This takes place during Eclipse about a week after the sleepover at the Cullen's when Alice held Bella hostage. Please read and review.

"Dad, lunch is ready" I called up the stairs while placing a plate of lasagne in front of Charlie's seat at the table. I heard Charlie's loud footsteps come down the staircase and turn towards the table. "Smells great, Bella" he said, stuffing the first bite of lunch into his mouth. I eyed his police uniform, confused.

"I thought you had the day off today?" I asked, curious at why he was dressed for work. "Oh yeah" Charlie looked up from the paper he was intently reading, swallowing another bite of his lunch. Honestly, I don't know how he survived before I had come, his cooking skills were disastrous. "Deputy Mark called; he said that the murders in Seattle are dramatically rising and wanted me to come check out the situation this afternoon". I tried to hide my grimace; I knew exactly what was causing the murders in Seattle: Newborn, bloodthirsty, out of control vampires. Charlie noticed my change in expression as added on "Sorry its late notice, I can stay home if you would like me too?" looking concerned.

"That's fine Dad, they need you down at the station. I'll be fine here" I went to the kitchen to grab myself come lunch. Besides, if Charlie was gone Edward would be able to come over without having to have Charlie's judgemental eyes observing our every move. "Are you sure Bella?" Charlie finished his last mouthful of lasagne and got up noisily "I don't like to think of you having to sit here all Saturday afternoon alone". I could tell Charlie was trying to hint that I should invite someone over, or more specifically Jacob over, but I didn't feel like talking to Jacob right now, especially if he was just going to act like a jerk again.

"Seriously Dad, I'll be fine" I headed to the table, placing my sandwich on the table. Charlie continued to wander around, before settling onto the couch and turning on the TV. I was just about to take the first bite of my lunch when the doorbell rang. I started to stand up to get the door, but Charlie called into the dining room "Don't worry Bells, I'll get it". A few seconds later I could hear the hinge on the door groan in protest and a familiar voice call out.

"Hey Charlie" Alice's usual happy cheerful voice sung. "Alice, hun. Good to see you" Charlie replied in the same tone; he adored Alice, and she could come and go as she pleased, unlike Edward "Come on in, Bella's in the kitchen". "Thanks Charlie" Alice said, skipping gracefully down the hallway, followed by heavy footsteps of Charlie. The springs of the couch squeaked as Charlie slouched back down to watch the baseball.

"Hey Bella" I looked up to see Alice standing right in front of me, holding a large designer bag. Her face was overly happy, and more excited than normal. That had to mean that something was going on. "What are you doing here?" I asked; Alice usually didn't show up to my house without some ulterior motive. Alice's pixie like features twisted into a scowl. "No 'Hello Alice, nice to see you' or 'thank you for coming to visit me'. It's like you not even glad to see me" she said sadly, guilt tripping me into feeling sorry for her. It worked.

"I'm sorry Alice. I just didn't expect that you would come over" I said carrying my empty plate to the kitchen. "It's ok Bella" Alice laughed, dancing after me "Just play along". "Alice! Play along with what?" I asked in the same whisper tone she had used, but Alice had already headed for the living room, towing me along by my hand. Alice pulled me to a stop by the couch, and Charlie looked up at her, suspicious, muting the game.

"So Charlie, are you going to be working this afternoon?" Alice asked innocently, like she didn't already know. "Er, yeah. Mark wants my help with the Seattle case, so I probably won't be back until late tonight" he said, looking at me. "Since you will be out late tonight, would you like it if Bella stays over at ours so she won't be alone?" Alice said excitedly "The boys are all out camping so it's just us girls and Esme home, of course". Obviously the fact that Edward would not be home made Charlie pleased, even though I knew he would not need to 'camp' for at least another week.

"That would be great Alice. Are you sure it would be okay though?" Charlie said hopefully; he hated leaving me alone, fearing that I might have nightmares and scream all night (not that it had happened since Edward's return). "It will be fine Charlie" Alice replied, sure of herself. Alice spent the next few minutes talking about shopping and clothes, which I eagerly tuned out of.

Charlie looked at his watch. "Well kids, I got to go now" Charlie rose from the couch and thumped towards his gun belt "Bye Alice. Have fun Bella" he called, heading down the hall. "Seeya Dad" I yelled out as Alice said "Have a nice time at work".

We listened as the cruiser pulled out of the driveway and steadily disappeared into the distance. As soon as it was silent I look the opportunity to ask Alice why she was kidnapping me tonight, hoping that Edward didn't need to go hunting again; it had less than a week. "What was that about Alice" I asked, looking at her, my face full of suspicion. "Huh?" she said innocently. I continued to glare at her until she answered.

"Well since we didn't get the chance last week when you were staying at ours, I thought tonight we should go for a driveā€¦" Alice said, bouncing up and down from excitement so fast it was making me dizzy just watching. "And by drive you mean drive down interstate highways at maximum speed in your new Porsche?" I said accusingly. Alice's smile lit up, causing me to know I was right. I frowned, hoping there was some way to get myself out of this.

"I haven't even had the chance to drive it yet Bella" she pleaded "If you like I won't even drive at the top speed the whole way. And Edward can come". As soon as she said he could come I gave in and she hugged me around the waist. "Thank you Bella! We should leave soon, and we can probably make it to LA and back by morning" Alice's eyes went blank for a split second and then her face lit up and she told me "Edward will be here in two minutes".

We headed up to my bedroom so I could grab a change of clothes and my toiletries bag. I searched around my room, trying to find my bag to put my stuff in while Alice went through my closet, insulting nearly every piece of clothing she laid eyes on. After a short search I grabbed my backpack and shoved the clothes Alice had picked out for me (my blue blouse, jeans and a designer jumper I didn't recognise as mine) and my toiletries bag inside.

I was sitting on my bed watching Alice rummage through my draws, 'trying to find something decent' for me to wear as she put it, when I felt a slight breeze and then two strong arms wrap around my waist. I turned my head around to face my own personal Greek god. I laughed as he began to kiss me along my jaw "I take it you missed me too then?" I asked him. "Of course I did" his velvet voice like music in my ears. He leant down to kiss me on the lips when a small figure appeared in front of us.

"Come on Edward!" Alice said, pulling me away from him "We need to leave now otherwise we will be caught by the police along the highway for speeding". I groaned as she dragged me downstairs and out the door, Edward following close behind us. I came to a stop in front on the Porsche as Alice walked around to the back of the car to place my back in the car boot.

I looked at the only two seats in the car "And how exactly did you think we can all fit in there?" I asked as Alice leaped into the driver's side. "Like this" Edward replied, pulling me up into his arms like a little child and opening the passenger door. He curled me into his chest and climbed into the car, sitting me on his lap and closing the door behind him. With two people in the one seat, it was a rather tight fit, not that I minded at all though. Edward kept his arms wrapped tightly around me and I leaned against his shoulder.

I kept my hands in Edward's as we sped out of the driveway and onto the highway taking us out of Forks.

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