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Chapter One: Determination

If there was one thing that rang true about the Sully family it was that they were a determined lot. There was very little that could get any of them down. And they had all overcome so much in their lives. And they had always been there for each other.

But then again for everything that the Sully siblings had overcome, there was always heartbreak.

First there was the fact that Michaela, Miki for short, had beaten the childhood cancer that had ravaged her tiny body. That only solidified the fact that Sullys were fighters.

Then there were their parents' deaths.

They had eventually overcome that to all achieve some sort of greatness. Jake in the Marines. Tommy the scientist. Miki the doctor.

Second there was the accident that caused Jake to lose his legs.

They had overcome that as well.

Then there was Tommy's murder…

That was when things began to splinter. Jake took Tommy's place with RDA to be an Avatar driver, leaving Miki alone on earth. But that only made her more determined to join her brother on Pandora. And that determination allowed her to be chosen as one of the second wave of researchers who would be allowed to become Avatar drivers. The transport that she was on left a mere three months after Jake's did.

She couldn't wait to surprise him.

After feeling like a weakling for so long, she couldn't wait to prove to her brother that she was just as strong as he was.