It was simple, really.

"Hey, lamer. My lease is up this week … I was wondering if you wanted to live with me?"

Hayner is stupid though. That's the problem. Whenever the subject had come up, Hayner had dutifully found a way to be oblivious to it.

"Hayner, my lease is up next month…"


"T - that's not what a lease means…"

After that fiasco, Hayner knew what lease meant, but still never grasped the concept, and after MANY attempts, Seifer just gave up.

Which is what brought him to his current thought process. 'It's not that hard to say….' Seifer thought, pouting slightly. Finally, his mind was made up. Getting up off his couch, he flew out the door, knowing Hayner would be in the Sandlot posting posters for his part-time job. Quickly finding him, Seifer strode up to him, seething at how increasingly stupid the other blond was.

"HEY DUMBFUCK!" He called. Hayner -- along with about 4 other people who thought THEY were being called -- looked over at the bully. Hayner perched an eyebrow, crossing his arms.

"Seifer, What do you wa-" Hayner had began, being cut off by the older slamming him against a wall and invading his space. "SEIFER WHAT THE FUCK!?" He yelled, fingers clawing at the hand that was gripping his shirt.

"My lease. It's up this week. You're living with me." He growled, tightening his grop on Hayner's shirt. Hayner just chuckled, grabbing the back of Seifer's neck and pulling him down into a rough kiss.

"Fucking finally." He murmured against the others lips.

After all, Hayner had dropped enough hints as well.