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Author's Note: I thought that Eloise and Tony were a lot alike because both of them were always alone.

NCIS Christmas At The Plaza

Tony and the team walked inside the Plaza and looked around the lobby and then to the check in counter. Gibbs walked up to the counter and checked them in while Tony and the team stayed in the lobby. Suddenly a little blonde haired girl ran up and introduced herself

"Hello, My name is Eloise and I'm six. Are you guys cops?" She said as she looked at their hats and guns.

"We are Federal Agents, NCIS. It means Naval Criminal Investigative Services." Tony answered the little girl. He wasn't used to talking to Children.

"What's your name?" Asked the little girl.


"Good to meet you Tony. And you are?" Eloise said as she glanced at the others and were introduced to them one by one.

"Eloise. Oh, there you are." Nanny said as she caught up to her young charge. "I'm sorry she sometimes gets away from me."

"It's okay." Replied Tony as he looked at the child and then back at the nanny. He remembered when he was young and the nanny always tended him. His Mom and Dad were always away and never had time for him.

Gibbs came back and handed them their key cards and then he went up to the elevator along with the team. Eloise and nanny followed them as they were going up to their penthouse.

Eloise glanced at the numbers that deposited her new she hoped to be friends at.

The next day Eloise got up and made her rounds and found Tony in the lobby looking at the tree.

"Hello, Tony. How are you doing?"

"I am doing fine, Eloise. Where's your nanny?"

"She's still sleeping I am making my rounds."

"Where are your Mom and Dad?"

"My Mom is in Paris and I don't know about my Dad."

"I'm sorry about that. I bet it must be hard for you to have your Mom and Dad away when it's Christmastime."

"My Mom said she was going to make it for Christmastime."

"I hope she does. I was kind of like you when I was younger. My parents were hardly there and my Nanny always tended me. They even left me alone at Christmastime."

"I'm sorry, Tony." She said as patted his hand and hugged him.

"Thank you, Eloise, but now I have a better family. Did you see those people that I came in with? I feel like we are family. The one that got the rooms is like my Dad because he worries about me sometimes, Ziva is like the stepsister, or foreign exchange student, and Tim is the little brother who I love to tease. They may not be blood, but they are family just the same."

"I'm glad that you got your family, Tony." She said and then she started talking again. "I have to go to do the rest of my rounds then go back to the room to wake Nanny up."

"Goodbye, Eloise and Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas to you too, Tony." They both smiled and Tony watched as the little girl skipped towards the desk and he turned back towards the tree.

The End