have found a way to track them down and Sadie knew that Brooke knew that. So she decided to move on from her father and ask about the angels. Besides, they were the most important pieces of the puzzle, and Sadie knew that.

"An angel came to you and said I was a vessel." Sadie told her mother, not wanting to step around the issue anymore.

Brooke swallowed and closed her eyes. "Apparently your father has a rather huge role in the apocalypse."

"I'm kind of sensing that." Sadie replied, smiling a little bit. "I just…what if this all falls on me, Mom? I mean what kind of father just lets his daughter shoulder the burden that's supposed to be his, huh?"

"Honestly, Sadie…I don't think your father is aware at all that you're runner up for this." Brooke said calmly. "At least I'd like to believe that he has no idea…you could always find out if you wanted to…"

Sadie looked at her mother and tried desperately to read the look on her face—she was giving Sadie permission to talk to the angels. Brooke was making it clear to Sadie that she didn't mind if Sadie used them to get to Dean…she just also looked kind of pained by it. That look on her mother's face made Sadie cock her head a little to one side and then it all sank in.

"You were in love with him and he abandoned you." Sadie told her mother softly.

Brooke bit her lip and then stood up, grabbing the smoothie. "If you want to talk to your father, you're going to have to talk to Zachariah…he'll come if you call him."



"Okay, look," Brooke told Dean, uncuffing him, "you need to stay in camp, and try not to get too involved, all right? If Future You asks, just say you picked the lock and got out—I'm not going down with you, Dean Winchester."

Dean nodded at her and stood up, reaching out and taking her hand when she turned to leave. She paused and bit her lip, looking down at the floor when Dean tugged on her arm softly and said her name. There was concern in his voice and she felt a stinging in her chest, but no matter the pain she was feeling all over, she couldn't help but turn to face him, looking him in the eye and swallowing.

"I know I can be a dick sometimes…but I care about you—Future Me does." Dean explained, shaking his head and correcting himself when he deemed necessary. "I understood what was in that kiss, and I just wanted you to know."

Brooke nodded slowly. "You think you know me, Dean…but you don't."

"I think I do." Dean replied, running his thumb along her hand.

"You have no idea the pain that I endure everyday, so don't pretend like you do." Brooke said firmly, pulling her hand from his. "Here, in this future, you lost…and because you lost, our daughter lost. Don't you see that? Look around you, Dean! You kept refusing Michael, and refusing Michael, and refusing Michael and then the second Sadie decides to save the world from Lucifer, then you decide you'll do it. By then, though, it was far too late. So you find Zachariah, you go back to your own time, and you fix this."

Brooke knew that she was being hard on him, but she could never get used to having Sadie taken from her and Dean knew that. She had raised their daughter without his help, and because of him and the choices that he made, Sadie paid the consequences. That's when it dawned on him—Sadie had been the voice. Maybe…maybe if he could find her…maybe he could get himself some more answers.

"By the way, I mean it, Dean—stay in camp." Brooke warned, and then with a small nod and a once over, she headed out to go about her regular routine.

Dean took a deep breath and headed outside, looking around and swallowing—he couldn't help but feel completely responsible for this future. This is what Zachariah had wanted him to feel, and Dean couldn't help but feel like maybe he was going about this the wrong way. Dean needed to find Sadie…and for that he was going to need an angel's help…he was going to need Castiel.

Note: Yeah, so this is A major part of the story—Dean seeing the future—but then there will be a lot of him trying to find his daughter to prevent the future and trust me, I have a plan. Feedback is always appreciated!