They say relationships are built over time… but personally I think time got away from me. it start out as just harmless coincidences; she'd be at restaurant I liked, I'd end up in an arcade she was familiar with, nothing huge.

then a couple of outing nothing special, she'd invite me out to eat after a game once in awhile , I'd take her out after concert if I wanted; no biggie…

then she started coming to all my games, and very uncharacteristically cheering for me, she's usually turn beet red and explain it was an involuntary character change with Iru. Soon enough I started coming to all her concerts, even bringing her congratulation gifts and that sort of stuff

before I knew it we'd be out in public holding hands, though our character didn't really change, we weren't lovey dovey or any of that junk maybe a few coy smiles and a flirt or two but nothing crazy, we'd still be ridiculously competitive but after hanging out she'd always kiss my cheek and say "later…"

I didn't think it was that big of a deal until one day I caught a couple guys trying to make a move on her, I don't know why I got so pissed off, Utau was more than capable of setting those guys straight but I still felt like my blood was boiling of course Daichi was trying to calm me down but I didn't listen I rushed over there only to over hear her scowling them…

"didn't your mothers ever teach how to treat a lady, and besides I'm taken- eh speak of the devil Kukai." She greeted stopping mid-scowling. The boys that had been cowering in fear of her were now turning even paler at the sight of my glare (I'm usually an easy going guy but even I got limits.)

"move." I ordered coldly, the three guys fled like I had the plague. Utua chuckled slightly; my frown was quickly replaced with a nervous smile.

"hey." I greeted sending her a smile. She gave one of her own.

"hey yourself." She replied kissing me on cheek, our shugo chara snickered, she sent them a warning glare, and they quietly sunk back into their eggs muttering "no fair" and "bossy". She turned back to me and gave me a small smile as she laced our fingers together.

"come on that new ice cream shop I was telling you about is just down the corner, they say if you eat an entire bucket of ice cream it comes free with a 3 month no charge coupon." She explained eagerly.

"only a bucket! Keh they're practically giving it away!" I replied pumped up from her enthusiasm.

"I know!" she responded. "so come on!!" she tightened the grasp on my hand and dragged me off.

"…they say… "only a bucket"… how are they human?..." Daichi muttered.

"utau's a bottomless pit…" Iru responded

"Kukai's a walking garbage disposable…" Daichi added.

"they are prefect for each other!!!! All 10 flags of love have been raised!!!" Eru chirped energetically. Both me and utau froze from her comment, that's when it hit me and I think it hit her too

"perfect for …" she repeated blushing bright red, unconsciously gripping my hand tighter.

"… each other." I continued blushing myself. We shared an awkward silence while looking at each other, I didn't know what to say so I did what I always do… I gave her a smile, the brightest one I could muster, soon enough she gave her own, it was smaller and shyer but it was the best smile I'd seen on her face since we'd met.

" *clears throat* well… hmp that sounds about right." She replied in her usual stern tone. I chuckled she just couldn't be honest could she. Eru emerged from her egg.

"what kind of declaration of love is that!! "hmp.. that sound about right…" that's no way to express your feelings!!!" Eru demanded, utua turned beet red I don't know if it was from embarrassment or from anger.

"Eru enough I-

"chara change!" Eru shouted interrupting Utau as a little halo appeared above utua's head. Before I knew what was going on utua was hugging me.

"I really do think we're prefect for each other! You're sweetest, funniest guy in the world!" she shouted in a very uncharacteristic honey sweet voice. My face turned as red as a tomato. Soon enough the halo disappeared and utau quickly detached herself from me.

"Eru…" she seethed in murderous anger, the little chara ran back into her egg. Utau turned to meet my flustered expression.

"heh heh that was uhh something else huh?" I replied nervously. She looked at her feet in shame.

"that wasn't- I would've obviously phrased it differently." She declared. I rubbed my neck nervously.

"It's cool eh um-

"no not cool I just confessed…sort of …now reply as a gentleman would and either refuse or accept my confession." She demanded, thought she tried hard not show it, I could tell she was nervous.

"she sure put you on the spotlight." Daichi commented. I sent him a warning look.

"umm…err…thanks? I guess." I nervously replied. I saw her left eye twitch.

"it was nice knowing ya." Daichi whispered

"thanks…thanks??....thanks!?!?!" she shouted in disbelief.

"a beautifully lady confesses to you and you say thanks?!?!! What kind of man are you!!!" Eru demands.

"whoa wait up-

"is he even worth a confession!! Keh way to go Eru you messed everything up, and you a real man would accept Utua's confession but I guess you're not man enough little boy." Iru taunted stopping me mid phrase.

"now wait a cotton pickin minute!! I'm all man and second I like Utua too just cause I'm not shouting it from the roof tops or announcing it from the radio doesn't mean I don't like her." I retorted heatedly only to notice my words might have been a little too honest.

"you… like me?" Utau repeated in a disbelieving tone.

"ye-yeah." I replied trying to seem aloof.

"real smooth." Daichi muttered.

Utau gripped my hand harder, I could see her usual pale cheeks turn red. She clutched at her heart.

"I'm… glad." Was all she mustered, I'm not a romantic so I kinda just winged it.

"since we feel the same way, nothing's wrong right?" I asked smiling brightly. She nodded in agreement. "awesome! Then I say we get some of that ice cream to celebrate…unless you think it's too much-

"something as trivial as that! Ha don't mock me." Utau countered regaining her usual fire. I just laughed at her sudden mood change.

"you're too much." I chuckled.

"yeah, yeah come on, I'm about to show you how a pro eats ice cream!" she challenged.

"a pro? Heh well don't mean to disappoint you Miss. Idol but the only one getting schooled is you!" I retorted as we raced towards the ice cream shop.

"weren't they all lovey dovey a second ago…" Daichi commented.

"with these 2 don't expect those kind of moments to last." Iru replied.

"I still see them high in the air the 10 flags of love waving proudly!!" Eru added. The other two chara's sweatdropped.

"more like the 10 flags of crazy competitiveness." The other two replied.

Since then it's just been normal to hang out and cheer each other on, I don't know if I'd call it a relationship or anything but… I guess it's pretty close.

To be continued.

Alright so in each chapter im going to put a short one shot about this couple. I hope you like the prologue.