~~llothcat here

I hope that the moderators on this site will be kind and allow me to keep this note up.

This here story has inspired many new fan fiction authors to try their hand at this challenging genre. I am in awe of what has been produced since I finished this piece, and there are still quite a few tales that I follow when I am procrastinating. (From writing other fan fics, from drawing, painting, chores, what have you.) I am quite aware of its many flaws, and like the above mentioned authors, strive to not repeat the mistakes in my future writings.

Certain parts are cringe worthy... I mean I wrote this on successive grave shifts, for over a year, under the heavy influence of too much soda, strong coffee, and sugary junk food. Add to that, this piece is something of a symbol for me, as it is the first piece of fiction writing I have ever done where the dang characters in my head actually argued with me. (I blame the coffee. It was an awful sludge, but it did the trick).

I was locked out of this account for a long time, due to an upgrade that went wrong.

I have a new account now, under my real name, and that means something of a fresh start. Which brings me back to the reason for me posting this note:

I am considering taking it down, and the only thing that keeps me from doing so is the fact that I have went and posted it in an archive. Warts and all.

I think this piece of mine has served its purpose, and good writing has prevailed here in this little corner of .