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Pairing: Paul and Ash. K

Part 1: The Auction

The Pokemon Center was planning their annual Christmas banquet. This year they decided the fundraiser would be in the form of a bachelor auction, to collect for the children's hospital.

It seemed quiet a few people wanted to partake in the charitable event this year, this included Ash and his friends.

Brock had already volunteered to be in the auction, in hopes of a beautiful lady winning him for the day.

Ash was at the moment helping to decorate the Christmas tree. He was on a small ladder, hanging up an ornament.

"Come on Ash! You should participate in the auction too," Dawn suggested eagerly.

The trainer had to quickly catch himself to keep from falling to the ground. Ash's eyes widened and his cheeks burned an interesting shade of red. "You're joking right?" He placed the ornament on the tree and continued with his task.

"No. Come on Ash, it's for charity. Think about the children. Think about how happy they will be Christmas morning when they wake up and find all those Christmas presents." The blue haired coordinator says while dancing around, pressing Piplup to her chest.

"Luuup!" The water type pokemon chirped happily in return.

"Yeah Ash, think about all the beautiful ladieeees!" Brock added near the kitchen.

Dawn rolled her eyes and continued. "Reggie is partaking, Drew and even Prof. Oak."

"Prof. Oak!" Ash sputtered, shocked.

Dawn nodded vigorously. "Yup!"

Ash looked at both Brock and Dawn trying to come to a decision. In these times he always looked for advice from his loyal companion, Pikachu. He turned to his trusty friend, waiting for his reply.

The yellow rodent looked up at his trainer, a smile already planted in place. He shook his head up and down. "Pika!"

Ash, taking that as a yes, finally came to a decision. The dark-haired trainer groaned inwardly, knowing he would probably regret it later. "Ok, you can count me in."


The doors to the Pokemon Center suddenly swung open. The chilly winter air swept in, followed shortly after where two mauve-haired youths. One with a friendly grin and the other with furious scowl.

"I can't believe you dragged me along for this lame event," Paul grumbled, sending Reggie a glare.

Reggie laughed lightly. "Awe, can't you just have some fun. It's the holidays. Be joyful, be happy, and have a good time!" He paused for a moment, grinning suggestively. "You know Ash is here, right." The breeder finished with an all knowing grin.

Paul huffed, annoyed. "What's that got to do with anything?"

Reggie couldn't help the wide grin that suddenly spread upon his face. "I don't knowwwww." He joked playfully.

"I'm outta here," Paul stated, sinking his hands into his pockets, he quickly left his brother's side.

Reggie wasn't able to see the slight hint of redness that had appeared on the bridge of Paul's nose. Paul would not allow him the privilege to see such a rare sight, that would give him a reason to question him about it. His brother already knows too much for his liking.

While Paul made his way else where, Reggie made his way to the kitchen.

The mauve-haired breeder stepped inside the kitchen and was immediately greeted by Brock. "Hey Reggie."

"Hey Brock."

Brock handed Reggie some pots and pans, after doing so he resumed with his cooking preparations.

Brock spared Reggie a quick glance, smiling. "So, is Paul here with you."

This in turn made Reggie smirk. "Yeah."

"Hey, you know what, Ash has volunteered to be in the auction."

Reggie wanted to laugh out loud, but he quickly stopped himself. "Oh really. That should be interesting."

Brock gave him a puzzled look. "Oh, why's that?"

"You'll seeeeee!" Reggie sang.


The banquet was now under way. The Pokemon Center was packed full.

Beautiful red, green, gold, and silver decorations lit up the big open room. Christmas music was blaring nonstop in the background, while many people tried to speak over it. There was so much food and everyone was eating heartily.

A few hours later

"This year seems to be turning out real well," Nurse Joy announced through the microphone on stage.

Everyone quieted down and gave her all their undivided attention.

"Thank you all for your contributions and services, in the preparations this year. Making this year the best it has ever been. We are about to start the auction. So all participants please make your way to the front of the stage. And if you haven't already gotten your auction card, any of our vendors will provide one for you."

All the participants made their way to the stage.

"We will start out with Brock! Everyone please give a round of applause for Brock!"

The crowd clapped and cheered.

"Oh Nurse Joy! Please will you bid for me! I would make your day the perfect day ever!"

Croaguck was about to use poison jab but was suddenly interrupted by Nurse Joy.

"Sorry, I'm only the auctioneer. I will not be bidding."

Brock's face fell into a depressing frown, tears streaming down his cheeks.

Croaguck left croaking happily.

Paul was among the audience below staring up at Ash in a state of shock. He was having great difficulty breathing.

The mauve-haired trainer slumped down into his seat, trying to hide his embarrassment. He knew his face was beginning to heat up. 'What is that loser doing.' It was already embarrassing enough that his brother was in this stupid thing, but Ash. 'I bet Reggie put him up to this.'

Nurse Joy quickly get's down to business. "Let's start out this bid. Will anybody give me twenty dollars! Who will give me twenty dollars!"

A beautiful youthful redhead holds up her card. "I'll bid twenty dollars."

Brock's eyes turned into big heart shapes, his mouth dropped open wide. "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Sold to the beautiful redhead."

Nurse Joy interrupts his outburst and reminds him this is an auction. "We are trying to raise a lot of money, let's not stop on the first bid. We have a bid for twenty dollars, who will give me thirty, anybody bid thirty?"

An older, short, stout lady raises her card. "I'll bid thirty!"

Brocks face turns to complete horror, as the woman looks at him, making kissy faces.

Nurse Joy exclaimed happily, "Yay, now that's what I call bidding, ok now, we have thirty. now who will give me forty!"

The same young lady as before, held her card up again, "Forty!"

"Ok, we have a bid of forty, who will give me fifty?!"

The older woman was tired of beating around the bush, jumping out of her seat. "ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!!!"

"Oh my goodness! We have a bid for one hundred dollars. Do we have a higher bidder?"

Brock pleads to the redhead, but she shakes her head sadly, suggesting she has no more money to bid.

"Alright then, going once, going twice, SOLD!"

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Brock cries.

The old lady rushes to the stage to claim her prize. She drags the poor breeder off the stage, kicking and screaming all the way back to her seat.

Everyone laughs and claps.

Nurse Joy giggles and continues the bidding. "Alright our next participant is…."

The next participant was Tracey, Misty won the bid for him at sixty-five dollars. After Tracey it was Drew, in which May of course, won by bidding over two hundred dollars. May received a red rose and kiss on the cheek by the handsome green head.

"Our next participant is Prof. Oak! Hello Professor!"

"Hello Nurse Joy. It's a real pleasure being here," He said joyfully.

"No, it's our pleasure having you here sir."

The bidders were mostly older women, including Ash's mom. Now that had to be embarrassing. Ash's face was an unhealthy shade of red throughout the whole bidding.

It came down to Ash's mom having the highest bid.

Ash wanted to crawl into a hole and die. He was so embarrassed.

Next up was Reggie. Quite a few beautiful candidates were bidding for the handsome mauve-haired breeder, including Dawn, which surprised Ash and many others.

It came down to a pink haired girl and Dawn. They both battled it out strongly, but the victor was Dawn, bidding over three hundred dollars.

Where was she getting all that cash, many people wondered.

Reggie was very flattered by Dawn's generosity, but was it just that?


"It is now time for our last participant, Ash! Who will start out the bid!?"

"I'll bid four hundred dollars!" A young man shouts within the crowd.

Everyone was interested to see who the bidder was. It was unusual for a male to bid during a bachelor auction. They had to find out who this person was. Paul was especially curious.

It was Prof. Oak's grandson, Gary.

Paul was furious to find a confident smug on the boys face, which caused him to do something he never expected he would do. He hastily made his way to one of the vendors, getting himself a bidding card. "I bid six hundred!"

Ash was already in a state of shock by Gary's bid, but Paul too.

The floor was about to meet his face. He staggered a little then straightened up.

Reggie just could not believe his ears.

"Um, I'm not sure what's going on, but anyways on with the bidding! We have six hundred! Do I hear….seven hundred!???"

Gary looked over at Paul with build up rage. "Eight hundred!"

Gary grins and crosses his arms. 'Try to beat that.'

"One thousand dollars," Paul stated coolly.

Someone in the audience whistled, thoroughly impressed.

Gary could only gawk at the mauve-haired trainer.

Paul gave Gary a hard stare, crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair. He knew he had won. There was no way he could beat him now.

Gary knew it was true. He slumped back into his seat, accepting defeat.

"Wow One thousand dollars!" Nurse Joy cried out. "That beats the record!" She wiped the sweat off her brow and continued, "One thousand dollars going once, going twice, SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

To be continued:

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