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Itachi was bored. The Hokage had, for no particular reason it seemed, taken it to his head that Itachi needed a vacation. How this notion came to his mind, Itachi didn't know. He was already bored of the un-needed vacation when he knew his team mates were probably on yet another dangerous mission. It was annoying to think there wasn't even the remotest, most mundane task he could do.

It was once again, the time of the year when Christmas trees were set up, snowmen were built and small children threw snowballs at each other. Itachi only vaguely remembered doing such things when he had been about three. Most of his life had been dedicated to training, training, and still more training to become stronger. His life's purpose was solely to protect his village against its enemies, and speaking of enemies…

The movement was so small it was barely noticeable. However, Itachi wasn't the youngest Anbu captain for nothing. Cautiously, he drew a kunai from his pouch and kept on guard. The bush twitched and rustled. He didn't think it was a ninja, or rather, not a dangerous one anyway. A powerful enemy wouldn't have rustled the bush. Slowly, he advanced, keeping an eye for any signs of danger.

SPLAT!! Itachi reeled backwards, spluttering in disbelief. Unless he had been mistaken, he had been caught in the face by a well aimed snowball. Spitting the snow out of his mouth, Itachi activated his Sharingan and immediately noticed a small chakra signature hiding in the bush. "All right Sasuke, come out." The next snowball came whizzing out from his right which he narrowly dodged. "Sasuke, who else is here?" The bush shook with stifled laughter.

A small smile crossed the young captain's face. So Sasuke wanted to ambush him? All right then, foolish little brother… He strode over to the bush and as he parted the leaves, he had no idea of the horrors that awaited him… "Nii-san!!" Itachi spun on the spot as a small bundle leapt right onto him. He felt himself crash to the floor and immediately came under attack by large amounts of snow. "Sasuke!!" Itachi gasped as he swallowed a large mouthful of snow. He got hurriedly to his feet and noticed two small eight year olds rolling around aching with laughter. One was, undoubtedly, his foolish little brother. The other, Itachi recognized as Sasuke's best friend, Uzumaki Naruto.

"Nii-san," Sasuke got to his feet and began tugging excitedly at Itachi's sleeve, "can we have a snowball fight, please?" Itachi smirked and pulled Sasuke down into the snow. The eight year old exploded into squeals of laughter and immediately began burying his brother in snow, which Naruto happily joined in. Itachi gasped under the combined attack, soon discovering that he was buried in snow from the waist down. He retaliated by pelting snowballs at the screaming Sasuke. When had he had this much fun? Itachi certainly didn't remember. When he was younger, he only had Shisui to play with, and Shisui, like himself, had been growing incredibly busy over the years.

Soon, the trio were lying, exhausted in the snow watching the huge snowflakes drift dreamily to the ground like large goose feathers. "Nii-san," Sasuke was staring at him with large, onyx orbs, "merry Christmas." Itachi smiled, "merry Christmas, little brother."

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