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Caitlyn paced, feeling more anxious then she ever could remember feeling before. The rain pattering against the windows was the only sound she could hear at the moment, but her eyes kept glancing over at the front door.

He should be there any moment now. It seems liked it was taking an eternity though, when in reality it had only been a few minutes. It was a good thing he lived so close, or else Caitlyn knew she'd be even more aggravated.

The knock on the door finally came, making her jump but scrambled over and throw the door open. At the moment, Caitlyn didn't care if she looked like a desperate girl-she was desperate. Desperate to have his arms around her once again.

"Nathaniel!" she exclaimed, stepping into his open arms, not even caring that the rain was still pouring and Nate was soaked. He chuckled and hugged her tightly, guiding them into the house and kicking the door shut.

"I'm so sorry, Cait." He murmured into her hair, kissing her head and rocking her from side to side soothingly, "I'm so sorry."

"I love you." She whispered against his neck, eyes closed contentedly. Caitlyn spent the next silent moment only soaking up every comforting fact that was so familiar to her.

His warm-but wet-arms holding her tightly to his chest was familiar. The feel of his chin on her head was familiar. The smell of his shirt was familiar. The rise and fall of his chest was familiar.

He was everything familiar and comforting.
"I love you, too, Caity." Caitlyn felt Nate murmur into her hair, "I'm never letting you go ever again." His sweet words met her ears and made a smile spread across her face and wish time with him would be forever lasting.

"I agre-"

Nate abruptly pushing her away just enough to meet her eyes cut her off, "Marry me." He breathed emotionally, and Caitlyn felt her jaw drop.

"But-but, Nate, we're only nineteen…" she whispered, feeling guilty about the hurt that shadowed over his face at her words that sounded like rejection, "…Are you sure that's a wise decision?"

Wasn't it usually Caitlyn's job to be spontaneous and extravagant? Nate was the one who seemed to keep control of her wild ideas. She came up with crazy ideas and he brought them down slightly to a realistic level. At that moment, though, it was as though their roles were switched.

"I love you so much I can't even think straight, Caitlyn. I want to wake up every morning to see you sleeping next to me. I want to end each day-good or bad-with talking to you. I want to never have to worry about losing you to someone else." Nate spoke strongly, but the sincerity was clearly heard in his words.

Caitlyn was momentarily taken aback by his powerful words, not sure exactly what to say. The things he said touched her deeply and she wanted the same, but she was afraid. What if she didn't live up to his expectations?

"What if I'm not good enough?" she murmured sadly, letting her gaze fall to the almost nonexistent space between them, "What if you wake up and are disappointed because you're stuck with me?..."

"That couldn't happen." Nate stated with finality, looking confused as to even consider the fact was ridiculous, "I love you, Caity, and that's never going to change. Ever."


"If that's the only reason you aren't saying yes, then forget it." Nate interrupted her, then gave her a worried look, "What do you want?"

"To say yes." She muttered, looking up at him shyly.

"Then say it." Nate whispered in suggestion, and Caitlyn felt her worries slowly melting away to nothing. Raising one hand up to stroke his cheek affectionately she smiled slightly at him, "Will you marry me, Caitlyn Gellar?"

"Yes, if you'll dance with me here and now-with no music playing." She replied, laughing in happiness when a grin swept over his face and he pressed his lips against hers eagerly.

"It's be my pleasure." He assured her, resting his forehead against hers as they began to sway, the only music being the rain pounding harshly against the house.

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