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Pairing: Paul and Ash. K

Part 2: The Date Before Christmas

Ash couldn't imagine what was going on. He had to be dreaming. Paul could barely stand to be in the same room as he was, why would he buy him?

Then the hope deflated. Paul probably wanted to torture him or do something that would humiliate him for life.

Tomorrow was going to be a long day.


The door clicked quietly behind them. They were in Paul and Reggie's room, that they where sharing. The silence was engulfing, falling into every space between them.

Ash shuffled and he felt Paul's eyes on him. It made him uncomfortable.

"So…" Ash trailed off.

Paul looked at him and went into a room.

"H-Hey!!" Ash protested, "I'm your slave! What do you want…"

Paul came back with a broom.

"…me to do." he finished lamely.

Paul smirked and handed him the broom, "Start sweeping."


He had been waiting for an opportunity like this.

And Lady Luck decides to hand it to him on a silver platter.

He sat down on the armchair as he watched Ash busying himself over sweeping the floor.

He grinned to himself.

He was so incredibly lucky. He had a front row view of Ash's rear end and other… assets.

Ash looked up and saw Paul's lingering stare. It made him feel nervous, not the bad kind of nervousness, but the kind that raised giddiness inside of you.

Ash shook his head. This was Paul, he had to remember that.

But why was Paul staring at him?

"Something wrong Paul?"

Paul looked directly into his eye and pointed to the floor.

"You missed a spot."


Ash wiped his forehead. He had been sweeping the floor non-stop and personally, he was ready to fall down and collapse.

"Done? Good." Paul smirked at him.

Ash glared at him.

Evil! Evil! Pure Evil!

"Now what do you want me to do?" Ash gritted out.

Paul raised an eyebrow at him and smiled. "First thing. You have to call me Master."

Ash gasped in outrage, "No way am I going to call you Master!"

Paul looked at him and grabbed his arm, pulling Ash towards him. They were only a few centimeters apart. Ash's breathing hitched.

"You will do it," Paul stated coldly, "Because I said so. Is that clear?"

The flash of rebellions died in Ash's eyes. "Crystal clear," He mumbled.

Paul nodded and released Ash. They both immediately missed the close contact.

Paul cleared his throat. There was a distinct glint in his eye. "First, let's get something to eat, okay?"

Ash's head shot up and he nodded eagerly.


Ash was practically drooling, as he watched Paul dig into his strawberry shortcake.

The two had decided to go to this small café in town, one of the only places open during Christmas Eve. To Paul's greatest annoyance everyone must have had the same smart idea. The other annoyance was Ash's complaining on how slow the service was. He still hadn't gotten his order.

Ash started to groan loudly.

Did he have no self-control?

"Paul can I have a piece of your cake? I'm starving here!" He whimpered desperately.

"You can wait," Paul barked and continued to eat his cake, trying to ignore the pitifully, pathetic attempts of the other .

"C'mon Paul just ooooone biiiiite!"

Ash was bouncing up and down in his seat now.

Paul quickly scolded him, "Humph, as if. And stop that."

Minutes had went by and still nothing?

How long should it take!?

Ash was now begging, "Please, please, please, oh please Paul!"

Paul was extremely past the line of being pissed, he was furious. He scooped a big fork full of the delicious pastry and shoved it right into Ash's open mouth. Paul quickly let go of the utensil leaving it in Ash's mouth.

Paul watched as Ash unhurriedly pulled the fork from his mouth. "It's so goooood," Ash sighed in satisfaction and scooped some more of the sweet pastry onto it.

Paul's jaw dropped open, and in a split second Ash took the opportunity to thrust the boy's own fork back into his mouth. The mauve-haired boy swallowed the serving of sweet dessert reflexively.

Ash was ready for a beating, but it never came. What came next was something he never expected.

Paul started to laugh.

Holy crap he's laughing!

Ash blinked in surprise, he just could not believe it.

The waitress finally arrived with Ash's order. "Here's your order sir."

Then both Ash and Paul burst out laughing.

Ash quickly devoured his cake in one quick motion, and jumped up from his seat. He grabbed a hold of Paul, and before dragging him out the door, paid the clerk.

Once the two were out of the Café and out in the dark winter night, Paul ripped his arm out of Ash's grip. "What are you doing?"

Ash was wearing a wide grin. "This!" He quickly bent down and scooped up some snow.

"Oh no you..."

The snow collided right into his face. "..don't." The snow covered face trainer, scooped himself a quick hand full of snow.

Ash stuck out his tongue, completely forgetting about anything else, and laughing at Paul as he wiped the snow off his face. "Ha! You can't catch me!"

"Not so fast Ketchums." Paul chuckled, despite himself. He lunged forward and managed to catch Ash off guard, knocking him to the ground and landing on top of him in a snowdrift. Ash laughed in pure delight and began struggling. They ended up rolling around, Paul trying to push a handful of snow into the younger boy's face and Ash doing his best to avoid it.

And then they rolled down a hill, not even realizing it until they came to a stop at the bottom, Paul on top and staring down into laughing, wide, hazelnut eyes. They were both breathing heavily and their hearts were pounding in their ears, smiling like idiots at each other.

There was a moment of silence where they just stared at one another, smiles fading away as each thought the exact same thing and heat suddenly poured over them in waves.

God he's beautiful when he smiles.

Unaware that they were moving, Ash grabbed Paul's shoulders and Paul leaned down from his push-up position until they were nose to nose, their hot breaths mingling in the crisp winter air and their eyes sliding closed as Paul bent his head just a little bit more…

"Paul! Ash! Where are you guys?"

"Are you guys okay!?"


Reggie, Dawn and Pikachu's voices shattered the silence and made them both start violently. Paul jerked back, staring at Ash in shock and extreme embarrassment. Ash's eyes were wide and…Paul couldn't be sure, but he thought he saw annoyance and disappointment flash in his eyes for a moment – though it was gone almost as fast as it had appeared. He…wanted me to kiss him? Paul wondered, swallowing and mentally smacking himself at the jolt of lust that pooled in his groin at the thought, hastily getting up and brushing himself off.

Ash got up a bit more slowly, cursing their timing fluently but silently. He'd seen many emotions in Paul's eyes just now, and he was sure he'd seen desire there for a second. As soon as he thought it, however, he shook his head and began brushing the snow off his jeans. You're dreaming, Ash. He told himself.


They all made their way back to the Pokemon Center. Their eyes were heavy, they knew sleep would eventually consume them. But for right now, the group of friends and family sat amongst an open fire, roosting marshmallows. Everyone was chattering and having a merry oh time.

However two Pokemon trainers were quite. This was not unusual for Paul, but for Ash it was. They kept glancing at one another, waiting for the either one or the other to make the first move.

After waiting a while in anticipation

Ash stretched his arms up high, yawning. "I'm sleepy, I think I'll head up to bed. Goodnight everyone."

Paul wanted to stop him, but there were too many people around. He wasn't about to do something so foolish.

He just sat back and watched as Ash descended up the staircase. He could have sworn he saw a small frown on Ash's lips, but he had to be mistaken.


It was now Christmas morning.

Everyone was already up, unwrapping Christmas presents. Ash received gifts from all his friends. He liked everything he received, but there was still something missing.

He spotted Paul leaning over beside the far wall, staring at him. Ash approached him cautiously. "Hey Paul, Merry Christmas."

Paul moved towards him and continued to stare at him. He wanted to say something or at least do something.

"Hey!" Reggie suddenly called out.

Paul wanted to strangle his brother.

"Look you're both standing under mistletoe." Reggie finished with a giggle.

Paul looked up and sure enough they were.

There was nothing stopping them now as Paul leaned forward. Ash meet him half way. Making their lips meet into a soft kiss.

At first the kiss was slow, but quickly became frantic. Soon it was getting harder to breath, so their lips separate with a loud smack.

While all this was happening, all the other bachelors were receiving a kiss as well. Dawn had snagged Reggie to the side, quickly claiming his lips. Brock was running around the room screaming, trying to get away from the old ladies kisses. Drew and May were on the couch making out. Misty and Tracey were doing the same. Even Ash's mom and Prof. Oak was sharing a sweet kiss. Gary was kissing a young lady he had meet yesterday. And Pikachu was just admiring the site of it all.

Yes this Christmas was one to remember. The best Christmas present ever is being with the ones you love.

Unaware of their surroundings, Ash and Paul shared another quick kiss.

Paul stepped back, never taking his eyes off Ash. He quietly whispered, "Merry Christmas Ash."

Brock was still running around screaming, "Will nobody help me!!!!!!!"


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