I am so sorry to all of those people who have been waiting for me to update this for months. It has been a story that I had a lot of ideas for at the start, but lost them when it came time to update. This is a small piece I thought of recently and I decided to sneak it into this story. Please review and tell me what you think, and if you have any ideas about what could happen in this story, please send me a message or review.

Even with my eyes closed, I knew it was dark outside the comfort of the car. There was a feeling of mystery, yet peacefulness in the air. Everything was silent both inside and outside the car. I couldn't hear the purr of the engine pushing the cars maximum speed as I had when I had fallen asleep. The only sound was my quiet breaths, and even I could hear the steady beating of my heart in the silence of the night.

I could have believed that I was completely alone if it wasn't for the marble surface of Edward's chest I could feel my head against. Inside the blanket was very warm, almost too warm. The air in the car was not the chilly sharp freeze it should be this time of the night. A cool hand stroked my cheek, fingers running from my temple, gliding along my joy. I leaned into the hand, wanting to keep it there. The coolness was comforting and I invited it in, boiling inside the thick blanket that was wrapped around me. The pale skin of Edward's neck came into view as I opened my eyes slowly.

"Good morning, sweetheart" he said in a calm soothing voice, soft enough to suit the peacefulness in the atmosphere "How did you sleep?" he asked, stroking my cheek with one hand and hold me against his chest with the other. It took me a few minutes before I registered his question, too focused on the sweet smell as I lay my head closer to his chest. I flexed my muscles briefly, almost cringing in advance at the pain they should have after sleeping in the same position all night, so I was surprised to find that I felt fully relaxed, not a muscle strained.

I just sighed in contentment and closed my eyes again as Edward's fingers made their way through my hair. When I opened them again, I noticed that the driver's seat was empty and the car had stayed in the same place since I had woken up. A small part in my brain registered the silence in the car was also due to a lack of Alice's chattering.

"Where's Alice?" I asked Edward, meeting his eyes.

"She went to go get some fuel" he stated, shaking his head with a smile on his face "I told her that if she didn't slow down she would need to top up soon". By now I was wide awake, and things were beginning to make more sense. My eyes scanned the dashboard for a clock, and when they found the time, they widened in shock.

"One-oh-clock!" I exclaimed, realising the wave of tiredness that was still flowing around me. The darkness outside made sense, and I began to get washed under by exhaustion again.

"You can go back to sleep" Edward said, pulling the blanket up higher and wrapping both his arms around my waist, holding me tight against him so there was no space between us. I craned my neck higher so my cheek could rest against his neck, sighing as our skin made contact. He placed a kiss on my forehead, humming a softer version of my lullaby.

I turned my lips into the hollow of his throat, letting the music drag me back to sleep.