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Chapter 11: Memories

Miki stood in nothingness. Well it wasn't pure nothingness. There were whispers all around her, though she couldn't tell who or where they were coming from. Was this a dream or had she died?

'Little one, what do you remember about your life before coming here?' a gentle voice asked from the nothingness.

'What do you mean?'

'Do you remember the first time you learned about horrors?'

Images swam around her then eventually formed to show her childhood home on earth, with Jake and Tommy comforting her in her bedroom. She couldn't be more than 11 and it looked like she was crying. She watched the scene unfold in front of her…

"Come on Miki and cheer up." Tommy said nudging his little sister slightly.

She fiercely shook her head no.

"Please?" Jake added.

She shook her head no again and began to cry harder. Miki threw herself against the pillows on her bed and sobbed.

"Miki, Tommy and I promise that nothing bad will ever happen to you as long as we're here." Jake whispered to her.

"Yeah, we're your big brothers! It's our job to protect you."

"But what if you both leave me like mommy and daddy? Who will take care of me then?"

"Neither of us will ever leave you," Tommy said pulling his little sister up in a hug.

"We promise," Jake added as he joined the hug as well.

The images faded from view and the nothingness appeared again.

'That…that was right after my parents died,' Miki answered beginning to get choked up at the memory. That was indeed the first time that she had learned about horrors – about death.

'Don't fret little one. Everything will soon be ok…'

Miki slowly opened her eyes at the feeling of a cool hand against her burning skin. Kneeling next to her hospital bed, as usual, was Jake. She tried to force a smile, but found it very difficult. She was too tired and in too much pain.

"Don't force it Miki," Jake softly said. "But we found the Txumpaywll and Dr. Ranta created the serum for you."

To the side of Jake, as on cue, Dr. Ranta appeared. Miki watched as he interjected the serum into the IV drip that was connected to her arm. He smiled gently at her before turning and leaving the brother and sister alone. As she turned her eyes back to her brother, she could see the weariness in them. She reached out towards him. She wanted to provide him with a little bit of comfort before she would join her parents and Tommy.

Jake got the clue and carefully moved his large frame closer to Miki's hospital bed and pulled her into his arms. He gently rocked her just like he and Tommy had done several times after their parents died.

"I love you Jake," she softly managed to say.

"I love you too Miki," he said kissing the top of her head as he continued to rock her in his arms until she had drifted back to sleep.

Dr. Ranta sighed as he watched the painful scene unfold before him. Here was a bright and talented young woman who was basically murdered for some unknown reason. If Jake hadn't of gotten to Dr. Ribbens first, then he would have killed the bastard himself. Not like Jake's punishment was any more civilized – well not so much Jake's punishment but the Na'vi warriors who protected their clan leader along with those he loved – even if one of them was a dreamwalker. He didn't even want to know the exact details of what was done to him.

But the one thing that he was never able to figure out was why Dr. Ribbens had done this to Miki. Yet none of that mattered now.

Now it was too late.

The only thing that this serum could do now was prolonging the inevitable.

"Ewya will provide for her," Norm said moving next to him.

"You've spent too much time on this planet," Dr. Ranta said.

"How do you think Jake isn't an Avatar anymore."

Norm had a point. There was still much that he couldn't explain about Jake Sully. And maybe, just maybe Miki could be one of the unexplainable things that would confound him for the rest of his life. "What needs to be done?"

"I'll talk to Jake, while you get her Avatar on a chopper."