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Chapter One

Tony stood outside with Pepper, waiting for Rhodey. "Where is that guy?" Tony asked impatiently.

"He's probably debating history with his teacher." Pepper scoffed.

Tony rolled his eyes, "Who would debate history? Only Rhodey...only Rhodey."

Pepper laughed hesitantly, spotting Rhodey coming out the front doors.

"I mean, seriously, what is there to debate?" Tony asked again, Pepper frantically pointed in the direction of Rhodey, coming up behind Tony. "Tony, shh!!" Pepper whispered. Tony's eyes widened and his lips formed a silent "Oh." as he turned in the direction of Rhodey.

"Oh hey Rhodey! How was history?" He said with a smile on his face. Rhodey rolled his eyes, "Why is it that every time I'm late, you guys assume it's history?" Tony and Pepper shrugged, "Because you like it so much..." Pepper tried.

Rhodey smirked, "Well, you were right. I was talking to the teacher about a paper we're supposed to write."

Tony's smile got bigger, "I knew it!" Rhodey punched Tony's shoulder, "Hey, you need to show us the new updates on the Iron M-uh...the suit. The suit." Rhodey caught himself, realizing he was speaking a little too loud. Tony and Pepper's eyes were wide, "That was a little bit close, don't you think?" Pepper laughed nervously, looking around.

"Ooh...great." Pepper had spotted someone, a certain girl with long blond hair and stiletto shoes. Tony felt the pressure of a hand on his shoulder, turning him in a different direction.

"Hey Tony." She smiled, catching him off guard. "Would you want to go grab a drink with me?" She asked him, knowing it would bother Pepper.

Pepper frowned, "Wait, but-"

Whitney cut her off, "So Tony, what do you say? We could hang out for awhile."

Pepper opened her mouth to speak, but Whitney sent a glare in her direction, Tony noticed the exchange and smiled nicely, "I'm sorry Whitney, but I can't. I promised to help Pepper with her homework."

Whitney forced a smile on her face, "Oh, that's all right. I'll catch you another time." Tony nodded, turning back to Pepper and Rhodey.

Whitney turned and started walking down the sidewalk, passing Pepper and whispering, "Have fun being his pet." She smirked. Pepper clenched her fists and fumed silently. Tony and Rhodey were talking quietly, they hadn't noticed the scene between Whitney and Pepper.

"Tony, I'm telling you, you've got to add a GPS chip to the suit so we can track you if you lose consciousness."

Tony sighed, "Rhodey, what if someone taps in to it and realizes they have a GPS signal on Iron Man? I don't really think that's such a good idea."

Rhodey seemed exasperated. "Well, how else are we going to find you?"

Tony pushed Rhodey aside, "I don't know, I'll come up with something. Can we just go to the armory and argue it there?"

Rhodey nodded, "Yeah, all right." Pepper was staring at the ground, trying to focus on anything else except Whitney's insults.

"You okay Pepper?" Tony asked, concerned, putting a hand on her shoulder. It snapped her out of her trance.

"What? Oh! Ya, of course. I'm fine." She lied smoothly. Tony frowned and was about to question her, but decided that it wasn't the right moment to do so. Tony nodded and gave her his winning smile, receiving a shy smile from her in return. They kept walking in silence, away from the school and toward the armory. Tony had fixed up the armory the best that he could with the help of Rhodey and Pepper. He had made some changes, and overall, it had taken at least two and half months to get it to the point where you could walk through it without fear of getting hit by falling debris, or tripping over a piece of scrap metal. It wasn't finished, but it was definitely getting closer and closer to its final product.

*Twenty minutes ago, in a warehouse on the other side of town...*

Mr. Fix sat in all his glory, hardware hookups, generators, and computer screens littered the area. He sat, staring at all of his machinery, the hard work that he had put in to moving from his last hide-out to another. He was almost done, just a few more things to plug in and reassemble, and then he was finished.

"I am not going to let Iron Man go so easily...he destroyed my work! Everything I had, ruined!" He ranted to himself. He completed the last few details and watched the monitors pick up different signals across town. Luckily, the private frequencies he had hacked were picked up again and drawn to the screens, showing different scenes playing out from different areas of town. He looked closely for anyone familiar, like maybe that FBI Agent Potts. He would be a good candidate to release some of his pent up fury on. He looked over his monitors, squinting as he tried to recognize someone, anyone.

"Now, who is this?" He pondered out loud to himself, adjusting the screen so he could see it better, zooming in on the subject, he let out a cry of triumph. "That's the boy, what was his name? Rhodey..." He finished, putting things together, "Rhodey and...what was her name? Pepper. They're friends." He watched as Rhodey walked away from the double doors of what looked to be a school and approached two people. Mr. Fix could not believe his luck.

"Well isn't that just perfect?" He sighed, content, Pepper Potts stood with another boy with dark hair and a red shirt, laughing and talking. Talking. "Why am I not getting audio?" He realized. He swiveled around on his chair, getting up and looking around for an unplugged cord, he finally found it wedged under a modem for one of his computers and plugged it in hastily.

He caught one of the most important parts of the entire conversation. "-need to show us the updates on the Iron M-uh...the suit. The suit." Rhodey had slipped, and Mr. Fix's eyes widened in surprise. "Iron Man...a.k.a., Tony Stark. That is some interesting and valuable information." Mr. Fix laughed wickedly, but kept listening and watching closely, recording the entire moment.

He watched the exchange between Whitney and Pepper, silently noting that both of them were important to Tony, the spectrum leaning a little more toward Pepper. Pepper was the key. The daughter of the man that had let slip his location and the friend of his arch nemesis, Iron Man. He could get back at both enemies with only one try.

"It's always easier to kill two birds with one stone. Gets the job done much, much faster." Mr. Fix chuckled to himself, then called for Whiplash.

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